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Video Management Software

www.eocortex.com About us

Eocortex is a global
provider of an Open-
Platform Video
Management Software 2008 23 000+ $0
(VMS) with the added company founded projects done cost of technical support
strong intelligence
of video analytics 19 300 000+ $0
and network video Video Analytics cameras operating cost of personnel training
on Eocortex VMS and certification
recorders (NVR)

5 000+ 5 000+ $0
camera models compatible partners pre-sale service cost
+ ONVIF, + PSIA in the world for your projects

10 min 30+ $0
time required countries cost of all Eocortex
for installation VMS updates
and configuration
Eocortex in the World

Australia Bahrain Belgium Canada Netherlands Oman Pakistan Poland

Czech Republic Denmark Egypt France Portugal Qatar Saudi Arabia Slovakia

Germany Hungary India Iran South Africa Spain Tunisia Turkey

Italy Kuwait Luxembourg Malaysia UAE UK USA Vietnam

Eocortex Big Projects

Thanks to the Eocortex software, The video surveillance systems The video surveillance system
1062 IP cameras have been are installed at more than 100 at ER-Telecom branches in
integrated into the VMS, which retail premises in Bryansk and 56 Russian cities consists
successfully operates at six Bryansk region and consist of of 5 000 IP cameras and
prison sites in Izmir, Turkey. more than 1600 IP cameras Eocortex software.
and Eocortex software.

Each system uses 26 to 304 cameras Retail chains involved in the project ER-Telecom is the leading telecom
that are managed centrally. Each include “Cranes”, “Svenskaya Fair”, services provider in the Russian regions.
object includes security and fire alarm “Kalita”, “Сanella”. IP cameras were «ER-Telecom» is one of the TOP-2
integrated with Eocortex. mounted at the variety of premises: biggest Russian internet providers
stores of different formats and areas, and one of the TOP-3 largest cable TV
Systems integration allows receiving
catering and food production buildings, operators.
information and setting up different
warehouses and construction sites,
responses to specific events within a
housing estates and private properties.
single environment.
Eocortex VMS Capabilities


The VMS manages something that a lot strive for but often
miss: it offers a high degree of flexibility and advanced
operations in a simple-to-use package. The GUI for the
installer is functional and well laid out, while the end user gets Quick Installation Simple Functional Easy-to-use Navigation
a clean and sleek display which offers intuitive operation. Interface
In the majority of applications, it delivers more than enough
in terms of customization. For mainstream surveillance and No special admin or The Eocortex IP camera Eocortex offers users
management needs, it has to be recommended and is worth a programming skills are software is simple to use several ways to view
closer look. required. and easy to learn. cameras on the system.
Initial installation and Its advanced functionality One of which is the flexible
2017 setup regularly take no means the system can be planning tools that allow
more than 10 minutes. configured in a bespoke users to move among
The installation requires no intervention, and complete fairly way to answer individual cameras at multiple
rapidly. Some automated installers can take some time but the operational needs. locations by uploading a
process was finished in approximately four or five minutes. The map and placing cameras
software installation process is very straightforward, there will on to the plan.
be no challenges for any competent installer or integrator.
Visually the interface is both intuitive and simple to follow.
The functionality on offer is very good and allows the creation
of a bespoke and proactive surveillance system.


Recommended for: the installer or integrator who is new

to VMS, Macroscop / Eocortex represents a flexible and
efficient product that is simple to install and configure. The
software installation is fully automated and works well.
The functionality on offer from Macroscop / Eocortex is
surveillance-focused and is ideal for mainstream applications.
Working with Cameras and Displays User Scenarios
and System Access
5 options for working with cameras

6 ways of site plan 6 user scenarios for 4 ways to access the

ONVIF support response to events system remotely
Visualization of two-
E-mail notifications Via desktop application
dimensional site plans
Automatic search of the Connection of cameras Diagnostics of cameras
cameras which support with IPv6 addresses, from the Menu Displaying cameras,
sensors, and relays on site SMS notifications Via web interface
ONVIF or UPnP search including automatic search (Configurator) to detect plans
protocol in the local for such cameras in the possible issues with
network network their connection and Binding external sensors
functioning Push notifications Via mobile application
to camera signal inputs

