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I. Select the best in the choices given, write only the letter that correspond to your answer.

W – Build your skills V. Change in behavior routine

1. Start a “to do” list and stick with it.
2. Learn a strategy game.
3. Learn from people you admire.
4. Set up a competition with a family member or friend-set a challenge.
5. Learn a new language.

The following are the areas of development where the chart of typical characteristics for teens growth:
N – Physical growth M – Cognitive growth I – Moral development

6. Many youths have achieved their full adult height and other adult physical development milestones.
7. Increased emphasis on abstract values and moral principles.
8. Increased ability (for some) to take another’s perspective fully, can see the bigger societal picture and might value moral
principles over laws “principled” morality.
9. Greater perspective-taking ability can result in increased empathy and concern for others and new interest in societal issues
for many.
10. Less egocentric with age.

D – Self-content B – Psychological emotional traits Q – Peer relationship O – Relationship to parents and other adults

11. Commonly make most own decisions, preparing for eventual separation from family.
12. Increased activity to empathize with others, greater vulnerability to worrying, depression and concern for others, especially
among girls.
13. Many show an increase in responsible behaviors.
14. Close friendship help youth with the process of developing an individual identity separate from that of a child in a family.
15. Needs balance between time spent with adults and peers.
16. The process of identity formation is intense. Experimentation with different roles: looks, sexuality, values, friendships,
ethnicity and especially occupations.

The following are the development under the developing one-self and others:
U – Physiological development V – Cognitive development Y – Spiritual development K – Social development

17. They are also conflicted between their desire to conform to the peer group values and their own goal to be distinctive and
18. . Learn to deal with complicated situations, to talk about their theories, to understand correlations, to reason and to think.
19. Adolescence is greatly concerned about his/her body image and any differences in the child, such as early or late maturity,
obesity, etc.
20. It is best described as the steady onset of mature reproductive hormonal activity, prompted by the central nervous system,
chiefly by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
21. May be rebellious toward their parents and other adults but still depend on them.
22. Is a process that finds the meaning of one’s life
23. A valid field of human development, spiritual growth in the Philippines is usually infused in schools under a separate
24. Learn to deal with several ideas at the same time and understand the future consequences of their actions.

II. Choose the best answer, only the (capital) letter of your choice will write in the answer sheet. If there is no answer in the
selection write letter H.

25. The conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an individual, what is it?
A. Personal Development B. Personal Maturation
26. Excessive boasting about their achievements or appearance, is the sign of?
A. Low self-esteem B. Low self-reliance

27. There are 5 drugs that commonly abused by several persons these are narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens
and inhalants. Thus, drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most risk-taking behaviors among the teenagers.
A. First statement consider as a fallacy while the second is beyond the truth.
H. First and second statement consider as a truth for it is based on reality.

28. It is the uneasy feeling you get when you’re worried, scared, angry, frustrated or over-whelmed.
H. irritated B. stress

29. A stage in life that provides chances for influencing future behaviors and outcomes. In addition to the major physical
growth and development that happens during this time, teenagers are increasingly expanding their social circle and begin to
make their own decision in life. In what stage does adolescence belongs to?
H. essential stage D. crucial stage

30. In what physiological development , does the development spurt begins to fast-truck, males experience their first emission
of semen usually in the form of wet dreams, and menarche happens in the females in appropriate to?
H. pubescent B. prepubescent


1. 11. 21.

2. 12. 22.

3. 13. 23.

4. 14. 24.

5. 15. 25.

6. 16. 26.

7. 17. 27.

8. 18. 28.

9. 19. 29.

10. 20. 30.