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Adam King Skumawitz Sg orncoule, CA 92592 June 26, 2019 Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Judy D. Whito, Ed.D. 3939 Thirteenth St, Riverside, CA 92501 Dear Dr. White, My name is Adam Skumawitz, and I currently serve as Governing Board Member for ‘Trustee Area 4 for the Temecula Velley Unified School District. I was clocted to office this past November, and it has been my honor and privilege to serve in this capacity these past several months. ‘Unfortunately, I am contacting you to tender my resignation, effective immediately, from my position as Governing Board Member of TVUSD for family reasons, I would like to be clear that my desire is to stay and fuliill my commitment to this board, the school district, and our community, but due to legal counsel interpretation of Government Code 1090, I have been left with limited options, My wife has been a full-time employee for many years in TVUSD and chose to accept a .40 FTE position uring the past two school years while our third child was an infant, As a dedicated working mom, my wife always intended to retum to full-time employment when the opportunity arose. I should have been more diligent in my research prior to running for office to better understand the constraints of this government code and, unfortunately, 1 ‘was never advised otherwise. [tis not an option for us that my wife remain part-time while I serve on the board, and she is too loyal to the district we both love to seek employment elsewhere. That said, in accordance with 1090, we have come to the difficult conclusion that I must resign in order to support her career snd our family. Nevertheless, 1 am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to serve my school district, our amazing staff, outstanding teachers, and incredible parents and students in iny time as their board member. I very much wish, hope, and plan to regain my board seat at my next opportunity in 2022. Regards, ‘Adhm Stumawitz Governing Board Member ‘Temecula Valley Unified School District 31350 Rancho Vista Road Temecula, CA 92591