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Regulation of dietary supplements sought welfare of the consumers.

Paraffaque Cty 2nd dis ict Rep. Supplemental medicine, as defined ers and advertisers.
Joy Mym Tambunting is bating for under the bill, refers to supplemental Moreo\€r, the Dn shall include 1) The BFAD for iE Part shall Pre-
the proper regulation of supplemen- medicines, dietary prepamtons, and rules against deceptive public adver- scribe the rules on the 1) Proper
tal medicines and other €lated prep' other related supplements induding tisement, includirE marketing activi- mandatory package labeling as
amtions in the market for the sake of herbal prepanuons. ties and other exaggerated marketing a requiremert that supplemental
@nsumer protection, The bill mandates the Deparbnent sffigies; 2) a definfion of deceptive, medicines, dietary preparauons and
Tambunting filed House Bill (HB) of Trade and Indusby (DTI). Bureau abusive and ocggeraH ad\€rtising other related supplements,including
103& which seeks !o put in plac of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and other and marketing of said supplemenbl herbal prepantions must adhere to;
adequate safeguards for the protec- €laH agencjes to prescribe rules medicines, diebry preparation and and 2) compliance with the requircd
tion of consumers against aggressive and regulations prohibiting decepti\€ other related supplemenb including mandatory testing and apprctval as
and exaggeraH therapeutic claims public advertisement, including mar- herbal preparatons; and 3) a stah- to ensure drug safety and efficacy,
of unscrupulous manufrcturers in keting slrategy of drug manutuctur- dard of protection in promoting the (Ellson A, Quismorio)
the advertisemenb for their supple:-
fear- 13
She said that mo6t manufrdur- :
ers of supplemenb and other dietary
prepaEtions using "NO THEMPEU-
nC CLAIlt4" on the packaging and
promotion of their prcduct rely on
fine print and disclaimers.
"ThuE unqualified substitution
is allowed and the law cannot hold
the physician rcsponsible for adverse
consequences," Tambunting noted.
The lady solon pointed out that
therapeutic decisions reached by
physicians are based on a complex
body of medlcal information relevant
to a specific patient.
"It is not denied that therapeutic
failure or toxicity may result from im-
proper substitution of a drug at the
pharmacy counter/' said Tambunting
in the eglanatory of her bill.