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Biochemistry of Pharmacokietics
The objective of the course is to give a sound PHA 7113 2
and Drug Disposition
basic knowledge of Pharmacology and
Epidemiology, Biostatistics &
experimental techniques used in assessing PHA 7114 2
Research Methods
pharmacological responses in biological
systems to drugs. Candidates will also gain Semester II
insight on how various chemicals affect Advanced in Chemotherapy &
cellular systems. At the end of the programme, Chemoprophylaxis Systemic
PHA 7121 5
candidates are expected to have achieved Pharmacology, Cancer
independence in planning, designing and Chemotherapy
executing pharmacological experiments. Advanced Endocrine &
PHA 7122 Reproductive Physiology, 4
Programme Structure Nerophysiology
Year I: Semester I Biochemistry of
Course Code Course CU PHA 7123 Pharmacodynamics and Drug 2
Recent Advances in General
Pharmacology, Neuropharmaco Recess Term
PHA 7111 5
logy, Psychopharmacology and
PHA 7135 Health Systems, Management 4
Toxicology Clinical Trials
Recent Advances in Renal Year II
PHA 7112 GIT,CVS & Respiratory 4 Dissertation


Objectives shall be conducted by course work, presentation
i) To train and produce high calibre of exhibitions, promotions and dissertation.
personnel who will make quality Each academic year will have two semesters.
illustrations for educational materials It will be a full time study programme.
such as books, reports, pamphlets, Options
journals and manuals in the field of The programme has two options
human and Veterinary Medicine, Option A: Graphics and Medical Sculpture
Biology, Nursing, Dentistry and Public Option B: Photography and Film Production
Health prevention programmes.
ii) To produce personnel who can make First year is reserved for Core courses for both
self-instructional materials, teaching options.
packages, three dimensional casts Second year is for specialization. In each
of normal and abnormal structures option, there are three aspects of academic
like limbs and organs which will work to be covered.
improve on the quality of instruction
and communication of Health related Programme Structure
information. Year I: Semester I
iii) To promote capacity building in the field Course Code Course CU
of Medical Illustration. MI 7111 Systemic Anatomy I 4
iv) To act as a regional training ground for
MI 7112 Systemic Anatomy II 4
professionals in Africa.
MI 7113 Photography I 4
Programme Structure Fundamentals of epidemiology,
MI 7114 3
Master of Science in Medical Illustrations biostatistics & Res. Methods
is semesterized according to the Makerere Semester II
University Senate regulations. The programme MI 7121 Administration & Management 4