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Month of June
Francine Gaile D. Glory
10 – Matiyaga
June 7

Today, we had our item analysis of our diagnostic

test in English 10. Ms. Julie also discussed about the
hardships and problems in life. We also had our
groupings for 1st quarter. We talked about our tasks
to do for our presentation next week. I realized that
communication and collaboration are important for
achieving goals as a group because it is the essence
of understanding the feeling and thoughts of each
June 10

We have discussed Daedalus and Icarus. The genius

and clever inventor and his son from Athens. The
interesting part there is when Icarus neglect the
advice of his father and due to his stubbornness,
died. I realized that you must follow instructions and
advices given to you carefully as it will avoid you to
June 11

Today, we continued the discussion of Daedalus and

Icarus. We also learn about the Minotaur , why
Daedalus created the Labyrinth and the reason why
it is imprisoned inside the Labyrinth. Group 1 also
presented their creative presentation about their
topic which is the labyrinth. I realized and learn
that labyrinth is related to maze .preserved and
June 13

We had an output assigned that we should

complete today. It is about the theme of Daedalus
and Icarus. For me, my theme about it is that
because of Icarus's stubbornness and curiosity
about the feeling of flying like gods or the birds in
the sky, he proceeded to forget the advice of his
loving and concern father which leads him to
June 14

Today is the continuation on Daedalus and Icarus.

The third group discussed all about Minos and its
characteristics and the fourth group described
Minotaur as a half-bull and half-man, whose
parents are Queen Pasiphae and white bull. I
learned that due to the stubbornness of Icarus and
it resulted to his death.
June 17

We had Project SHARE My classmate Jaea Alexa

Nava spoke and share something she read. After
that, we discussed about Reflexive and Intensive
Pronouns. Reflexive Pronouns are the objects that
are used to refer to the subject of the sentence
while Intensive Pronouns are used to emphasize
another noun or pronoun.
June 18

We had another Project SHARE as Heilana Marie

Medina spoke and share a quote in front. From her,
I realized that you should be careful on accepting
things from friends or others and I also learned that
you should move forward and encourage yourself
towards to that goal.
June 19

Today, we discussed about how to write a

Persuasive speech and what qualities speaker
should have. I realized that persuasive speech is
important to be understood and listened by the
audience so they can know what is the message of
your speech and why do you share this topic to
them. Also can be a tool for changing the world
June 20

We constructed our own persuasive speech about

bullying and the discussion yesterday as our guide.
I realized that having a guide will give you a basis if
you're doing the right thing. Doing mistakes isn't
bad, what bad is you didn't learn anything from
what you did in the past.
June 21

Today is the first day of our presentation of our

persuasive speech of bullying. Our teacher
randomly picked students to recite their
persuasive speech in front like Jensen Hanalei ,
who was picked first and some of my classmates
volunteered. The presentation will be continued
next Monday. I learned from them what is the
feeling of getting bullied, based on their
experiences and how hard it was for them to deal
with it.
June 24

Today is the continuation of our presentation of our

persuasive speech. We finished it till the last to
speak. I also speak in front. I learned from my own
speech that it is not your fault if you're born
different, but it is their fault to think that you're not
the same level with them. All of us are equal and all
of us should be respected.
June 26

Today, we read about the gorgon's head which is

about Perseus and Medusa, and also Perseus’s
dangerous adventure. We also answered the
questions in page 42 task 9 dissecting the text
about the story we read. I realize that no matter
how dangerous and how big your problems, don't
be discouraged, instead be motivated of what you
will earn ahead of that problem.
June 27

We had a reading test from the department of

education Cavite. We read carefully and answer. I
got 12/20 on Set A and 17/20 on Set B. After
checking, we had the item analysis. I realize that
reading test is important to assess one's students'
ability to read, comprehend and understand a text
or passage.
June 28

Today, the groups discussed their own presentation

tasked by our teacher Mrs Julie. We discussed about
the similarities and differences of the characteristics
of Perseus and Medusa. What I learn to our report is
that Perseus is a brave and kind hero who is willing
to risk his life just to do good things, while medusa,
on the other hand, is vicious and vengeful as she
want to get revenge on Poseidon by turning men to
stone and she became ruthless and cold-blooded as
she was powerful enough to kill men with her gaze.
We had another Project SHARE as Heilana spoke and
share a quote in front. From Heilana, I realized that you
should be careful on accepting things from friends or
others and I also learned that you should move forward
and encourage yourself towards to that goal.

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