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REVIEWER IN SOCIAL SCIENCES 13 The educational theory, in response to progressivism,

Prepared by Mr. Edward Almazan Jr which concerns with the revival of effort in the direction
of teaching the fundamental tools of learning as the
1 What branch of philosophy is closely related to most indispensable type of education
education because it is concerned with human a. Essentialism c. Philosophical analysis
knowledge in general and the criteria of truth? b. Perennialism d. Social traditionalism
a. Metaphysics c. Epistemology 14 This philosophy believes that the schools should
b. Logic d. Ethics originate policies and progress which would bring about
2 This is the philosophical study of the universe and reform of the social order
everything in it a. reconstructionism c. Existentialism
a. Cosmology c. Metaphysics b. Progressivism d. Perennialism
b. Ethics d. Axiology 15 This is the logical conclusion if we are to apply the
3 What philosophy posits that a social teacher is a revered philosophy of martin Buber to education
person, central to the educative process and therefore a. Education will be characterize by imposition and
must be excellent mentally and morally in personally rules
conduct and conviction? b. Education will be characterize by mutual unfolding
a. Realism c. Essentialism of persons
b. Idealism d. Progressivism c. Education will be characterize by pretensions
4 What would the aim of a realist education likely be? d. Education will be characterize by self motivation
a. Contribute to the development of mind and self 16 Man as an embodied spirit means
b. Provide students with the knowledge he will need a. Man is a body and soul
to survive in the natural world b. Man is a rational animal
c. Give students insights into their traditions and c. Man is a totally, unique core or center, source
adapting students to society wellspring of initiative and meaning
d. Meet the need of a growing child rather than d. Man is subjective
emphasize the subject matter 17 Man as an embodied sprit implies that education should
5 This philosophy emphasizes the teaching of a. Develop the intellect / mind
controversial issues to prepare students for a b. Develop man’s individuality
progressive structuring of the social order c. Develop essential physical and intellectual skills
a. Progressivism c. Reconstructionism d. Develop the total man
b. Social traditionalism d. Social Experimentalism 18 human beings are living in a human world implies that
6 The philosophy whose criterion of truth is “ seeing is a. Education must help man give meaning to his world
believing” of others
a. Essentialism c. Progressivism b. Education must develop skills to survive in this
b. Native realism d. Existentialism world
7 This is the systematic consistent explanation of all the c. Education must be relevant to this world
facts of experience. Its technical term is reason which is d. Education must be in the context of societal needs
considered as the best criterion of truth 19 This philosophy contends that the intellectual faculty of
a. Pragmatism c. Correspondence man is higher that the physical faculties
b. Consistency d. Coherence a. Idealism c. Existentialism
8 This philosophy contends that truth is universal an b. Realism d. Logical Positivism
unchanging and therefore a good education is also 20 The philosophical study of the essence and nature of
universal and constant man
a. Perennialism c. Existentialism a. Rational psychology
b. Progressivism d. Essentialism b. Epistemology
9 Which philosophy has for its curriculum a body c. Philosophy of human person
intellectual subject matter that are conceptual on d. Social Philosophy
subject, essential for the realization of mental and moral 21 The branch of philosophy that studies the morality of
development? human acts
a. Realism c. Existentialism a. Aesthetics c. Ethics
b. Idealism d. Pragmatism b. Cosmology d. Theodicy
10 A branch of Philosophy that studies the morality of 22 This is the philosophical study of human knowledge and
human action the criteria of truth
a. Epistemology c. Ethics a. Axiology c. Logic
b. Metaphysics d. Cosmology b. Epistemology d. Metaphysics
11 The area of Philosophy that specifically deals with the 23 This contemporary philosophical theme in education
problem of human values contends that education must involve in its processes
a. criteriology c. Theodicy the total human being-his subjectivity, the rational, the
b. Epistemology d. Axiology material and the emotional aspect for man is a unity and
12 The aim of this philosophy is to reduce statements not a duality
about education to empirical terms a. Genuine dialogue
a. Reconstructionism c.Philosophical analysis b. Man as a being in the world
b. Existentialism d. Social traditionalism c. Man as an embodied spirit
d. The socials and the inter human being 35 The belief that the ultimate criterion of truth is if an idea
24 This philosophy proclaims the spiritual nature and the works then it is true
universe. It holds that the good, the true and the a. Coherence c. Naïve Realism
beautiful are permanently part of the structure of an b. Consistency d. Pragmatism
unchanging universe 36 It is a systematic consistent explanation of all the facts
a. Existentialism c. Materialism of experience. Its technical name is reason. This is
b. Idealism d. Realism believed to be the ultimate criterion of truth
