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I. Fill in the Blanks. Just write the answers immediately on your booklet, no need to write the
whole provision.
Section 3 of Article 13 of the 1987 Constitution provides that:
The 1.____ shall afford full protection to labor, local and 2._____, organized and
unorganized, and promote full 3._____ and equality of4. _____ opportunities for all.
It shall guarantee the rights of all workers to 5.________, collective bargaining and 6._______,
and peaceful 7.________ activities, including the right to 8._____ in accordance with law. They
shall be entitled to 9.______, humane 10.__________, and a living 11._____. They shall also
participate in policy and decision-making processes affecting their 12._____ and 13._____ as
may be provided by law.
The 14.____ shall promote the principle of shared responsibility between 15._____ and
employers and the preferential use of voluntary modes in 16.____ disputes, including 17._____,
and shall enforce their 18._____ compliance therewith to 19.______ industrial 20.______.
The State shall regulate the relations between workers and employers, recognizing the right of
labor to its just share in the fruits of production and the right of enterprises to reasonable returns
to investments, and to expansion and growth.

II. Essay. (Not more than 3 sentences)

1. What is Recruitment and Placement?
2. Give 3 possible reasons why the law prohibits direct hiring for overseas employment.
3. What are the exceptions to the ban on Direct Hiring?
4. Differentiate a License from an Authority.
5. What does POEA stand for?
6. Give at least 3 provisions that should be contained in the Minimum Employment
7. May a Travel Agency engage in recruitment and placement? Why?
8. Distinguish a Private Fee-charging Employment agency from a Private Recruitment
9. What does Solidary liability of the employment agency and the employer mean?
10. X is a Seaman who is drunk every single night. One day, X got in a fight with another
crew member. If the employer will file a Disciplinary case against X, which office should
he go to?
11. What do you understand by the term “Quasi-Judicial?”
12. X, Y and Z promised A that they can send him to Dubai for work. A gave them
Php100,000.00 but after 1 year, A found out that X, Y and Z does not have a license to
engage in recruitment and placement. What crime, if any, was committed by X, Y and Z?
13. What is meant by the Non-Transferability of License or Authority?
14. What are the 4 kinds of illegal recruitment? Define each. (10pts)
15. Explain why you were absent during the make-up class last Saturday. (Automatic Bonus
to those present. For those absent, it will depend on your explanation.)

Good luck and God bless!

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