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Child Protection Officer, NOA, FT (Cotabato City)

Written Assessment

Time: 3 Hours Marks: 100

Thank you for applying for the position of Child Protection Officer. As part of the selection
process for this post, you are required to complete this written assessment, consisting of
three (3) questions in the following pages.

Read the instructions well before answering the questions.

All the best and we hope you enjoy the test. Thank you.


This written assessment consists of 3 (three) questions. Results will be marked based on
technical knowledge; analytical skills and writing style (logical structure and coherence),
as well as understanding of the context of Mindanao, Philippines.

1. You have 3 hours to complete the written assessment. This will start from the moment
you open the email with the attachment.

2. Please answer the questions by typing directly in the space provided below.

3. Please respond to the questions in English

4. Kindly read the questions carefully and respond to all questions thoroughly.

5. You are welcome to consult any external sources, including the Internet, but proper
referencing must be used when citing these sources. Direct copy/paste from other
documents will be considered plagiarism and is not allowed. Plagiarism will lead to
disqualification. Please note that UNICEF may use online tools to assess the authenticity
of content in a candidate’s written technical test.

6. Passing mark is 60 Points

7. Please do not write your name on the written assessment. It will be coded by the HR
Section to ensure a blind assessment.

8. Do not write your name or title in the text.

9. Save your answer sheet in either PDF or Word document.

10. Save the file under your name. (for example: ramon-socco-CP-Officer-assessment).
11. Ensure you submit your final work within 3 hours from the time you receive the questions
via e-mail (rsocco@unicef.org) to the HR staff member from whom you received the
question paper.

Question 1 (50 points)

UNICEF is preparing a set of Briefing Notes for the new BARMM Cabinet, focusing on
attention of the Minister of Education, Minister of Health, Minister of Social Services and
Minister of Local Government. You have been asked to prepare a Briefing Note (1-2
pages) focusing on adolescent rights. Briefly describe what you know of the current
context and outline the key bottlenecks to achieving and sustaining realization of rights
of adolescents, either in the Philippines in general or more specifically in the BARMM
context. Identify and explain at least five (5) bottlenecks to realization of adolescent
rights and then present recommendations on how they can be addressed. Consider the
roles that different stakeholders can / should also play.

Question 2 (25 points)

Adolescents have the potential to change the world. In your point of view how adolescents
can contribute in addressing the issues that affect their lives. What role can Youth Networks
play to help empower adolescents and to make sure their voices are heard?


Question 3 (25 points)

The BARMM Government is preparing a new Youth Agenda.

a) what would your recommendations be on key steps and processes for a strong Youth
b) what do you think are some of the main advocacy priorities for adolescents and
youth and why? In each case, who would be the target for advocacy and how might
you approach it to ensure success.”