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I. Introduction

Every one of us used to live a normal life, families living happily together, our

parents working for our future, studying in a well-known school, earning enough

money for our daily needs. But due to fast economic growth, calamities and disasters

and financial problems we can see a big difference of growing numbers of family who

suffers poverty due to different reasons and situations. As we’ve seen on televisions

and social media many people suffer from poverty because they chose to give up on life

and let poverty itself pull them down and many of them lose hope and they don’t know

how to start again.

Being a concerned citizen and student of this generation, we aim to help in our

own little ways to give this poor people a hope that after all the problems that came to

their life that causes them to fall down, there will still be a way for them to get back up

and start a new life again. Those people living in the streets, those children who begs

for food, and those people who can’t afford education. By giving them a little hope, we

know that our help might be small but we know that this will give them a glimpse of

hope what will help them to rebuild their life and start over again.

We the students of Don Bosco Tarlac are planning to think of a way to help this

poor people and give them a chance to start again. This program not only aims to help
them but also to inspire other people to come up with their own ideas to help this

people and maybe together we can all help each other to have a meaningful life again.

II. Purpose/ Objectives

The purpose of this project is to help the poor people especially those who didn’t

finish their education and teach them basic skills about different livelihood works like

basic car repairing, soap making, basic housekeeping skills, furniture making,

handicrafts etc. This livelihood skills will somehow help them to overcome such poverty

because they can use this skills to start up a small business and little by little may this

skills that we teach them can help them to live a better life than before.

We also aim to remind other people that we the youth of today is concern of what is

happening in our society today especially when it comes to poverty. That even at our

age it is possible for us to make a change for a better future for us.

III. Project Description

IV. Objectives

Below are the objectives of our program:

 To teach the poor people some basic skills about different livelihood skills.

 To help the poor people to start over again through this basic skills that they will

 To raise awareness to the society on how the youth is concerned about giving

solution to poverty.

 To give people livelihood which they can use to start a small business or even go

to work.

 To somehow help reduce the number of people who suffer from poverty in every

barangays through this skills that they will learn.

V. Methodology


The program/seminar wherein each people who suffer from poverty in every

barangay would participate in this skills and livelihood seminar, this would be done

twice a week (every Friday and Saturday). But only 50 people who are poor will be

allowed to participate every seminar so that our seminar mentors can accommodate all

of the needs and questions of the participants. Through the help of our sponsors, at the

end of the seminar we will give the participants some products and basic equipment

they can use to start a small business of their own if they want.

Project Needs

For this project to be successful, we are in need of sponsors to fund this

seminars and programs, an amount that will range from 8,000-15,000 also a location to

be used for the said seminar/program that we believe the barangays will provide us
one, spaces such as Seminar Halls or Basketball Court in their own barangays and a

projector with white screen for the instructions and information that our mentors will

share. A total amount of 20,000 we think will provide all the needs for this seminar to

be successful.

Detailed Budgetary Requirements

Business experts, Agriculture and livelihood experts that will teach the


people some basic skills about different livelihood living

Equipment and Products that will be given in each participants


At the end of every seminar

Food and Meriendas for the participants


Participation certificate given at the end of every seminar



This would serve as an weekly routine for every people who are poor in every

barangay, we are going to give a special commendation or special reward for the
barangay with the most number of participators every week, and at the end of every

month will receive a certificate of appreciation and certificate of award for being the

most active participants for every seminars.