25 This philosophy posits the know ability of the world and a. Coherence c. Naïve Realism
everything in its as they are in themselves and their b. Consistency d. Pragmatism
existence independent of human mind 37 This educational philosophy encourages accumulation
a. Existentialism c. Materialism of knowledge and thinking and must apply criteria for
b. Idealism d. Realism moral evaluation. Suggested methods are questioning
26 “The central aim of education should be to develop the and discussion, lecture and the project, whether done
power of thought” this would likely be the aim of what singly or in group
educational practitioner? a. Existentialism c. Materialism
a. Existentialism c. Progressivist b. Idealism d. Pragmatism
b. Perennialist d. Reconstructivist 38 This theory views education as a recurring process
27 This educational theory is based on the philosophy based on eternal truths; thus, the school’s curriculum
grounded on experience and the interaction of the should emphasize the recurrent themes of human life
person with his environment. It posits that education a. Perennialism c. Progressivism
must use past experiences to direct future experiences b. Pragmatism d. Reconstructionism
a. Existentialism c. Realism 39 The philosophical study of human mind
b. Idealism d. progressivism a. Axiology c. Metaphysics
28 This philosophy is a way of viewing and thinking about b. Epistemology d. Rational psychology
life in the world so that priority is given into 40 The philosophical study of being, its nature and essence
individualism and subjectivity. It believes that human a. Axiology c. Metaphysics
beings are the creator of their own experiences b. Epistemology d. Rational Psychology
a. Existentialism c. Realism 41 A sociologist would be most interested in studying
b. Idealism d. Reconstruction a. Artifacts of the fast civilization
29 This emerging social values in education stresses that b. Group behavior
man exist through the other and for others for he c. Psychological problems
becomes actuated through relations d. Economic institution
a. Existential Dialogue c. Socialization 42 Interrelated social structures that fit together to form an
b. Personalization d. Vigilance integrated whole
30 To what particular concept must education be based a. Structural functionalism
according to contemporary philosophy? b. Conflict theory
a. Existential dialogue c. Symbolic Interactionism
b. Social Change d. Disruptive Functionalism
c. Supremacy of the human person 43 Development of self and adaptation of individual to
d. Synergy society
31 This emerging social value in education stresses the a. Structural functionalism
importance if the “we-experience” ad the converging of b. Conflict theory
the worlds c. Symbolic Interactionism
a. Authentic being c. Personalization d. Disruptive Functionism
b. Existential dialogue d. Synergy 44 Which is NOT a method in sociological inquiry
32 The essentialist would likely have this as the ultimate a. Experimental study c. Intuitive study
aim of education b. Longitudinal Study d. Ex-post Facto study
a. To fit man to perform, justly, skillfully and 45 Which of the following give some difficulties to a
magnanimous in all times in peace and war sociological researcher?
b. To develop the power of thought. To search for an a. Complexity of phenomena
disseminate the truth b. Constant change
c. To give all pupils insight into their traditions c. Unpredictability of behavior
d. To meet the needs of the growing child d. All of the above
33 The philosophical belief that reality is precisely what as 46 A cluster of behavior patterns related to the general
it appear to be and adheres to the belief that “seeing is culture of a society and yet distinguishable from it
believing” a. Sub-culture c. Norm
a. Coherence c. Naïve Realism b. Culture shock d. mores
b. Consistency d. Pragmatism 47 Which group would most likely have a counter culture?
34 It is belief that when an idea agrees with its object, it is a. Musician c. Singers
proof of its truth. However, it is definition of truth not a b. Drugs users d. Dancers
criteria 48 The complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs,
a. Coherence c. Naïve Realism arts moral, laws, customs and other capabilities and
b. Consistency d. Correspondence habits acquired by man as a member of the society
a. Norm c. Culture 62 Which is NOT a characteristic of the relationship among
b. Folkways d. Mores members of a primary group?
49 When one consider the culture of another group as a. Personal c. Segmental
inferior to his own, this connotes b. Informal d. Sentimental
a. Ethnocentrism c. Assimilation 63 Which is an example of members if a primary group?
b. Cultural relativism d. Acculturation a. Peer group c. School administration
50 The rightness or wrongness of what one does depend b. Family d. Neighbors
on where he is doing it 64 Which of the following statements is NOT true about
a. Cultural integration c. Cultural relativism Filipino families today?
b. Cultural lag d. Cultural traits a. Male authority has declined
51 The culture that includes undesirable behavior of the b. Division of labor has changed
member of society. Formally condemned but widely c. Separation has become more common
practiced d. Has cease to be socialization unit in society
a. Real culture c. Sub-culture 65 Which of the following is NOT an ethical issue that must
b. Ideal culture d. Counter culture be confronted when doing social research?
