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New Delhi, India. Today (UP) —Reliable reports
said today that Moslem mobs had attacked a
40-mile-long Hindu refugee column and killed
or wounded about 1,000 Hindus. Most of them
were reported killed.

The convoy, bound from the West Punjab to the

east, or Indian Punjab, was escorted by a few
troops. They fired on the mobs and hit some
members, but the number of Moslem casualties
was not reported.

A Moslem convoy 30 miles long left India for

the West Punjab under the escort of troops and

Violence flared up in Bombay yesterday, and

four persons were stabbed to death. Three
were wounded seriously by a bomb. Police
rushed strong reinforcements to dangerous

[Note: I have interviewed people, now old, who were survivors in Arakan, Burma, at the same
time, during the 1940s. I have heard similar stories of groups of Buddhists leaving their
ancestral homelands, and fleeing away from ruthless massacring mobs, who were STILL
chasing and killing them AS THEY WERE FLEEING AWAY.]

By Rick Heizman, July 2, 2019 Facebook: Arakan Eagle 7 Twitter: @FrankSmitherma1

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