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CHAPTER IX HIGH PRESSURE PIPING K200 GENERAL STATEMENTS (o) Artic. This Caples pens 0 pins estate by ke owner as being In High Presa Fant Serie. ts roirments are to be pid fale pig 0 desipnaed. High pressures consider info be presse in excess of ht allowed bythe ‘ASME. BIOS PN 420 (lass. 2500) rating forthe ‘eco dsigntampersure and rater group How ‘tee are no speed presse batons fo be ‘pplication of these mle. 10) Response, In aon othe esponies ste in par. 300) 1) for each piping sytem deste ting in igh Presue Fad Sere, the owner sal rovide ‘Sloman nese fo perfor the anaes Tenia rogue by is Cher (2) the dsgnr tal Take a writen report 10 te woe summing te eign alana ad ‘Suing thatthe design hasbeen pcarmel in Soe ‘Sce with de Cher. {e) The ieoteaton, intent, ad Cole eguenents in prt. 2040) (0 (8, 28 a0. (@) The ogni, content an wreer posible, agagh Segnaton of tus Caper comespond 10 thon of theft si Chpers (i bse Code). The ret K frase (@) Provisions and roqrenens of the base Code spply only at sated in his Chapt. 00.1.1 Content and Coverage. Parag 305.1 ples wh the excepos sed i pars 300.13 Barer wo.1.2 Packaged Rgulpment Piping ston secing ping dese impor 00.12 sal ean {om tthe reqiements of this Caper ‘K390.13 Excusions, In alton to the exons state in par. 3001.3 is Chaplerexcade oamete Sn mained piping. KYWLLA Category ME Fluid Serve. Tis Chap makes no provision for piping in Citgory M Fd Sone if aah ppg Ie road by te owner, te heocsng denen shall be developed st provided i pon 2006%5), uo.2 Definitions [Base 302 es cl ts ng only to noes and severe cybe condos "Te tom allowable aves is wsed in ev of basic slonable se "Th er segutng a ter em chris hari id serves re ot wel Ha is Caper et hou he taken i sscount i ign. 30.3 Nomendiature Pasgaph 3003 apticn, ‘KOM. States of Appendices Pargaph 5004 apd Tae 3004 apy, except for Appendices AB, HLL, V, and. PART 1 CONDITIONS AND CRITERIA 201 DESIGN CONDITIONS Paragraph 201 apps with the exceptions of pa. out 3012, 3013 and 3015, MOLI General Prgaph 3011 apie bat wel © para, K301 instead of par. 30 1201.2 Design Presse 3012.1 Genera, Parzranh 301211) apples cept tht reference to par 30224 Is wo apple Pagraphe 901210) ac pb fe 1 pr 304 stent 308, 130122 Required Pressure Containment oF Re- Ue. Paragraphs 301.2210) and) apy. bat rer pea KG2263 indead of pa, 32263, Parga 5012216) 6 ao apes. 3013 Design Temperature Paagragh 301.3 apis wih he exceptions of prs 3013.1 and 30132 andthe following exceptions In te ex (a) Refer w para. K3012 inte of pan. 3012, (by Rete to pr. S032 intend of pa 301.32. 3011 Design Minimum Temperature, Par ph 3013.1 apples, at refer par 282 in ft pura 32322 ‘K30132 Uninslted Components, Te id tem peature sll be wed a te somponet tenes, KOOL Dymamle ets Pargaph 3015 pies with the exception of par. sous 901A Vibration. Sule dynamic analyse sll be md where neesry 1 aot or minimize conde tins which ead w dain wrton, pletion, oF resomce eft inthe pig. KG2 DESIGN CRITERIA, Kun Genera In pura. R30, peseue-tengeratre rang, ses citer, design allowance, and mlsinur desig aes ‘Ge sai, an permiuble vraton of thee actos ‘© spl wo asign of hgh pene piping tates ‘re formals "The desig shall be sats aw the aeguacy of te design and of mueals and tir manta, using a les the following (a) tense, compressive, Nears, and sea eng design temperature: (oy tage seg: (c) dil sues and bas (a) doc and logins (e) posible deterioration of mectisl prope {trea popes (a) eerste iis (0 fesstace to carson and ero (G) ibcaton method 1) examination an testing med; (4) bdo tt cantons; and (0 bore inpertotons. M22 Presre-Temprstare Design Criteria 32.24 Listed Components Having Esaisbed Ratings Pes lenperare ang for cata ne components have een eines and ae costed in-some of te standade ia Table K326.. Une limited elewbere in his Chapter, hoe rings ae scepter design presse ad peratures unde {his Chapter With the owners appro sera Timis of this Chapter my te tsed io extend the presuremperanee ring of a compose tesead the ratings of te lst sada, bat no Beyond he Yt sed in pa. K232. KM.22 Listed Components Not Having Specie Ratings (a) Ping components for which deign sess have been developed in ssoance with pr. S023, at which do aot have mee prose temper rings, sal be rated by ls forpesire design in are R204, within the rng of