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Sir Allama Iqbal is a known name in India and Pakistan.

He played a key role in inspiring the

Pakistan movement, named national poet of Pakistan and his birthday is a National holiday in

In India he is held in high regard for his poem “Saare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara”
which glorifies India, its people, it also advises that people should not get divided by religion,
should come together for a common national identity.

In Pakistan he is known for his “Mili Taran” in which he says the below lines:

Chin o Arab hamaraa hindostaaN hamaara

Muslim hain hum; watan hai saara jahaaN hamaara
tawheed ki amaanat seenoN meiN hai hamaarey
aasaaN naheeN miTaana naam o nishaaN hamaara
dunyaN ke but-kadoN meiN pahlaa woh ghar KHUDA kaa
hum uskey paasbaaN haiN woh paasbaaN hamaara

(English Translation)
Central Asia (Although in modern Urdu Chin means China, Chin referred to Central Asia in
Iqbal's time[5]) is ours, Arabia is ours, India is ours
We are Muslims and the whole world is our
The treasure of tawhid is in our hearts,
It is not easy to wipe out our name and mark.
The first house we have liberated from idols is the Ka'abah;
We are its custodians, and It is our protector

Belated Birthday Wishes to Sir Allam Iqbal