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Program: Master in Development Management major in Public Management

Subject: Human Resource Management and Development

Learning Task No.1

“Introduction to Human Resource Management and Development”

I. Answer the following questions briefly.

1. What are your expectations in this subject along the following aspects:
a. Lessons;
- More interesting, more intense and required independent study.
b. Manner of Instruction;
- Reporting, group work and online interaction.
c. Grading System;
- Numerical Value with a minimum grade of 2.0
d. Your Professor;
- Kind and considerate
e. Evaluation/Exam;
- Written and e-files
f. Requirements;
- Class work, exams, online interactions and modules.
g. Activities;
- Expecting to be more fun and can be a good source of new knowledge.
h. Others, please specify.
- None
2. In your own words, how do you define the following terms:
a. Human Resource;

- The one who are liable in creating work force of an organization or a

business sector.

b. Human Resource Management;

- Best approach in having effective management of people in a certain


c. Recruiting and staffing;

- Recruiting refers to giving a job permanently while Staffing is being used

to fill up short term roles or to hire people in a specific project.

d. Compensation and benefits;

- Compensation is the exchange of work being rendered by employees and

being paid in terms of wage or salary by an employer, while benefits
refers to the exchange in value to the employees as part of their
packages for the work that has been performed. (e.g. bonuses,
allowances,medical assistances, etc.)

e. Training and learning;

- Training comes from giving information & knowledge through instruction

methods, while learning is the process on how a certain individual absorb
the information or knowledge being instructed or shared.

f. Labor and employee relations; and

- Labor and employee relations I a way in assisting general management of

a certain organization regarding developing, maintaining and improving
employee relationships.

g. Organization development?

- Organization Development is the way of bringing successful organizational

change and performance.