temperate for which Sees are shown in Tale odie pple by ober ml of this Cher (by Piping compoacnswbich do not have lable sarees or pressure npeare rings hal Be lied for presi design as reid by parm. K30472 30223 Unled Components (a) Piping componeats 2% stl in Table K326.1 ce Tale Ke, but which coor opus spc ‘ton a standard, maybe ed suet he ellie ‘remen (1) the designer hal eerie tht composton, rmectanicel proper, schoo mantic, and ‘ality comvol e compuable to the conepending arctic of ited coapoteati and (2) presre design sl be vei in accordance ih pur SD, ncang efile eed by pa KOK (©) Oter waisted compat sal be gelie for prema dspn a rege by para, KI0472, M24 Allowance for Presre and Tempere- tare Variations, Vraons a pesre tone he design reset the coincident ampere, exept fr so ution daring presse releving (Sep 3228.3), tue ot peed or any ping Sse, 30225 Rating at Junction of Dilerent Serves. Paragraph 30225 polis. Ka. Allowable Strewes and Other Design Limits KSI23.1 General. The allowable sess defined elo al be und ln design cleltions ules me fed by ter provisos of ts Chae (a) Tension. Allows asses i tension for use in dsgn in asctane with this Chapter ae Ite i ‘Tube 1 esp tat maximum allovabe ses aes {ia dsigh ses inensy vale fer Bog, respec {hey at Tt nthe BP Code, Scion Pat D, ‘Tables 3 and 4 "Te bse sess values Table KL are grouped ty murs and product form apd are fr sted ‘Engrs up othe limi ovis for the mars ia gus, S221, Sight ne iterottion betwecn tempertres to dsemine the allowabe sss foe © ‘pete design tempera is permis Explain (0) Shear and Bearing. Allowabe sees in shear shall be O80 tner the allowable tess In tasion {ablated in Table KI. Allowable sess in Deaing ‘Sl fe 1.60 nes the allowable ess in ein (6) Compress. Allowable sess in compres shal Beno ereser than the lowabe ses in esion tabulated fe Table 1 Condon shall be gen to acta tay. (a) Fatigue. Allowable values of sess ample, sie re pow ss function of design Ie inthe [BVP Code, Section VII. Division 2, Appents5, my te wed fatigue aay im accordance Wi perk Koo. tor esublhing allowable ses vanes for mates In thie Chapter ae a lows (a) Bong Mater. Te ete of Scton Pa 1, Append 2 pr. 2-120 of 2-130 Secon Vl Divison 3, Anicle KD-6, par. KD-620, ac spplable, only. 1) Other Mati. Formate tbe than boing mses the owing rls ap {1) Except provided in (2) Blow, allowable sat vaues design temperate oe mata std in Secon I, Par D al ot exced te lower of todd of the apc minum yield sengt at ‘om tempers SMIVS). and twos ofthe ikl ecagn at empecr. “2) For son est ete sasentic sine tel and ein ikl lly th sme sesesrin avi, owable sues values sll ot exceed te Tower af tworine of the SMYS, ind 90% of te ‘ol stength a temperate (G) Allwable stesso for matnls which ae ot isd in Seton T, Part D shall mot exceed the foowng fe) Temperares nat exceding 10°F, Two: hinds f the SMS. (0) Tempers xcecding 10°F. The cates ong vale stain Table AT (se pra. 302.32), ‘Alcon of ss vale 40 ctermined sno recommended for fanged joints an ther componenss {i which ligt dfomiton can cas letage or ma famcon. (These vals ae shai ise badnce In Table K-I, ar explained in Noe () © Append AK Tablec}Inuend, eer 75% of sues ale ia ‘Tube 1 orto hid of he ll stength at pers toe Hedin Secon Tl, Pat D, Tile Y-1 sald We wed (e) Unlisted Materials. Fo & mata which con formato pre K323.1.2, the yal seg at temper {urea be devs ty mlpsing te strapoxpad Sel tongh a opera by te SMS ded by the sverage expected ld senha om temperate "d) Cyte Sresiee Allowabie values of sersing ste snl bein accordance wih Seton VI, Divison Appendices 4 ad 5 30233 Caring Quality Factor "The casing qa iy factor F, shall be 1.00 by conformance tol of ie foomingsuplemeniay reguleneets (o) All rrfacer shall have a stfce fish not rougher than 63 pa Ry (250 pla, per ASME Bas. (@) AIL srices sal be exited by ier te 15, of tho mage parle meted in acorace with ASTON 709. Accept of mperfcons and ‘eld reps sal be judd in accor with MSS SP-5, uring ASTALE 125 as vtec (c) Bach cing sal be uly eramined either wae sonically in ascorance with ASTMVE 114 o radio- (Papicly accordance wid) ASTM E142. Cracks ho teas (Category D aE ascminsispr te Standards sted in Table K3233D) ad impetectons tose deh exceeds 3% of nomi wall ducks te ot pemites. Ascpable seventy vel for alo- [Dai exmiain of casings sal In aoorance rik Tale R302,