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Department of Education

Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula

Division of Zamboanga City

Southern City Colleges

Pilar St., Zamboanga City

Prepared by: Violeta R. Morados Date Prepared: June 5, 2019

Prepared for: Southern City Colleges Demo Teaching Date of Teaching: June 6, 2019


At the end of the session, the students must be able to do the following with atleast
80% level of accuracy:

 understand the past tense;

 define 'regular verb' and 'irregular verb'; and
 use regular and irregualar verbs correctly in speech and writing.


"Regular and Irregular Verbs"

Learning Materials: Pictures, visual aids, pilot pens and audio sound

References: englishsentences.com/regular-verbs/,


Strategy/s: Cooperative Learning


A. Activity

(Teacher will group the students into two. Each group can earn 1 point for every correct
answer. The group who gets the highest points will have an additional 2 points for the
quiz and a deduction of points for any misbehavior during the class).

(Teacher will show the students some pictures and will ask questions about it)

a. What is the child doing in the picture?

b. What happened to the child?

B. Analysis

a. What do you call the word used to describe an action?

b. What do you call a tense expressing an action that has happened?

c. Can anyone tell the difference between the verbs on column A and B?

d. What do you call this type of verbs?

e. How about the verbs in column B?

C. Abstraction

1. Who can tell what a regular verb is?

2. How about irregular verbs?

D. Application

(Teacher will let the students pass around a paper cabage while playing the music. The
student who gets hold of the cabage when the music stops will have to give the past
tense of the verb written inside the leaf of the cabage. The student must be able to use
the past tense of the verb in a sentence and identify if it is a regular or an irregular verb).


Accept- Accepted

Become- Became

Add- Added

Begin- Began

Admire- Admired

Allow- Allowed

Catch- Caught

Blow- Blew

Draw- Drew

Agree- Agreed


Direction: Create 10 sentences using five regular verbs and five irregular verbs. Write it
on a 1/2 crosswise. 10 minutes task.


Direction: Write an essay about the things u did this summer vacation using atleast five
regular verbs and five irregular verbs. Write it in a 1 whole sheet of paper.