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Subiyel Ijaz Contact Info

React Native Developer at Global Software 03334356432

✉ subialijaz@gmail.com
 http://subial.co.nf

 106C Gulshan lahore

Lahore, Pakistan

 Strengths & Skills

✔ AJAX ✔ Bootstrap ✔ Flask
✔ Java ✔ JavaScript ✔ laravel
✔ machine learning ✔ Mysql ✔ PHP
✔ Python ✔ Restful Api ✔ web scrapping
✔ WordPress

 Academics
Title Institute Date
Bachelors of science in computer science COMSATS University, Lahore 2019

Intermidiate punjab group of colleges, lahore 2015

Metric Lural Grammer Public School, Lahore 2013

 Experience Less than 1 Year

Company Designation Duration
Global Software Consulting React Native Developer May 2019 - Present 1 month

 Work History
Global Software Consulting May 2019 - Present (1 month)

React Native Developer Lahore, Pakistan

Junior react native app developer at Global software consulting

 Projects
FYP: Credit Default Risk Sep 2018 - Feb 2019 (5 months)

Company: COMSATS


Tools: Jupiter notebook

Final year project in data science machine learning. Analyzing Dataset consisting of 3 hundred thousand records with 120+ attributes. Visually
representing and Calculating the probabilty of a customer to repay the loan. Using Flask-cors to intigrate with frontend and create restful API.
Algorithms used:
1. RandomForest
2. Decision Trees
3. LinearSVC
4. LogisticRegression
5. Artifical Nural Network
6. Bernoulli

Python library used such as:

Scikit learn
Cloud Google Api Jan 2018 - Jun 2018 (5 months)

Company: COMSATS

Tools: PHP, client libraries

Done my Web semester project in Google's Cloud api

Cloud Vision api
Natural language api
Google maps api
Speech to text
Translation api

School Manegment System Dec 2017 - Jun 2018 (6 months)

Company: subial


Tools: PHP, Jquery,mysql

Made an online school manegment system with functionalities of:

3 seprate Consoles
Online attendance
Marks upload
SMS alert
Montly income reports
Print reciept

Languages used: HTML,CSS,JQUERY,Bootstrap,PHP,MySQL

Library Manegment System Jan 2016 - Jun 2016 (5 months)

Company: Comsats

Tools: JAVA, OOP

Made a library manegment system in opp JAVA. With basic graphic user interface. OOP concept covered:

 Awards
Title Authority Date
5 stars rating Fiverr 2019

 Industries * Functional Areas

Software and web development Software & Web Development
machine learning & Data Science

 Languages  Hobbies
English - Native Chess
Urdu - Native video games
French - Medium Music