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So Roll No. ....- 23378 M. Tech. ist Sem. (Civil Engg.) Examination- December, 2016 ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF PLATES AND SHELLS Paper: CE-613 | Time : 3 hours” Max. Marks : 100 Before answering the questions, candidates should ensure that they have been supplied the correct and complete question paper. No complaint in this regard will be entertained after the examination. _ Note: Attempt any five questions selecting atleast one question from each unit.. 1. What do you mean by pure bending of ‘plates? Also derive Levy's method for simply supported rectangular plate with concreted load 'w' acting at its mid span, (20) 23378-450-(P-3)(Q-8)(16) £1) { Turn Over the differential equation fo, a i symmetrical bending of uniformly loaded f Re "circular plate. : (20) \ ' g fiae 3. Derive the expression of the differential equation for symmetrical bending of a reular plate with concentrical loading, (20) ' 4- Explain with the derivation of differential equation for simply supported rectangular plates under sinusvidal load. (20) ite down the importance of membrane theory for shells. Also explain any two 3 ' classifications of shells in detail. _ (20) “a hat do you understand by thermal stresses in shells? Explain in detail. (20) 7. Design 4° spherical dome with uniform . thickness with lanterns at top. . (20) 8. Find out the deflection of a ¢ylindrical shell : j 4 supported at ends and submitted to the pressure of an enclosed liquid. (20)