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1. I usually watch tv in the evenings

2. Do you speak french?

No, I don't

3. My sisters loves rock music

4. I don't like watching horror movies.

5. My best friend has two dogs

6. Daniela lives near her brother

7. My mother always drinks milk in her breakfast.

8. Anna sometimes goes to the cinema.

9. Valeria loves mexican food

10. Do your bothers live in Lima?

Yes, they do

11. I don't like eating vegetables

12. Jessica rarely goes dancing with her friends

13. Antonella studies accounting in her university

14. My sister has two cell phones

15. I love reading books

16. Katherine comes from a big family

17. Does you sister like soccer?

No, she doen't

18. Paolo guerreo plays in a Brazilian team

19. Peter has breaksfast at work

20. My friend loves Bon Jovi