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AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD PROGESS PIPING IN VIGORE {40-4000 para, ASME CODE FOR PRESSURE PIPING, B31 ASME B31.3-2002 (Revision of ASME B31.3-1998) etc 28, nt i So Pan 1 ‘The exten of ths Code ished fo pubcaon a 200, Thee wl be 20 send ied ASME B313-200, ASME ses writen eps wo inguies concen inerpreatins of echnical aspects of the Cade The Ineettins replied spay. Perodcly cin tone of the ASME BS Commie wil be pubis Cae While these Cisco at conse fama revise of he Code thy enay be wed in specifications, oobi as repeseating coaieed opinions of th Coane. The ns a ot par of te Code ad re pubihd epraty sat pre erin ae ‘ect he Nw ae ae “nao CONTENTS Foreword . o a Penomel = ASME 313-2002 Summary of Changes eo hater Se a ete 30 Scope m2 Defidone 5003 Nomenlare soo Se of Appendices Figure 30011 Diagram Moxrating Appccon of B91. Piping ot Bqipment ‘Tae mos ‘Stas of Appendices in B31 Caper Design ‘Condians and Coterla Design Contos ‘aliens of the Designer : oS Design Tengrare ‘mbes Dynamic Eee Weight Biers Effects of Suppor. Ancor and Terns! Moves (jetic Bees ‘Ar Condensation Ets oo oon Design Crea oS Genet ‘Allowable Steee snd Other Stet Line ‘Alowanes| Pressure Design of Piping Components Pressure Desh of Components Sait Pipe ‘Curved and Mite Sepnent of Pipe : Branch Conestions Preasre Design of Fagor al Blanks Reduces sit 2 5 5