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Filing Number: 802792509 Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report cage 05-102 Tobe fedby Corporations, Limited Liat Companies (LLC) and Financial Institutions = Rov9-110) ‘This report MUST be signed and filed to satisfy franchise tax requirements, wTeode 13196 Franchise You have certain rights under Chopter $52.4 555, Goverment Code, a[z[ole[4|s]s]s[o[s]+] [2[0]1 [8] immcmsnmemmer om “Speen WORLD SLICE REI HOLDINGS, LLC 4803 MISTY SLOPE LN Eee a AUSTIN ™ 78744 0802792509, TTS pals 600 congress Austin TX 78701 PAT INCE anes ; Ofer det and manage infection reperted sof the date» Pub information please sigh belent/ ‘cporiscomplett the nformaton supdted annual 3: par ofthefranehsx tar feporeTherelsnorequrement or procedre fo suppemansng Wetnvrmtono= i eas, decom, o managers chahge troughout oe year SECTION A_Name, tile and malin address ofeach ofr. drectoror manager “slates a ag Wreor Ce a 5 em Uriel Castro owner @e [er ing ses 7 Bare i Cale ‘4803 Misty Slope Ln Austin "Tara oe Ie Decor me ad yy Ov | Eetaton fating aera ay Bate i Cale ame TIE Dror m= aay O85 [Eaton fag aaa 7 Bate i Cale ‘SECTION B Enter the information required for each corporation or LLC, Iany, in which this entity owns an interest of 10 percent or more. ans oF ea aban Corporation or Tate TI COMpaAT ate oT Tarmaton SRE AE NTE Ta FTA ane oF ae Ub COrpOTAION oF TAATETTTTY COMSAT ate oT orator a SOS ET STR oT OTE ‘SECTION Ente the information required for each corporation or LLC if any, that owns an in labilty company. terest of 10 percent or more in this entity or limited Tae oF eed parent corporation of ited Tabi oMpaNy ate oT Terman a SOS iT aaa ORT Tacha cieeif yourneed formato ange Timered agent and regtered ofice careny on Tle ere avons you aad TO Male Change] jpgen URIEL CASTRO theregisered agent or registered ofce information iy AUSTIN ™ "bras pofce: 4803 MISTY SLOPE LN ‘The above infomation requredby Seton 17120 ofthe Tax Cade foreach corporation or ied aby company tat lesa Teas Franchise Tar ipor Use dona see forSectons A. an necessary The rmaton ville aval x ple tapecton, ate jeacode and phone nunber 11-05-2018 |( 612) 992-4232 ly sign ale hte? Uriet Castro [electronic Peo eee VE/DE Ul NH oT reno TO N00