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This contrirt is made effective as of _ by and between The

Christian Monlierde-Magallanes Company and Partners. to Mr. & Mrs.
. following of our meeting at during which we
discussed your env loyee engagement and our professional's roles in helping you plan it.

It Ls our understanding that you will retain us as Professional Event Consultant and Employee
Engagement Coordinators for your employee engagement scheduled on

Dew riplion of Services as consultant includes:

■ At least 4 CaLUILL Ltat ions with you via to lephoneie mail
■ Amistance in budget determination and breakdown as needed
■ Discussion of theme
■ Lip to 12 hours of profession Ls. in-person consultation time throughout the planning.

As the clew_you will rely on us to work as many hours as maybe reasoriabry necessary to fulfill our ob
ligat ions under this agreement.

understand that our role will be that of advisor and coordinator. You will make the
actual select ions of service providers a ad I MI I i mple meat thase select ions.
You will make payments as follows {Oa Cash Bask Only)._
5i• First Payment._ After signing of Contract or Letter of Agreement; Down payment
of 154
)i• Second Payment: A day or two before the planning and preparing stage gam.,
g0 ck. of the re ma hider
›. Final .Payment A week or two before the day of the event day; remaining
It is also yow: responsibility to notify me of any changes in a timely manner. I shall not be
held liable for any change; made by you or your selected service provider.
We will use our profession Ls judgment when taking action in regard to changes.
weather, tardiness. non-performance, etc. Rased on the situation_ time limitations anclior
your wishes.
In the event a venue coordinator is on site. We wilt work with you and the coordinator as