52 The process by which a member learns the norms of the a. Are the subjects being paid enough?
group b. What degree of risk, pain or harm is involved?
a. Accommodation c. Compartmentalization c. To what extent are the subjects being deceived?
b. Aggregation d. Socialization d. Will there be disclosure of confidential or
53 A role or status assigned according to heredity traits personally harmful information?
without regard to individual preference, ability or 66 In most instances of participant observation the
performance researchers:
a. Achieved c. Attached a. Hide their true identity
b. Ascribed d. Applied b. Do not hide their true identity
54 An achieved position in a society c. Pay their informants for information
a. Heir to the throne c. Movie actor d. Acts as therapist to the subject
b. Presidential son d. First lady 67 A research technique in which the investigators enter to
55 Refers to the difficulty people have in meeting their role the activities of the group at the same time they study
obligations the groups behavior is
a. Role conflict c. Role strain a. Participants observation
b. Role set d. Role ambiguity b. A semi-structured (open-ended) Interview
56 When a supervisor is tasked to report unsatisfactory c. A structured interview
performance of her co-workers who are also her friends. d. A data discussion
She may experience 68 Participant observation:
a. Role play c. Role strain a. A research tool used to follow-up on expected
b. Role conflict d. Role ambiguity findings
57 Social control imposed on social deviants to maintain b. A research interview in which the investigators ash
a. Social stigma c. Social order a list of questions, but is free to vary them or make
b. Social strata d. Social mobility up new ones that become important during the
58 Which of the following is NOT true? course of the interview
a. The deviant behavior of one generation may c. A research technique in which the investigators
become the norm of the next enter into activities of the group at the same time
b. All forms of deviant are bad they study the group’s behavior
c. Deviant behavior is one way of adapting a culture d. A research interview determined entirely in
to a social change advance and followed rigidly
d. Some deviation are due to the failure of the 69 A research interview determined entirely in advance
socialization process to integrate the cultural norms and followed rigidly is:
into individual’s personality a. Participants observation
59 A teenager in a “good” neighborhood of stable families b. A semi structured (open-ended) interview
and conventional people who rejects middle class c. A structured interview
norms and become a delinquent is an example of d. A data discussion
a. Individual deviation c. Counter deviation 70 A research interview in which the investigators ask a list
b. Group deviation d. Relative deviation of questions, but is free to vary them or make up new
60 A case of compulsive drug addict is an example if a ones that become important during the course
a. Primary deviant c. Tertiary deviant interview, that is
b. Secondary deviant d. All of the above a. Participant observation
61 Which is NOT a characteristic of a social group? b. A semi structured (open-ended) interview
a. Physical collection of people c. Structured interview
b. Shares a common purpose and conscious of each d. A data discussion
other 71 A conversation between two or more individuals in
c. Share some common characteristics which one party attempts to gain information from
d. Member interact with one another others(s) by asking of questions is known as;
a. A survey c. Participant observation
b. An interview d. Hypothesis testing b. Anything that can be change
72 Sociological and anthropological be misused because it: c. A variable that changes for reason that have
a. Is hard to understand nothing to do with another variable
b. Is often used selectively by groups or individuals to d. A variable that changes in response to changes in
support certain motives another variable
c. Is often ambiguous 82 Which of the following is not a sign?
d. Has few applicants a. A clenched first c. A flag
73 A survey by their nature usually b. A knock on the door d. Yawning
a. Are cross-sectional 83 The most important symbols are
b. Are longitudinal a. Action c. Actions
c. Involve secondary methodology b. Words d. Behavior
d. Involve participants observation 84 The principal means through which culture is
74 A cross-sectional study is transmitted from generation to generation is
a. A research technique in which investigators enter a. Actions c. Language
into activities of the group at the same time they b. Diffusion d. Behaviors
study the groups behavior 85 If apes can be taught to use language, it denies the views
b. Research examines a population at a given point in that:
a time a. Only human can think
c. Research which examines a population, or portion b. Only human have culture
thereof, is questioned in order to reveal specific c. Apes do not have history to pass on
facts about itself d. Apes are stupid
d. Research that investigates a population at several 86 Which of the following statements about culture is not
intervals over relatively a long period of time true?
75 Research that investigates a population at several a. Every social group must have a culture on its own in
intervals over a relatively long period of time is called order to function
a. A cross-sectional study c. Secondary Analysis b. Every individual participates in a number of
b. A residual analysis d. Longitudinal research different culture
76 Survey are used when: c. Meeting the social expectation of several cultures is
a. Other measure do not produce statistical often source of tree
significance d. Families do not have their own culture but instead
b. The findings of the study must be repeatable reflect the culture of the larger society
c. It is desirable to discover he contribution and 87 Promised to “make this country great again.” Ruled for
interrelations of certain variables among large about twenty years
number of people a. Diosdado Macapagal c. Ramon Magsaysay
d. Procedures having cross-cultural applications b. Ferdinand Marcos d. Carlos Garcia
needed 88 The form of government established by Aguinaldo was
77 A research method is which a population, or portion change from dictatorial to:
thereof, is questioned in order to reveal specific facts a. Democratic c. Republic
itself is known as: b. Sociologist d. Revolutionary
a. A survey c. Experiments 89 Which provides he Tagalog shall be the official language
b. Participant observation d. Residual analysis of the republic?
