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Name Computer fundamentals, MS-office, Internet

Sector information & communication technology (ICT)

Code ICT101

Entry Minimum 8th std. & 14 years of age.


Terminal after completion of the training participants would be able to. Write,
competency edit & print documents using MS-WORD & EXCEL. Do tabulation of
data. Prepare presentation using MS POWER POINT. Use internet &

Duration 120 Hours

Practical Competencies

Computer fundamentals-

Customize the desktop environment e.g. desktop, start menu & taskbar etc.
Configuring & migrating files, folders & settings – folder views, accessibility settings.


Creating, organizing & formatting content.

Collaborating – merge, insert, view, edit, track mode etc.
Formatting & managing documents.

MS Excel-

Creating, analyzing & formatting data & content.

Collaborating – insert, view, edit etc.
Managing workbooks.
MS Power Point-

Creating & formatting content.

Collaborating – Track , edit, add, delete comments, merge etc.
managing & delivering presentations.

Internet concepts-

Opening websites & downloading data from them.

Writing, reading & sending e-mails.

Note :- Do the practical works as per the manufacture?s recommendations mentioned in

the service manuual of the particular brand of vehicle.

Underpinning knowledge (theory)

Computer fundamental, MS-office & Internet –

Introduction to computers.
History of computers.
Components of h/w peripherals.
Concept of operating system – windows XP.
Exploring & configuring the windows XP, desktop environment –
customize the desktop, start menu, & taskbar etc.
Configuring & migrating files, folders & settings – folders views,
accessibility settings.
Features of windows XP
Understanding concepts of word processing using MS-Word.
Understanding concepts of electronic spreadsheet & various types of
entries in it.
Understanding concepts of URL.
Creating & opening an E-mail account.
Receiving & sending E-mails.
Searching information on internet.
Tools & equipment:-

Server computer (latest configuration). Multimedia nodes (pre-loaded
windows 2000 or latest).
Inkjet / laser printer.


Windows 2000.
Microsoft office 2003 Professional.
Anti virus software.
Internet connection