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QUEST ACADEMY __________________________ 6. They provide nonsurgical treatments of internal organs.

Pre-School*Grade School*High School
(Goverment Recognition No.K-045 S.2001,E-066 S.2002, No.013 S.2004)
__________________________ 7. They treat nervous system disorders. (lneuroogists)
108 PRE Bldg.Salinas, Bacoor, Cavite. E-mail:questacademyinc@gmail.com __________________________ 8. They are specialist in treating tumors and cancer. (conologists)
Tel.No.(046)434-4034 __________________________ 9. They provide medical, surgical care and treatment of the eyes.
LONG TEST in MAPEH 10 (hpothalomlogists)
__________________________ 10. They provide care and treatment of pregnant women and their unborn
babies. (tobsetricians)
Name: Date: __________
Parent’s Signature: Date: __________ TRUE OR FALSE: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if its not.
MUSIC: __________ 1. Physical activity is modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.
__________________________ 1. Introduced in a French painting school headed by Claude Monet. __________ 2. Physical activity can counteract the harmful effect of other risk factor, such as high
__________________________ 2. A French Composer known for his melodies, harmonies, instrumental cholesterol and high blood pressure.
textures and effects and orchestration. __________ 3. Heart and stroke recommend that adults accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate
__________________________ 3. Pertains to a German school of artist and dramatist who represented vigorously intensity aerobic activity per week.
the innermost experience of the artists. __________ 4. You don’t get health benefits from exercise unless you are exercising vigorously.
__________________________ 4. His is of atonality later led to his formulation of the Twelve Tone Series. __________ 5. Endurance activities are especially beneficial for your heart, lungs and circulatory system.
__________________________ 5. Introduced in early 1950’s __________ 6. Strength activities, such carrying groceries, heavy yard work or weight training strengthen
__________________________ 6. Refers to experimentation in music with the help of electronic machine. muscles and bones and improve postures.
__________________________ 7. A musical composition in which some elements of the composition are __________ 7. An aerobic physical activity, such as running or biking, requires the same effort from
left to chance or some primary elements of the realization of a composition are left to the determination of everyone.
its performer. __________ 8. In addition to aerobic and muscle and bone strengthening activities,. It is also important to
__________________________ 8. A term sometimes used for mobile or polyvalent musical forms, where participate in flexibility exercise.
the order of movements or section is indeterminate. __________ 9. If you can’t quite meet the physical activity guidelines, it is a waste of time to do physical
__________________________ 9. A reduction of full score of a vocal work such as musical play and activity.
opera. __________ 10. It is not normal to have sore muscles after exercising.
__________________________ 10. Where individual pitches and lines are integrated into complexes of __________ 11. Physical activity is the same as exercise.
sounds or sounds masses. __________ 12. Regular physical activity can prevent high blood pressure and improve depression.
__________ 13. No vegetables has cholesterol
ARTS __________ 14. The nutritional value of vegetable decreases during the cooking process.
__________________________ 1. Considered the first clearly modern movement in painting. __________ 15. Skipping meals will help you losing weight.
__________________________ 2. The first and the most important innovators to emerge in the public __________ 16. The choice of food affects your digestion.
exhibition in Paris. __________ 17. Consuming the right number of calories needed according to your level of physical activity,
__________________________ 3. Was develop from Impressionism and involved the used of many small helps you control your weight.
dots of color to give a painting a greater sense of vibrancy when seen from a distance. __________ 18. Eating well help keeps up your energy too.
__________________________ 4. A movement of rebellion against the rigid realism of academic art. __________ 19. The common eating pattern is three meals.
__________________________ 5. Another modern artist who has made significant contribution to modern ___________ 20. If you want to lose fat you have to eat plenty of foods.
__________________________ 6. An artistic movement where artist express their innermost feelings Explain 5 points each.
rather than to represent the external world. 1. Is exercise needed by middle aged and elderly individuals? Why?
__________________________ 7. A new art movement utilized geometrical forms arrangement, to 2. What do exercise do to your health and well being?
represent what is seen. Enumerate what is being asked.
__________________________ 8. Creator of Cubism noted for his masterpiece called “Guernica”. 1. 4 criteria that you can use in evaluating Health information.
__________________________ 9. A contemporary of Picasso who focused on Collage Cubism. 2. 6 criteria in evaluating health products and services.
__________________________ 10. An art movement that sought to link the world of dreams with real life.

Unscramble the word and write the correct answer on the space provided before the number.
__________________________ 1. They specialized in treating the heart and blood vessel (gociardolists)
__________________________ 2. They specialized in treating skin problems. (meratologdists)
__________________________ 3. Specialist in diagnosis and treatment of glandular disorders.
__________________________ 4. They specialized in treating digestive tract disorder.
__________________________ 5. They specialized in providing care and treatment to elderly.