Binding of external
Recording to archive
devices to camera signal Via API

IP cameras group setup Pluggable driver package ensures backwards Camera field of view Sending signals to camera
compatibility of camera drivers and devices and allows to visualization outputs
connect new integrated cameras and devices without the Visualization of data
need to update the software of separate intellectual Launching external
Video Analytics on camera applications
fields of view

2 modes of working with 2 modes of working with 2 options for large-

PTZ camera presets audio scale video surveillance

Toggling between turning Broadcasting and recording IP Creating a video wall from
camera’s presets camera audio to archive a combination of multiple
Creation of user-defined routes Transmitting the sound from
for toggling between presets operator workstation to camera Internal chat for messaging
loudspeaker or audio output between system operators
Working with Archive
8 scenarios for recording to 4 ways to protect your
archive archives

Scheduled recording with the

Automatic archive replication on a
1 Continuous recording 5 ability to combine recording 1
specially designated replication server

Recording by operator’s Recording by system event / Archive backup – recording to the

2 6 2
command scenario backup archive within the same server

Hot server standby: in case of failure of one of the servers,

Recording by camera Simultaneous viewing of archive
3 7 3 recording of video archive and broadcasting video from its
motion sensor form SD cards of various cameras
assigned cameras is performed by other servers

Synchronization of video server

Recording by Eocortex archive with camera SD card Automatic creation of database backup copies
4 8 4
software detector (if the camera worked offline) or and automatic database recovery in case of failure
with video recorder

4 archive 3 archive management

viewing modes options

Viewing of archive via a separate Simultaneous viewing of archive Creating reports regarding Decimation of archive while Time-based decimation of
channel on various channels depth of archive for each recording, allowing to record archive, allowing to reduce
camera, visualization of archive lower resolution video to archive quantity of frames in the archive
Archive export Reverse playback presence by days on expiration of a set period of
Monitoring, diagnostics, 3 monitoring and system
and automatic update diagnostics options

Self-diagnostics, reporting problems in

subsystems, troubleshooting recommendations

Automatic diagnostics and recovery of archive

and event data base

Monitoring system components’ status:

• availability of hosts
• central processor, RAM, host network adapter
load ratio
• availability of cameras
• archive recording subsystems status
• client connections to servers

2 automatic
update options

Automatic update of client

software when connecting to

Update from server software

configurator for integrated
Video Analytics

Smoke and Fire Detection Face Recognition PTZ camera control Personnel Monitoring Failover
To detect smoke and fire in To arrange for controlled To pan, tilt, zoom, and control a To monitor presence and activity To ensure uninterrupted video
camera field of view automated access of persons to camera of personnel on their workplace stream and recording to archive,
the premises notwithstanding force majeur

People Counting License Plate Recognition Heat Map Tracking Audio Stream Processing
To perform visitor counting To arrange for controlled To monitor routes of moving and To perform perimeter control of To record and transmit sound in
automated access of cars to the stopping of visitors, evaluate selected area, border, or line both directions
premises people flow intensity

Crowd Monitoring People Counting in Queue Fisheye dewarping Abandoned Object Loud Sound Detection
To count people in a crowd, to To count people in a line, to To view expanded panorama Detection To register noise level
notify about crossing of a preset notify about crossing of a preset or panorama split into 2 or 4 To detect an abandoned object surpassing the preset limit
threshold threshold frames and find a person who left it

Face Detection Suspect Search Sabotage detection Hard Hats Detection 3D People Counting
To detect a face and enter it into To track movement of a person To detect camera sabotage or To detect, register and notify To perform precision visitor
a database among the cameras, to search faults presence of people not wearing counting
for a suspect in the archive hard hats
Eocortex Compatibility

