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Public Health Engineering Department Tender Document

RWSS&FMP, PACKAGE-1 (TM-01) Vol-II: General Specifications

Component Material
Body and cover Cast iron
Internal valve Gunmetal with bronze liner, cups and
facing rings in leather
Relay valve Bronze with stainless steel shaft and
nylon valve face
Diaphragm Reinforced synthetic rubber
Loading spring, If employed Spring steel
Cylinder & weights, If employed Cast iron
Lever Steel with gunmetal pins and links
Connecting pipework to cylinder Copper
Cylinder Mild steel epoxy lined with internal
working parts gunmetal bushed

5.16.7 Diaphragm valves

Diaphragm valves shall conform where applicable to BS5156.

For steel or ductile iron pipework the body shall be cast iron. When used with
abrasive materials, the body shall be suitably lined.
Where used for abrasive material, the diaphragm material shall be selected for
maximum resistance to abrasion.
For slurry or sludge applications, valves shall be of the straight-through type.

5.16.8 Ball valves

Ball valves shall conform where applicable to BS5159.
Multi-piece bodies shall be used where work on the ball and seats when installed
may be needed. If valves need removal for servicing, one-piece bodies may be used.
Seat materials shall be chosen for long life, with erosion and corrosion resistance.
Ball supports shall be of the floating ball or trunnion type. If line pressure is too low
to ensure a positive leak-free seal, built-in seat loading devices, or specially shaped
seatings shall be used to ensure sealing.

5.16.9 Sluice Gates

a) General Specifications
Sluice gates according to IS 13349 shall be provided in open channels for outlets to
pipes, other channels or to filter beds etc. All sluice gates shall have proper
arrangement for electrical operation for opening/closing and position indicator. They
shall be suitably linked to the switchgears and instrumentation control panel. They
shall be square or circular, in standard sizes, according to the outlet conditions. The
gates shall generally be mounted on the side from where the higher pressure shall
generally be expected (seating). The gates shall be mounted on frames and provided
with a non-rising spindle with headstock or electrical drive according to the site of
In case of alternative load from either side, the sluice gate shall be designed to tightly
close against a maximum unbalanced head (forcing the door away from the
seat/frame) corresponding to 150 % of the maximum difference in the water levels or
the difference plus 1 m, whichever is higher.

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Public Health Engineering Department Tender Document
RWSS&FMP, PACKAGE-1 (TM-01) Vol-II: General Specifications

The frame shall be with gunmetal seating faces, machined to match with the faces of
the door. The frame shall have a sufficiently broad flange of adequate section with
drilled holes to fix it with anchor bolts. It shall have an integrally cast in spigot of the
nominal size of the opening to be cast into the concrete. It shall have a side guide
strip with a machined face up to the maximum open position of the door. The upper
part of the frame shall have machined face to support a thrust plate. All anchor bolts
and nuts of galvanised mild steel, joints and fixing elements shall be provided.
The door shall have reinforcement ribs depending on the size of the door and the
unbalanced head. The adjustable sealing faces on the sides, bottom and top are of
gunmetal and machined to match the seat on the frame. Sufficient margin should be
there for wear and tear in course of use. On the back, tapered snugs shall be provided
to match the tapered side guide strips of the frame. There shall be an integrally cast
pocket in the upper part for the gunmetal nut threaded to suit the non-rising spindle.
The spindle shall be rolled on trapezoidal thread. It shall be provided with torsional
couplings, cast iron guide brackets, mild steel extension rod up to the
headstock/drive. Ball thrust bearing arrangements shall be provided for long
The headstock shall be a cast iron pillar with an operating rod operated by a hand
wheel on top, fitted with gunmetal index and pointer. The hand wheel shall be
designed for operation by one man against the full unbalanced head (not more than
10 kgf). The maximum time for opening and closing of gate shall be 15 minutes with
electrical actuation.
b) Materials of Construction
Frame CI / DI
Door CI / DI
Sealing faces Gun Metal
Spindle SS. IS 410
Head stock CI / DI
Hand wheel CI /DI
c) Tests:
The valves will be tested for closed end tests as per the ISS. The specifications are as
stipulated in “Specifications for Valves”.

5.16.10 Headstocks
Where remote operation of penstocks, gate or butterfly valves is required they shall
generally be as instructed by the Engineer, using headstocks or headstocks with
operating shaft extensions.
Headstocks for direct connection to valves or penstocks shall be for use with non-
rising stem valves. They shall be cast iron and fitted with position indicators. Stem
bearings shall be gunmetal bushed.
If operational conditions require, hand-wheels shall operate through bevel gears.
If the installation requires, extensions shall be provided between penstock or valve
and headstock. Extension lengths shall be adjustable during assembly on Site.
Universal couplings shall be fitted next to the valve and the headstock, and the two
couplings shall be arranged to give linear transmission of rotational movement
between headstock and penstock shaft.

CE(PMC),PHED, Ajmer GS - 358 Signature of Tenderer with Seal