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ABON Rollerscreens

ABON Rollerscreens


The ABON Rollerscreen was designed to offer the Minerals

Industry a low maintenance, high efficiency Rollerscreen
with a compact footprint. ABON Rollerscreens are
available for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary applications.

Function of Rollerscreens:

Feed material is delivered to the ABON

Rollerscreen via the inlet chute, it passes
over the rotating shafts which are laced with
a series of discs and spacers.

As the material travels over the shafts the

under size material passes through the discs
into the product discharge chute.

The oversize material is carried across the

discs and is discharged to reject or for
further processing.

Cover – Main photo – ABON RS6R180/65 Primary Rollerscreen


Design & Construction

High throughput

High efficiency

Compact footprint

Individual geared
motors drive each shaft
eliminating the need for
chain and belts

Long wear life of


Worldwide service

Low Maintenance
ABON Rollerscreen feeding into
ABON Tertiary Sizer Ability to handle wet
Each shaft is directly driven by its own
individual motor, complete with reduction and sticky feed
gearbox, eliminating the need for any belts
and chains.

Shafts can be easily changed out,

saving both down time and money.

Adjustable disc settings allows for both a

quick change-out of wear components and
screen settings.

Processing wet and sticky feed material is

not a problem for an ABON Rollerscreen.
The self cleaning disk arrangement means
there are no hang ups removing the need
for added water.

In addition ABON Rollerscreens are supplied

with the provision to install a full scraper
system if required.

Design & Construction


Main Frame components are fully The shaft assemblies are basically identical
fabricated and machined from Grade 250 with the discs and spacers assembled to
carbon steel. Side frame components are suit the specific screening requirements.
spigoted and bolted to end plates forming Shafts are fully machined from 4140 steel.
a very robust assembly capable of contain- Spherical roller bearings at each end are
ing any dynamic forces created by the encased in plummer blocks, which serve
Rollerscreen whilst in operation the purpose of providing a housing. The
bearings are grease packed and are filled
through a grease nipple provided in the
plummer block.

erABON Rollerscreen main frame and shaft assembly


Design & Construction


Each shaft is fitted with a geared Wear plates are provided to protect all
motor which drives the shaft as- inside surfaces and form part of the
sembly through a flexible coupling. main frame and chutes. These are
The coupling is a two part meshed removable.
construction connecting the output
side of the geared motor and the main WHEEL ASSEMBLIES
shaft assembly. An outer casing and
safety guard covers the coupling. The ABON Rollescreens can be fitted with
geared motor is bolted to the frame. fully retractable hydraulically operated
The flexible coupling rotates the shafts wheel assemblies. These wheel
at approximately 39 – 52 rpm. assemblies allow units to easily be
removed for servicing. When units
LUBRICATION are in operating position with wheels Liner plateser
retracted, they can be set on rubber
All bearings, gearboxes and couplings sealing strips and require little or
are grease lubricated. An automatic minimal anchoring.
lubrication system can be provided.

Wheel assemblies allow for easy removal for maintenanceer

Shaft plummer block housing and coupling Automatic lubrication systemer

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