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Report of The Parliamentary Joint Select Committee Examining the Events of the December 2"! 2016 Incident at the House of Assembly, Bermuda % May 2019 ay Heat o Ssbly Besnachs 25M May 2019 ‘he Hon, Dennis. ster JP MP Speaker ofthe House ofAssemby 21 Parliament treet Hamiton kt 12 Dear Me: Speaker It sboth my pleasure and my solemn duty tosubmittoyou the Reportonthefindings ofthe Parliamentary JeintSelect Committee "the Commitee" charged with examining theincidnt atthe House of Assembly ‘on 2™ December 2036. The report represents the end product of @ Committee which has worked with aiigence, focus and commitrnent onthe taskwwith which twas presented. ‘We tus thatthe Information presented wil serve to highlight not ani isues directly related to the decsion making prior to and on 2° December 2016, but aso other matters which should be examined a well: We are most indebted to you, Mr. Speaker, fr your support thoughout ths process which has a mes been most challenging. Ax you are aware, we had to restart our proceedings in February 2018, and we have had to work on, despite at times not having a fll complement of members. We acknowledge the support provided by His Excellency the Governor, Mr John Rann, who was sworn In jist days after the incident, We ae grateful forthe contbutions ofa persons who voluntarily provided information, and ‘value the contributions made by other members ofthe community, Finally, we thank the lero the Legislature, Mrs. Sherette Wolfe, as wells former Assistant Crk Ms. Serra O’Meally, Consultant Clerk Mrs, Alberts Dyer Tucker and Sergeant Major Arnold Allen whose services were most appreciate. Me. HE. Swan JP MP, Chairman Senator The Hon. Joan Dilas Wright, Present of the Senate Mes. Tnee Furbert J? MP Me Seat Simons JP RAP Me Ben Smith 1? Me Neville Tyrell? MP Senator Marcus Janes