And other 100+

Vertical Solutions

Leisure & Public Transport & Public Transport &

Intellectual Business Facilities Safe & Smart City Intellectual Industrial Government Facilities Logistics
Entertainment Parking Parking
Video Video
Analytics Buildings Railway Analytics City Constructing Government Prisons & Correctional
Banking Retail Hotels Stadiums Hospitals Education Streets Airports Parking Underground Manufacturing Ports Warehouses
& Offices Stations Transport Manufacturing Facilities Facilities
Smoke and Smoke and
Fire Detection Fire Detection

Tracking Tracking

Abandoned Abandoned
Object Object
Detection Detection

Face Detection Face Detection

Suspect Search Suspect Search

Loud Sound Loud Sound

Detection Detection
Crowd Crowd
Monitoring Monitoring
Face Face
Recognition Recognition
License Plate License Plate
Recognition Recognition
People People
Counting Counting
Audio Stream Audio Stream
Processing Processing
Personnel Personnel
Monitoring Monitoring

Heat Map Heat Map

People People
Counting Counting
in Queue in Queue
Hard Hats Hard Hats
Detection Detection

Failover Failover

Sabotage Sabotage
Detection Detection
PTZ Camera PTZ Camera
Control Control
Fisheye Fisheye
Dewarping Dewarping
Remote access to your CCTV system Features and functions

To get mobile access to your video surveillance system, Watch online Android / iOS Web-client
you can use mobile applications on iOS, Android and
through web client via the browser. View images from cameras online + +
Configure the frame rate for viewing + +
Video stream formats supported by mobile clients:
MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265 and any versions of Adjust the number of IP cameras
operating systems. in a multipicture up to 15 up to 5
Scale the image + +
Drag a channel in a multipicture grid + +
Take screenshots + +
Listen to the sound from cameras + +

Manage online Android / iOS Web-client

Control PTZ cameras + +

Receive notifications online Android / iOS Web-client

Receive push-notifications about events
that are configured in video analytics + +

Work with the video archive Android / iOS Web-client

Play the archive, search for frames
by date and time + +
Speed up archive viewing 20-fold
and slow down 10-fold + +
Eocortex Licenses Video Analytics   Free of charge       Available at additional charge   –  Not supported

Eocortex ML Eocortex LS Eocortex ST ULTRA Eocortex ML Eocortex LS Eocortex ST ULTRA

Number Sabotage Detection
of IP cameras
per system 1 – 20 1 – 400 unlimited unlimited Face detection –

Number Suspect search –

of IP cameras Tracking –
per 1 server up to 20 up to 80 unlimited unlimited
Abandoned object detection –
Number Audio Stream Processing
of servers 1 up to 5 unlimited unlimited
PTZ camera control

Number People counting –

of workstations up to 2 up to 10 unlimited unlimited Crowd monitoring –
Software for creating The version aimed at The most powerful The high-end
smaller systems. creating middle size and functional version solution by Eocortex Heat map –
The ML version does IP video surveillance among the Eocortex is represented by
not support Video systems and to software products. ULTRA license that People counting in queue –
Analytics, but may connect the variety The ST version comes allows to build a
be upgraded to LS of intelligent Video with the number video surveillance Personnel monitoring –
or ST version. Analytics. Additional of free intelligent system of any size.
Video Analytics. for the Video Analytics. All the analytics are
LS version are available Additional Video included into one Smoke and fire detection –
at extra charge. The Analytics are available license along with the
LS version may be at extra charge. in-build solution for Loud sound detection –
upgraded to ST version. video wall, archive
mirroring, backup
drives and internal cha
Fisheye dewarping –
between operators.
Hard Hats Detection –
Failover –
The licenses can be upgraded at any time with payment for difference in Face recognition –
prices of licenses or Video Analytics if you would like to add.
License plate recognition –
Downgrade of licenses is not possible (including downgrade from bigger
to smaller number of licenses per one license key). 3D People Counting –
Eocortex Licensing Features Eocortex Trial version

Single Eocortex license permits the connection of one IP camera. Only

the server side software is subject for licensing.
All client applications are provided free of charge. Eocortex user may
select one of two options to access the software: USB key or Soft key.

