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Dear Instructur, here my job sheet on TASK 3 M1 LA2 PART1



Task 3
Next, you are going to analyze the information which makes up the announcement.
Analyze the announcements using entries listed in the table below.

Text Where to find Purposes Target Heading Detail

Num Readers Information
1 School -To inform the –Parents –Complete The -The form will
parents about Online Returning include the
completing online Student Form. student’s
student returning information for
form... trips, study and
2 Public Places & -To announce -Academic -Summer school -The school is
University about the Course People on remote intended for
for the post sensing in academic people
graduate student meteorology, and The course
and research oceanography will be concerned
worker to join that and hydrology data collection
course. academic people systems, digital
. methods
and processing.
3 Public Places -To seek people who -Job seeker We’re looking -Job Vacancy for
have the mentioned for… Videographer,
requirements. Photographer,
Creative Interns
4 –PublicPlaces -To announce the -People who -TED x NYU -A seminar held
event want to 2013. by TED x
about building big improve their
idea. knowledge.

VIDEO Where to find Purposes Target Opening Detail

Number viewer/ Information
1 School To inform audience Students. Please Stand For To inform
about checking The Pledge Of audience about
email and planning The Allegiance checking email
of each events. and planning of
each events
Such as job
tournament etc.
2 School To inform about Students. Good morning all To inform about
school event friends on stump school event
and birthday for the hunt students and 5 sudents’s
students. birthdays.
Teacher class
and other activity.
3 School. To inform about the Students. Good morning To inform about
menu for the and welcome to the menu for the
lunch, birthday, the cornwall lunch nugget
weather, and the morning news. I sandwich etc.
important date am batman and I congratulate to
(history) to the am supergirl 3 birthdays
audience students,
weather, and the
important date
(history) to the

4 School To inform about Teacher and Good morning To inform about

the preparation students students of the preparation
of the school fountain city of the school
beginning, for elementary beginning, for
teacher to thank, for students, this is teacher to
student to give an mrs. Holt thank, for
advice. student to give
an advice

5. school To inform about Students. Good morning! To inform about

lunch menu in And welcome lunch menu in
cafeteria, Birthday, back to the cafeteria, names
Weather, The cornwall morning of the students
important date news, I am shedy who has their
(history) and I am evan birthday on that
day, todays
Weather, The
important date
shich has the
same on the date
of the day

Thank you
Best Regard, Ade HABK