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CHAPTER I SCOPE AND DEFINITIONS [Mo GENERAL STATEMENTS (c) tdenifcation This Proves Ping Cote is Seton of the Ameran Soca of Mechanl Eh ets Coe for Presse Pping, ASME B31, an Amer- an National Stl Is pubis as n septs ‘dcament fr comenience of Code wer. (©) Responses (1) Omer. The owner of pling installon stall he evel esponsbilty for eompllance with ‘ls Code, and for esubishing the regret for ‘dig, contrtion examination, ipsam nd st ing michal govern the ence fd banding. or prose iatalaion af which be piping ism pa Te ner bas repuesible for designing inne = erin fi sins and for Sermining Hf» specie ‘Quality Sytem st becmployed. [So res. 3000040, (G5), apd Appensx Q) (2) Designer: The designer is responsible © the commer fr stutne thatthe eginring. dxign of ig complies ith te regener of ts Cost ic wih any ada rogurements elise by the one. 1) Monafacurer Fabriator. ond Erector, The mance fasta roe of Png re ‘wokmanstip in sompisce with te resuenet of (his Code and of te epics ds (4) Owner's apecor. Tue omnes Inspector ee ara 30) i spose wo the ovoe fo esi tat the source of is Code for apction, examina thn an esting ae met UF Quality Syste pci by ibe owner to te employed, the owner's inspector 18 responsi Fer veiing that cis Inpleentd. (6) tment ofthe Cose (1) I i the ent of his Code w sa ford capnering tegeements dead ecesary for se (design and comecton of piping sults 2) Tis Cole ie ot nnd to apy © te ‘pei, exannao, inspection, sing, mines, wpe of piping hat has teen pled sn sovie ‘Te provisos of hs Code may eponaly be applied for tose pups, aloaph ctr cides ny th be nosy. (2) Engineing requirement fhe Cod, while onder necetry and deg fr safe dean, [prenilly employ tingid app to the subject 2 designer eae of aplying a morris toss ‘a have te lade to do 5; ower, te pF mst be document engineering dein and is ‘ali sseted by the nner The roach wed shal rove deals of dein, constcton, examination, Ftepeson, and tesing for Ge design conitons of fm 301, with cleulons conse with he dese ‘sino his Coe 1) pag elements shel, naar at pte, sonform t9 the specications sad sundried in ths Cole, Pipng ments citer special approved or specially bed by this Code may be wed ‘poviled they ae quifed for we as tt fr a {rleable Chips of tis Code (5) The enpnering design sal spec any wo val euiements fora paral sevic. Where vice oqurementsneestae messes beyond those ‘eed by this Code, sich meses sal be eid 1 te engceng design Whee 10 seiied, the Ce rues tha hey be acomplia 6) Compaiy of materi wi the sericea cards fom isty of contin! fs ze No thin he scope of dhs Coe. Set a. F3, (@) Desrmiing Code Requreens (0) Cote raurment for eign a constcon Incl id eric oquiements, wih ae selon ‘iu aplcston of teas compen and joins. ud service eguement ine pation, ts. {eos am condtons, sick ar temperate en or 1 regiement for slogan (ue fr. 300.2 and ‘Appendix O)- Code regurenent for piping sem fie ie ann ec of tone wich apply 0 ay of te sleet (2) For mea piping oot in Csegory Mor high roi fd serve, Cade reenen re fund st {Cher Ite VI he base Code, and id seve resremets ae found i (a) Chapter I fr mss (0) Chap 1, Pa 3, foe components: (ey Chapter, Pat 4, fr join (2) Bx sonnctalie piping sd ping ted wi nonmetal reguencats we found fx Caper VIL (eragaph designations tegn wit. "A°) (9) Foe piping ma fu Service designed by the nr Capo M oe pcs 300.2 nd Append 2, all egeement fous in Chapter VI Par ‘ph designs bela wi "MA" (5) Be piping a Bus service eigted by the opera Categary Dee pr 3002 snd Append 2, piping ckmes rested 19 Caegory D Fit ‘Servis in Chapters T dough Vas well as lees ‘lable fr oer Aileen, nye weed. (6) Metalic piping elements sual for Normal uid Serie in Chaps I vough VI may