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B) Kroll. 22 Mar 2018 Project Tenor I — Detailed Report Report Prepared for The National Bank of Moldova iB Taso 702 5000 Pinieoed Copy 1 of 7 SW Krolt, Projet Tenor I~ Detaled Report ~ Contents Privileged & Confidential Restricted Use Warning ‘ito for me rae ad nce ure lhe cently cannactn wh wusness, nese. oF ther cette os Yee fr the nemaon conan ern. itretaton of appicator, oF for ‘rsa, rr lan by ny sch es pay rte ersontaron Toe ete lernaton roves bose sly on Ks erpence ek corauans ang may tol bo Ylas pen a nape essay oF umiog sivas nese areas THIS REPORT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE & RECOMMENDATION, FNCORSEMENT OPHION OR APPROVAL OF ANY KIND WT RESPECT TO ANY TRANSACTION TOECISION OR EVAWATION. AND SHOULO NOT BE RELIED UPON AS SUCH UNDER ANY ‘Copy f of 7 “DKroll Prop Tae i-inr Contents 1 toodveton a Data Repo, 2. Glossary o detntons. 3 The Shor Group 24 uaanan Str Grup Corenor sty Mesh Sora Pee 28 Comet 22 acon Shr op Compan ny en Conan 4 Approval oans at BEM. 5 Anas of ans 53 ary nea 15 Swteh of he ene lan pots on 25.26 November 2014 rom BEM Yo BS. 7. Fund ows relating sequin of chara in he Troe Meiovan Banks 2a) Puaehamersoet ature te Prileged and Condens) Copy tof 7 10 ” 13 2 23 bheve 40 80 ®

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