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(0 Te welling proces is SMAW or GTAW or cotnnton tert (a) Welding clos fr the SMAW process ae select fom the fllonag clastiaons, (By sett, the employer sce responsibly for bah the WPS and th procedreguliaton record roe. {i The employer aa est one cet emplesed welder ov welding eprint mien Bi oy, fas siaconly pused 4 perfomance quewion "st sung the pocodre and the Number material ‘esl inthe WPS. The pecformance bed teste ‘ied by Secon EX. QW-SI2 shall be aed fr this poe. Qsaiznon by adlograpy snot acceptable, 32823 Performance Qualieation by Others. To vid dopteaton of eft sn employer may set = formance aicon made fr another employe, [rovied Git the Inpvor specially apoves. Ae ‘Space lie to uaicaon om piping sing the Sno or cqovlet pocedare wher the esa Sarubles within te Units in Seog DC The mplayer shai copy fom the previous emoyer ft performance qieaion tet cod, sown ‘femme heamploger ume of he welt Wedie ‘fear, procedure wenieaon, de of sos ‘ualicion, andthe date that be indivi Ut ed the rocosre on pressure piping 32824 Qualifcaton Records. The employer sal imainin self ceed record. avalible to te onmee (Gnd the owaer's agen) and the Inspect, of ie overeat welers and wel operons Snpaye, showing the date and esas of posse nd performance qibestoas, std the Wenienton Syl asignd to cach welder and weling oper 5083 Welding Materials ‘28341 Fler Meta, Fes metal sll cof te eguteens of Sevag IX. A ler metal nt yet incompatdn Sevtom TX. may eased wih the ‘Gener aprol Hf procedure guicaton tet i fee scully made {328.32 Weld Racking Material, When backing tings are aed, hey shall conform t he follwing (a) Feros Mesa! Bacng Rings Tee shall be of elle quay. Suter cooten tal 0 erend 005. 1) two auting sacs ae 1 be welled 1 2 tte mone med a tacking ig and one oe 10 ofthe thee ember fete an he other ener ‘rime nea, the sir) we of such tne hl be demons by weg procedre ‘lied oe rou by prs 2282. Backing ings ay feof the compos mache or pied ype, Some. commonly asl (pet a6 ‘own it Bp 32832. c) Nonferrous and Nonmerale Decking Rings ‘packing rings of anferour or aorta tera mn Be uoed, povided the designe proves tel se hd the weling proce wing tha aid as regu by par 3282 328.3 Consumable Inserts, Ccnsumable insert may be aso, provided they are of te nomial Comet ath ler meta wil et case dene {alloying of he meld mt, anh eling prose ng theme gualfed a requd by pur 3282. ‘Some ommeny ied pes ae shown in Fg. 38.32. 3284 Preparation for Weds SORA Cleaning itera and evera sures 0 te themally cto weld shall fe ckan ant fe fom pint, ol mus ale, apd ober tert ht ‘eld te dtimental weer te weld or te Base ‘bet hen eat api 32442 nd Preparation (a) General (1) End popaton is aseptic only i the sr face escably smooth nd td slag om fryece or re cating i cleaned foo hemaly ut ‘eicesDislerton rmining ot terally ea race i pot coosidered deineat xin (2) End pepraton fr grove Wels specie in ASME B1625, or any other whist mec the WPS, is acetal fr comealene th tis Bevel ales (SF ASME BI625 snd sme ain evel anges te shown in lg. 32RA27 tees) and (0) Tat Lu done oe Pa setae ee) ‘cme my “a i aig ye a BO Hegre tone a w FIG. 3283.2 TYPICAL BACKING RINGS AND CONSUMABLE INSERTS (©) Cheunerentil Weide (Uy I component ease rimmed show in ip 52832 ste (a) or) to He teking tinge oF onsmale ns, os shown in Fp 3283 skh (a) or (to comet itera misignment ech tim {he requ tina wall koe fo (2) Congonest ends may be bol 1 allow for 1 compliey reseed tcking fing vied ee mining = cess a he finished ends tes ‘an (3) ts poise to x pipe en of he se sorinal size to ingwove ligament i wal hikes ‘euemens are mana (4) Whee nocestry. we tal may be deposited isd or ouside of the compet o ert agent or prove fr machining wo sore salon Sang of Bags o ner 15) When a nh oF iter groove weld joins component of geal wall hk sd one more ‘han 1 tne te dicks of he oer, ea reparation tox geome bal be i aso ith ee ‘signs Tor unequal wall hcknes in ASME B1625, 52843 Alignment (a) Circumferential Wes (1) Ine sures ofcomponees at ends 1 be Joi in gi ce miter pve wee shal te aioe ‘within the dase! inte i the WPS and te rinting (2) I the extemal sures of he components are ‘ot aligned, te wel sal be tapered betnesn them (0) Longin Wels, Alignment of login ove wells ou made in acorns with sand Ise in Tabi AT o Tae 3261) shall conf fo the requirments of par 25:30) (e) Branch Connection Welds (2) ranch conection which abu the owe surface of tern pge shi be cotoued for Poe elds which mou the WOS romivenents ee Ti. S284 sketches () ae) (2) Branch comecoe which riser ough ean opening sal Be isd est ft athe Inside srtace of the ran ip a all pots eee Fi. 32844 ketch (6) stale como fo pr S2Ra 30. De ip on ate oe < A Ty = SES — “Hronee oe virerre testa ear raw sgh oe 4 gaa BES LT. 8S ar ° “i fi Me Temata, ome ee samara nest nance te FIG, 32843 TRIMMING AND PERMITTED FIG. 32842. TYPICAL BUTT WELD END Aaa PREPARATION In ew of making the weld sppropate records sal (2) Ran openings fr branch comecins shat © fe oot oo eta tre conway more than the (Tack welds athe rot fe joist shal be made ‘imcmionm in Fig 3284 noo cue sal evtons th filer meal exalt io at used in the rot ae shape of ‘be opening cane te rot spacing 85 Tack wells sll be mado ty 1 gules welder Scns nin in be WPS w be exceed Wed Wein ep, Tsk weds dl te fed wih a ea te ett rot mss web ec hfe Wich ave com =o Le ans ss ee ae oe Tag ped tp eo Serres caer eees ‘sins ‘on the weld arca of rain, snow, eet, or excessive eae cr ctoeietaie ee ace atignmest pres. 324420) and 326410C3)) stall procedure and any eat tee or a weg end temude racondane with lid roca and ave shall be suchas 1o preserve te seat Highness | by gules welder or welding pete. of he ae () Each aiid welder and welingoperstor sal i etna ae eal ee {085.2 Filet and Socket Welds Plt welds Gi ‘be ane sn saiton symbol. Unless ecerwioe ding sckt wes) my ay fem one to cones se eet Mee ml Lean oath we my ay tomes cae “acute sear ok sl mated wns THe Si 8 Mt wed Sore oh Iencaon synth nl or weling opera, sec wel