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Civil Service Commission

Regional Office No. 5 • Public Assistance and Liaison Division •  482-0699

CSC RO5 reiterates requirements for authentication and

certification of eligibilities
The Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 5 (CSC RO5) reiterates
the requirements for authentication and certification of eligibility as specified


original certificate)
 One (1) piece 1” x 1” photo with  Original Certificate of Eligibility
printed name and signature or Report of Rating
affixed prior to having the photo
Take note of the following:
 Printed married name
(for married women)
 Signature must be on
top of the printed name
 Photo should have
been taken within three
(3) months prior to
filing of request for
Certification of
 Scanned, computer-
will not be accepted.

 Original and properly  Original and properly

accomplished Eligibility/Exam accomplished ERRF
Records Request Form (ERRF)
and Declaration Form (DF). DF
should be handwritten and
personally accomplished by the

 Original copy of two (2) valid  Original copies of two (2) valid
government issued ID cards government issued ID cards of
the eligible
 Original and clear photocopy of  Original and clear copy of
Marriage Contract (for married Marriage Contract (for married
women) women)

 Certification fee: PHP100 per  Authentication fee: PHP50 per

copy copy

If request for certification or authentication is filed through a representative,

the following are also required:

 Original Special Power of Attorney (SPA) or authorization

letter with hand-printed name and signature of authorized
representative; and
 Original copy of one (1) valid ID card of representative.

If the requesting party is working or living abroad, the following must also
be submitted:

 Clear photocopy of passport; and

 Clear photocopy of one (1) valid ID card.
(Note: Both must be duly authenticated/validated by the
Philippine Embassy or Consular Office.)

Also, only the following Government-issued ID cards shall be accepted:

 Office ID
 Taxpayer’s ID
 Passport
 Driver’s License
 PRC License
 NBI Clearance
 Police Clearance
 Postal ID
 Voter’s ID
 NBT License
 Senior Citizen’s ID

Please be guided accordingly.

fn: nr-req_authentication_cert