78 Which of the following is NOT one of the three main a. Constitution of 1935 c. Biyak na Bato
methods of research used by sociologists? b. Makabula d. Malolos
a. A survey c. Experiments 90 Which of the following were the greatest naval battles
b. Participants observation d. Residual analysis in history during Japanese occupation of the
79 A statistical technique to make all significant groups in Philippines?
as society represented in a sample proportion to their a. Battle of Leyte gulf c. Claveri
numbers in the large society is known as: b. Surigao Strait d. Dela Torre
a. Random sampling 91 The most cultured of the reformist, wrote a socio-
b. A stratified random sample historical novel based on facts he gathered in the
c. Sampling Philippines
d. Randomized response a. Marcelo H. Del Pilar c. Mariano Ponce
80 The goal in designing a research project should be: b. Jose Rizal d. Jose Ma. Paganiban
a. To prove a point 92 The editor of La Solaridad and a great orator, he
b. To provide a collection for all necessary and initiated the reform movement
sufficient data to test the stated hypothesis a. Marcelo H. Del Pilar c. Emilio Jacinto
c. To selectively isolate the variables in order to prove b. Jose Rizal d. Graciano Lopez-Jaena
the hypotheses are either correct or incorrect 93 The generation of the spirits was common among
d. To prove hypothesis false. If they cannot proven ancient Filipinos. Memories of their dead relatives were
false, they must be true kept alive through craved idol. This practice was called
81 An independent variable is a. Cult of the dead c. Nature Worship
a. A testable statements about the relationship b. Mass of the dead d. Divination
between two or more empirical variables
94 The practice of having surnames was started during
Spanish regime through the order of
a. Gov. Gen Jaudenes c. Gov. Gen Claveria
b. Gov. Gen Dela Torre d. Gov. Gen Polavejia
95 As promised by Gen. Mc Arthur- he would return to
liberate the Filipinos after he could train troops, in
Australia. The Leyte landing signified the liberation of
the Philippines, was well as the return of the
commonwealth government. Who was the
commonwealth president who came with Mc Arthur?
a. Romulo c. Osmeňa
b. Roxas d. Quezon
96 Men and women of pre-colonial times had weakness for
personal adornment. A side from jewels, tattooing of
the body was common. In the Visayas tattooed men
were called
a. Umalohokan c. Abi
b. Pintados d. Plista
97 Memories of brutality which was so in human during the
Japanese regime were always associated with a
particular Japanese group called
a. Kalibapi c. Kamikaze
b. Kempetai d. Samurai
98 Membership in the Katipunan come in grades: first
(katipon’s); second (kawal); and third (bayani). Each
grade designed as well as password so they could
maintain their secrecy of the movement. The password
for the kawal grade was?
a. Rizal c. Kawal
b. Gomburza d. Sundalo
99 Pre-colonial trade in the Philippines was prosperous.
Business transactions made use of:
a. Money system c. Credit system
b. Barter system d. Banking System
100 The use of magic charms was very common among pre-
Spanish Filipinos. One of these is the anting-anting or
agimat which is meant to:
a. Insure a man against a weapon of every kind
b. Made a man lovable to all ladies
c. Made a man invisible
d. Made him walk in storm or sea without getting wet

***** THE END *****

Social science
1 C 51 a
2 A 52 d
3 B 53 b
4 B 54 c
5 C 55 c
6 B 56 b
7 D 57 c
8 A 58 b
9 A 59 a
10 C 60 a
11 D 61 a
12 C 62 c
13 A 63 c
14 A 64 d
15 B 65 a
16 C 66 a
17 D 67 a
18 A 68 c
19 A 69 c
20 C 70 b
21 C 71 b
22 B 72 b
23 C 73 c
24 B 74 b
25 d 75 d
26 b 76 c
27 d 77 a
28 a 78 d
29 c 79 b
30 c 80 b
31 d 81 c
32 a 82 c
33 c 83 d
34 c 84 d
35 d 85 b
36 a 86 d
37 b 87 b
38 a 88 d
39 d 89 a
40 c 90 a
41 b 91 b
42 a 92 d
43 c 93 a
44 c 94 c
45 d 95 d
46 c 96 a
47 b 97 b
48 c 98 b
49 a 99 b
50 c 100 a