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TRUE/FALSE: An NS record in a DNS zone points to a domain name, not an IP address.


Which of the following methods can be used to potentially determine your hosting
provider? (Select all that apply.)
Using the WHOIS record
Identifying the DNS servers' (nameservers) domain name.

How does a sending mail server identify where the recipient's mail server is?
By using the domain shown after the @ symbol in the recipient email address.

Which of the following are NOT considered a system "resource"?

(system resource : CPU, Memory/RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth)
Link Referrals is not system resource

Which of the following options best describes cPanel as a product?

Web Hosting Control Panel

Which of the following options best describes the primary role of the cPanel
cPanel automates processes so that web hosting becomes simpler.

Which of the following web hosting-related roles does cPanel NOT play?
Provides web hosting for your domain.

What is the default MySQL storage engine used, in cPanel & WHM environments?

Which of the following items do NOT need to be identified in a MySQL grant?

item grant : host, user, database
no item grant : address

Which of the following statements best describes email encryption?

mail encryption is used to make sure that only authorized people can read its data.

Where does a name need to be purchased or otherwise assigned from, in order to

consider that domain to be owned by you?
A registrar

What does it mean to be a fully-qualified domain name?

That the complete domain successfully points to a specific computer or host.

What kind of DNS query is performed when a name server doesn't already have
information stored about the domain that is being requested?
Recursive query

What does MySQL use to perform quick lookups on tables?


Which of the following protocols transmits information in clear text?


What do SSL certificates use to establish encryption?

Key pairs

Which of the following permissions type do NOT allow you to read a file's contents?

What is the numerical value of the read permission, when assigning permissions to a

Which of the following is one of the text commands that are issued between mail
servers when an email is sent?

What is the primary role of a domain?

To easily identify the address of the server hosting the website.

What type of server's primary role is to take in requests for domain names and
respond with an appropriate address?
A name server

Using the domain shown above, what is the .com portion of the domain referred to
The top-level domain

What is the textual information that is added to every email sent, containing
additional data on the email and its sender referred to as?
The email header

What is the name of the interface that server administrators log into?
WebHost Manager (WHM)

Which of the following are NOT a type of record you would find in a DNS zone?
NMAP record

To change the amount of resources allocated to your cPanel account, who would you
need to contact?
Your Hosting Provider

Which of the following are MySQL storage engines that are available on cPanel
environments? (Select all that apply.)