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What needs to be done before Who will do it or help When does it need to be
beginning the unit? with it? done?

 Check out Teacher and September 07, 2015

books/DVDs/CDs to use in students
your class
 Write a grant Teacher September 08, 2015
 Take a class/extra training Teacher and September 10, 2015
 Equipment Teacher and September 16, 2015
needed/checkout/borrow students
(camera, scanner, etc.)
 Place an article in the Students September 17, 2015
school newsletter
 Send a newsletter to Teacher and September 18, 2015
parents informing them of students
the upcoming project.
 Send out/collect Teacher with the September 21, 2015
authorization /permission help of the teacher
forms (AUP, parent consent of the
forms for email projects, Administrators
Internet, Field trip, etc.)
 Invite principal and local Teacher September 22, 2015
paper representative to see
student work in progress
 Purchase/obtain materials PTA September 23, 2015
and supplies to support
hand-on activities
 Sign up parent volunteers PTA September 24, 2015
 Schedule computer use Teacher and School September 25, 2015
time and determine Administration
 Double-check URL’s that Teacher September 28, 2015
students will use prior to
computer time. Update
favorites or teacher’s web
 Upload your teacher- Teacher September 29, 2015
created Web site for
student use during the unit
What needs to be done during the Who will do it or help When does it need to be
unit? with it? done?
 Site up how you will store Teacher September 30, 2015
and share student’s work

 Be sure students have pre Teacher and school October 1, 2015

requisite skills and provide administration
training opportunities for
those who are below skilled

 Call speaker/parent Teacher October 2, 2015

volunteers a few days
before they are
scheduled to appear
 Take pictures of Teacher October 3, 2015
students working
 Send thank you notes to Teacher and October 5, 2015
speakers/volunteers/peo students
ple who donated time or
 Create a post-unit Teacher, students October 6,2015
evaluation to obtain and parents
feedback on the unit’s
success (teacher self
reflection, student
reflection, parent
 Invite principal, local Teacher and October 8, 2015
paper to see students students
work in progress
 Schedule student Teacher October 9, 2015
conferences regarding
the project
 Clean up favorites and Teacher and October 13, 2014
files students
 Grade projects Teacher October 14, 2015
 Schedule presentation Teacher October 15, 2015
for school board, PTA,
site council or any

 Present student award Teacher October 16, 2015

 Think about the next Teacher October 19,2015
unit that could
effectively integrate
 Integrate questions into Teacher and October 20,2015
future units expand and students
complement the
essential question posed
in this unit
 Return equipments, Teacher and October 21, 2015
books, supplies students