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Name of Tool Animoto LibriVox Dropbox Conceptboard Prezi

URL https://animoto.com/bui https://librivox.org/se https://www.dropbox.c https://conceptboa https://prezi.

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Description of This tool allows you to This tool allows This tool allows teacher, This tool allows This tool
Tool create fun video/ clips students to read or students, or anyone teachers and allows
with pictures, sound, and listen to books freely else to share files from students to students and
animations. on the internet. anywhere. communicate and teachers to
present things/ come up
lectures in the with quick
classroom and presentations
How the tool This tool can be used by This tool could be This tool can be used This tool can be This tool can
can be used by the teacher to create used by teachers to by teachers so that used by the teacher be used by
the teacher fun videos about a topic assign weekly they can submit to easily present teachers to
being learned. readings students can assignments or other things to the easily present
do at home and in classroom things and students from assignments
class. the students can anywhere. and new
access it from any topics.
How the tool The students can use this This tool can be used This tool can be used This tool can be This tool can
can be used by tool for class research by the student to by students because used by the be used by
the student projects to make videos easily “read” a book they can submit work students to easily students to
about what they and gain knowledge and such things from access something present class
learned. They could on certain topics. anywhere. the teacher work or
even make videos did/wrote from projects.
about themselves for the home.
first of class
Advantages It is free It is free. It is free It is free It is free.
Easily used It is audible, so Easy Communication Virtual Easily used.
It is compatible with students that can’t Access from anywhere Easy Compatible
Mac and Microsoft read well can listen. Communication with any
computers. Has many books. Easily accessed computer.
from anywhere