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Factors of motivating of the employees

According to our Interviewee the factors of the motivating of the employees follows:

1. Kindness and humbleness – being of part of kindness and humbleness of owner the
worker or employee are relief from stress, anger and pressure of the workers which is
results insubordination. That leads of impairment of work efficiency and collaboration of
workers. It feels the workers are welcome in their home.

2. Discipline – this is very integral part of the businessmen that disciplines the workers
whenever wrong and misbehaves. It serves as wake up call to the workers the decrease of
work efficiency or failure to perform the job. If without discipline the workers will
continue the poor performance of the job or misbehavior of the workers. And it will tend
to decline the customers satisfaction.

3. Respect - it is very important of the workers, because they have a rights being a human
even they cannot finished their education due of the poverty of their families. It serves as
another of the workers. It feels to them that they not treated as slaves.

4. Praises and merits – the praise and merits are primary factors of the motivation of the
employees. It appreciates the workers that he/she done something good, it also relives the
tiredness of workers. Indeed, it increases the worker’s efficiency of the workers by giving
them opportunity to work better.

5. Generosity – it’s indicates as unique factor of the business, it provides the workers
basic needs, it also leads loyalty of the workers and satisfaction. that also results of good
blessing to your business.