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Issue 4 en-GB

User instructions
Operational analysis

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These user instructions have been written for mechanics and technicians at Scania’s dealers. Every-
one who needs access to use Operational analysis is allocated a role. The role is described in the
Roles and access chapter later in this document.

Using Operational analysis, it is possible to analyse operational data from a specific:

• truck (P, G, R, or T series)

• truck (L, P, G, R and S series)
• bus (K, N, or F series)
• industrial and marine engine (E2011).

The operating information in the form of operational data files are retrieved from the vehicle/engine
using SDP3 or via Remote diagnostics. The operational data file is automatically uploaded if you
have an Internet connection. Store the operational data file(s) on the computer's hard disk, on a USB
memory stick or on some other kind of portable storage device. When downloading to Scania it is
required that the operational data file is accessible on the computer from which you want to down-
load the information. More information on Remote diagnostics can be found in the Technical Infor-
mation Library (see TIL/Remote Diagnostics).

To use Operational analysis, you need:

• a Reflex AD (XDS) account. Reflex AD (XDS) accounts are ordered via your local Reflex coor-
dinator, accessible via the link Find a Reflex helpdesk in your country on the login page for
• correct access. See the chapter Roles and access for more information.

In addition to the above roles, you must have:

• Internet Explorer 10 or later

• An Internet connection of at least 500 kbit/s.

Requirements for SDP3 can be found in TIL under the category Scania Diagnos & Programmer in
the document System requirements and recommendations for Scania Diagnos & Programmer, SDP3.

OPER:01 Issue 4 © 2018 Scania CV AB Sweden 2 (5)


Scania strongly recommends that standard fire-
walls are used to protect computers and inter-
nal networks. Your IT supplier can help you
with this.

Wireless network
For help with a wireless network, contact the
distributor's helpdesk, which will in turn con-
tact Datacom and Services at Scania IT in
Södertälje. They are responsible for wireless
network products at Scania.

Go to Operational
1. Log in to Reflex, https://salesservices-
intranet.scania.com, and click Operational
Analysis under the Applications heading
on the right of the window.
2. Youare now at the Operational Analysis

The documentation is also found under Appli-
1. Click Technical Information Library.
2. Selectthe required language and Opera-
tional Analysis from the drop-down list.
3. Select Search to display all documents and
links relating to Operational analysis.

OPER:01 Issue 4 © 2018 Scania CV AB Sweden 3 (5)

Status reports

Status reports
The status report displays various vehicle data. You can, for example, obtain information about the
vehicle's fuel consumption, current fault codes and out-of-date fault codes. If the vehicle is fitted
with disc brakes, you can view the percentage of the remaining wear surface on each brake pad.
Click Description for more information.

Roles and access

All users of Operational analysis must have the role OperationalAnalysisWorkshop_users.

The OperationalAnalysisWorkshop_users role means that you have been added to Operational Anal-
ysis and Remote Diagnostics. Operational Analysis and Remote Diagnostics is a list of authorised
users and is kept at Scania in Södertälje.

OPER:01 Issue 4 © 2018 Scania CV AB Sweden 4 (5)

Allocation of responsibilities

Allocation of responsibilities
Operational Analysis at distributors and dealers User roles for Operational Analysis at distributors or dealers and
required applications to carry out the service.
LOGIN OperationalAnalysis Service or other application/role of
Workshop_users responsibility
Arrange a user name and password for Reflex. IT manager/Reflex coordinator
Operational analysis
Read off operational data. The information is read off the vehicle onto a X SDP3
Send operational data. The information is sent from a computer to X Operational analysis
Operational Analysis or, if necessary, to the distributor.
Analysis of submitted operational data. In some cases interpret the analysis X Operational analysis
and present it to the customer.

OPER:01 Issue 4 © 2018 Scania CV AB Sweden 5 (5)