USB key Soft key

A physical security key and an electronic The user should supply Eocortex with   Test licenses are ST or ULTRA version, full-
license file installed on the server. It can file containing parameters of the function (including LPR and FaceRec), time-
be moved from one server to another, server where the software is going limited by 30 days from the date of issuance.
without additional payments for the to be installed. Configuration file
new keys during the system migration. is processed with Eocortex server   For projects with 50+ cameras it’s possible
software. Electronic activation key to order 60–90 days test license.
Installation package is generated and sent to the user.
  USB security key.   If End-user is happy with Eocortex testing,
  CD with software installation Installation package it’s possible to extend test-license to
package and license file   Soft key is sent by an email. commercial after paying for it, generation
(available on the web site).   Software installation package can of separate license key is not necessary.
be download from website.
Installation   Test licenses can be ordered in USB or soft-
1.  Connect USB key to the server. Installation key version, it should be negotiated with
2. Install Eocortex software package 1.  Download software installation package Eocortex sales manager beforehand.
on the server. from website and install to the server.
3. Install the security key by connecting 2.  Obtain key ID from Eocortex   Test license key can be extended only
to license server or requesting it via representative. once, after that it will be possible to
email from Eocortex 3.  Activate automatically the soft key extend it only after paying for licenses.
representative. using the configuration tool.
Typical options of video surveillance
system based on Eocortex
Eocortex in a local network Eocortex server
with one common subnetwork internet access

Local network Local network

Video server

Camera 2.1 Camera 2.2 Camera 2.N Camera 1.1 Camera 1.2 Camera 1.N Client Client
Camera 1 Camera 2 Camera 3 Camera 100 All cameras and server Camera subnet 192.168.2.Х Common use subnet 192.168.1.Х
must have static

Static IP-addresses are recommended for all cameras, servers and gateways. NAT Table (example)
Common subnet 192.168.1.Х The above devices should be accessed with the domain name in case the use
Client connection to of dynamic IP-address. 8080 8080
server for real-time video
viewing and viewing of
video archives 8080 port DHCP: 192.168.1.(11...100, 201...250)

Server connection to Internet

cameras for real-time
video viewing

Connection to port address 8080

Video server Web-client Mobile Client Client
Camera access at remote sites Eocortex in a multi-server distributed system

All servers are combined in one remote sites set up video server
Local network Local network
Video server Cameras at remote sites are connected to servers located at those sites
(except for cameras at site 4, which has no server; a remote server is
connected to these cameras by means of “Dynamic DNS” technology).
Camera 2.1 Camera 2.2 Camera 2.N Camera 1.1 Camera 1.2 Camera 1.N Client Client Customers can view the video from all cameras of the system.
Video server

static IP

Internet gateway
Static IP address
Camera subnet 192.168.2.Х Subnet of common use 192.168.1.Х Subnet of common use 192.168.1.Х 41.202.340.244

Local network at a remote site Local network at a remote site #1 Local network at a remote site #1
with one camera Internet gateway

Camera 3.1 NAT Table (example) Video server Internet Video server
Internet gateway 80 Static IP address Client (e.g. Camera 1.1 Camera 1.20 8080 554
All camera ports are connected Static IP address is used

to access camera 3.1

Remote site subnet 192.168.1.Х Subnet of common use 192.168.1.Х Subnet of common use 192.168.1.Х

Internet gateway
IP address
Local network at a remote To connect to the cameras Local network at a remote site #2 Local network at a remote site #2
site with several cameras use their internet names
that are assigned to one of
the services running on a
Video server
Camera 4.1 Camera 4.2 "Dynamic DNS" Internet gateway
( DynDNS) Camera 4.1
Dynamic IP address Camera 2.1 Camera 2.50

gateway Internet
static gateway
IP address dynamic IP address [mycam41.dyndns.com]
[mycam41.dyndns.com] [mycam41.dyndns.com]

Remote site subnet 192.168.1.Х Subnet of common use 192.168.1.Х Subnet of common use 192.168.1.Х
You are welcome www.eocortex.com
with your questions sales@eocortex.com
and projects