ao be ted uoder severe cyl conlons unless specie ‘eure for severe ce contin I sted (e) High Pressure Piping. Char Ix proves ae tive mks for csi and constuction of piping ‘liad hy the owner ns being i High Pree iad Service (1) Thse eles spy only when specif by the covet, an ely 5 swe tin pa (2) Oper IX rues do nt prove for Category IM Fluid Serie. See pun. R300 (3) Pagraph designations begin with °K" ) Appendices. Appetizer of ts Coe contin Cole regents, siplenenary gues, or eee Information. See pra. 9004 fra desipion of the anu of ech Append 0.8 Scope have ben developed cooing piping ly fxed in porleom refers chemi, parcel, tex th, pops, semicondcio, and cope Pans ae rebiedprocsng plant ed erin $MO.L1 Content and Coverage (a) This Code peseibes requement for materi ancl componct design, fascton, sembly, recon, ‘aminon, inspection, and tesing of piping (0) This Code nppis to piping fo all Dus, (1) com, intrmaine, and fished chemi, (2) palm products (3) as, seam, and wate, ‘te a ty aca cca (4) ido sls (9) reigns and (6) cryoen ids. (c) Sex Fig 300.1 fr ding hating the soplcaion of B31. pig at cuipmest. The Joint tnneing piping vo eipent is win he Sope of Ba. 300.12 Packaged Equipment Piping ls insted it te scope the Cae png Which ineron ets pices oF Sages Wibin @ packaged equipment endl [MWLL3 Exchaions, Ths Code excludes the fo toning" (a) iin stems designed fr itr gage pe sare ator above seo but eth 10 KP CS ph, Prove the Bui nde ie nonflarinl, note, Sed ao damaging o mas ese a defied in 300.2 tnd design tempera is frm “29°C (2) though 186°C GP: (0) power bors im surance with BPV Cose! Seton Tad bor ete piping which i oud ve confor fo B31 1 6) bes tube Dealers, cosover, snd manifolds of ed heer, ich a eral the bese co (a) pressure vessel, bes exchangers, pps, cm enor and oer Bid hing or prosesingeiulp ‘en acadng nema ing tod comestion for ‘xe pig 3012 Defnions| Some of the tems reltag © piping ae dened In aconene with ANSUAWS Stand 0 soy. irdardned seo hat hardens diag coting nr fom seperate ahve antonio ge ae hat teen he reiment are eating!» soap of etn process when the Svering or removing of metals elle by tling ‘wih he het of am are feween an clade the bse meta alder cto re cating, metal eH y= _1 Ly [Frome tern ecrarce win wo Co Socton FOP Paine atta eH Hf Pactaoe auiomer sng ka wand ater fui| Setcomt coe taped hong winin te ope 9913 Ping euietne ee FIG, 300.1. DIAGRAM ILLUSTRATING APPLICATION OF 831.3 PIPING AT EQUIPMENT cating, gar metas cating, gs tungsten ting, Plnimeaecoting andi crboare cut) See a ‘reeling (AW) op of welding process which otic culeneece of tle by esting hem Wik aac or ars, wit of wihow te application of fressue and wi or without tbe mie of ier meta sembly the joing ogee of to oF oe ig ‘Spent by boing, wong, bonding seeing. Traung, soldering, cementing, rea packing devices sv eps bythe ening design uote welding? wong. wich cqlpment which fevfms the welling operation vita ajosment of Tie conte by a ojerson The eaigment may oF ‘ty et perfor thang ad nln te work, acing filer meal’ seo contmable asrt aching rings mei nthe form of «rng wed wo per ote weld mal alice piping system: see yr 8192.20) base material: te muti to be brazed, seed, ‘welded, oF terse seo ase allowable sires: see res ters equ wed ok design ses: se sess tems frequent wd toed joint yemsaent jot in ommetaic piing tae by one of the following metas: (al adhesive join: pat mate bY eplyng an shexne ote faces to be jin od pesing them ‘oper (0) team wrapped oi: ji: ae by bang togeter te ning uric ad wrapping the Joint ‘ris peso eaflcing fabri etre th ren. (e) eat ison jot a joint mate by heating. the sarc te fied and peeing thn together 1 hive fron (dot go welded on it nade by sine tly esing the seracr to be ined ad le