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Lcie Entrepreneurship Academy (Leuven)

Lcie Entrepreneurship Academy (18 ECTS)

An academic curriculum providing a rigorous immersion into the nature of entre- and intrapreneurship and helping
entrepreneurial students to develop their own venture.
Are you ambitious and willing to take risks in order to set up your own business? Do you want to assist and advice the
management team of young start-ups? Or learn more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Do you want to gain
real-life experience in creating your own business plan, before you’ve even left university?
The Lcie Entrepreneurship Academy will increase your awareness of the importance of (corporate) entrepreneurship and
will provide you with the planning, strategic, financial and creative skills required for setting up your own business.
Lcie or the Leuven community for innovation driven entrepreneurship is a KU Leuven-based initiative which coordinates
and facilitates various programmes and initiatives that inspire, educate, support and connect today’s student-
entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs.


· Increase the appreciation for the need to engage in entrepreneurial initiatives

· Enhance one’s self-efficacy regarding acting entrepreneurially in new and established organizations
· Develop the ability to recognize business opportunities
· Advance practical experiences through the development of entrepreneurial students’ own business plan
· Apply the knowledge and skills gained in students’ main discipline for entrepreneurial purposes
· Enhance competences in the areas of opportunity recognition, risk management, resource leveraging and business

Admission requirements

Lcie Entrepreneurship Academy (Leuven)

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