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Consolidated - 2019
in support of Management's Goals and Objectives
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Key Result Areas
Program / Description Profitability / Industrial Peace with the
Cost Control / Reduction Patronage Cash Flow Union
1. To continue with renewed Direct improvement
efforts to remind, to in cash flow; for 2019
communicate, to request and to expected at P1 to P2
collect from delinquent million
members of their about P8
million charges up to date, of
which as of now P1.7 million
have been collected.
2. To recommend scheduling of Expected cash flow
sale/auction of shares of of P5million for only
delinquent members totalling of 20 shares at
95 members. P250,000/share; and
P1million additional
profit (adm./transfer
fee of P50,000/share)

3. To meet deadline on every To assist GM with

8th day of the next following timely & accurate
month (instead of 15th): financial data as
(a) P/L every month input for GM's course
(b) Cash flow per month of action to
immediately address
P/L improvement
4. Training and development of Avoid errors and
accounting staff relating to complaints from
treasury and collection and members
Ex. Training of cashier on
proper recording of all kinds of
5. Strict monitoring of daily Eliminate complaints
cash flow and bank in billing and will
reconciliation and avoiding result to early
erroneous billing payment
6. Right Sizing: Reduction of Additional P220,000/
one (1) PMS by October year savings on
1. Seek approval on the
proposed organizational Approved TO
2. With the approved TO,
review manning level analysis
and come up with the staffing
plan/right size based on Complete Manning
operational requirements and Guide / Forecast
the revenue forecast of the
Club in coordination with the
department head concerned.
3. Implementation of the
Manning Guide based on the Manpower Cost is within
manning level analysis as the approved Manning
agreed with the department Guide
4. Sourcing of qualified
applicants to be included in the Manning requirements
Databank System for ready for all the departments
reference is served at the time of
need with the best
qualified applicants
Updated data
5. Continuous updating of information as ready
employee data reference for employee
6. Constant reminder to
employees in reporting any
personal changes using Date Guaranteed updated
Information Sheet such as information
changes in education, address,
dependents, etc.
7. Continue with the yearly On-time and accurate
issuance of memo every month processing and
of January reminding them to
releasing of salaries,
update their record with SSS<
benefits and money
Philhealth, stressing the claims of employees at
importance of it in their future zero-complaint status
benefit claims
8. Ad placement of the space Increase
available for lease at the VVCCI exposure/inquiries on
website the available space
9. Internal Posting at the VVCCI Generate more
Bulletin Boards (Employees' increase and request
and Members' Bulletin Boards) for ocular inspection
10. Negotaite with interested Presentation of the
parties based on established services and financial
standard rental rate vs. services proposal of the
offered incoming
11. Finalization of Contract after Signed Contract
Board Approval
12. Implementation of the Increase of
terms and conditions based on concessionaire/s by
the signed contract, deposit, at least 2 resulting to
post-dated checks, and move-in an increase in
process before the revenue by 15% =
Concessionaire's start=up 480K of the current
annual revenue =
13. Establish training calendar Improved quality
for the Year 2018 with required serice to Club
# of hours to be complated as Members and Guests
follows: Rank and including service to
File = 60 hours co-employees which
Supervisors = 40 hours boils down to
Managers = 20 hours increased patronage
14. Continuous Guaranteed growth
improvement/planning of and development
training programs for which form part of the
employees through TNA and Retention Program of
the individual performance the Company
appraisal on the suggested
programs to accelerate the
employees' performance /
15. Create a committee (WBIC)
composed of all the HODs Established Work
focusing on: Brand that Core
- Values of the Club are
Obeservance of rules and observed P-
policies - Generation of new Professionalism
ideas for improvement of U - Unity
service quality - R - Respect
Systems analysis and E-
improvement - Qualitative Exceptional Service
feedback on performance "Malasakit"
(individual staff or department)
Employee development
- Positive view of
16. Come up with quality circle improved Employee
type of activities involving Relations
Union Officers, aiming on improved
quality service improvement, Quality Service
cost savings, feedback improved Employee
mechanism, and other Morale
suggestions coming from improved
employees themselves Productivity and Right
increase in
17. Update individual staff with
list of duties and responsibilities
of the different posts
18. Continuous training of the
SGs Efficient seamless
19. Continuous assessment
security of the Club
with recommendation of the
existing aupplies and equiment
with provision of necessary
repair and replacement

FOOD AND BEVERAGE (F&B) - Banquet / Restaurants / Kitchen

1. To meet target Food
Sales of 54M for FY'19
shared as follows:
Lanai Operation to generate Expected daily sales
26M in food revenue per of P72,000 or
year 2.16M/month
Pertinent data from last year's
Lanai operation: (FY'18)
*Average monthly sales of 2.1M
or 69k/day
*Average monthly covers of
6,000 or 200 covers/day
*Average check at P345x200
covers/day = P69,000 average Last year at P69,000
daily sales target sales:
To achieve average daily sales
*increase covers by 5% or
210pax/day. Retain numbers of
frequent patrons and
entice new members to visit expected increase of
the Club. P3,450 per day
*increase Average check by 5%
or P362. Service staff has to do
more upselling and
suggestive selling.
*increase Selling Price by 4%-
5% as a result of the continuing expected increase of
inflation which P3,400 per day
now reached 6%-7% (effective
service staff to sell
at least 2 items from Chef's expected additional
Specials sales of P800 per day
*encourage service staff to sell expected additional
at least 1 item from 'Take-Out sales of P5,000 per
Specials' exclusive offer day
*propose to set up a
'Pastry/Cake Kiosk' near the Expected additional expected additional
managers' parking area or near customer sales of P1,000 per
BDO day

Banquet to generate 32M in

total revenue per year
(28M in Food Sales and 4M in
Other F&B Income)
Pertinent data from last year's
Banquet operation: (FY'18)
*average monthly Food Sales of
*average monthly Other
Income of 315k
To achieve target Sales:
*identify market segments that Expected monthly
made contributions, retain Food Sales of 2.4M
existing groups
like The Feast, Nutritech, Rotary
Club, Petron, SMC
Market Segments &
Contribution Ratio
Corporate Events - 55%
(The Feast, Nutritech, Rotary,
Petron, SMC) P1,320,000
Socials - 25% P 600,000
Seminars/Meetings - 20% P 480,000

*continue promotions like 'Early expected additional

Bird Booking' (comps like free monthly sales of
lechon) - 5% Incentive 120k
*push Referral expected additional
Program to increase leads or monthly sales of
prospects - 4% marketing or
*intensify digital 100k
use of social media and E-mail visuals almost always expected additional
Blast - 2% attract new monthly sales of 50k
*continue with the use of audience, thus, expected additional
billboards for promotions & increasing possible monthly sales of 50k
other Club events - 2%
*utilize Sales kit, flyers, banners leads or prospects to
to the fullest book their events
*Sales Call/Company Visit
Sept. 11 - Meeting with Ms. physically network
Gatchie Balino - Sales & with people to build
Marketing Director of Subic Bay
Marine Exploratorium (networks partnerships and
of TAs and TOs) c/o RCD attract more clients
Sept. 20 - Possible meeting with
GM of Dei Royal Travel and
Tours in Quezon City
Sept. 10 - Meeting with Mr. to ensure retention
Joshua dela Luna regarding 1- of Nutritech's
year contract proposal business with us
to ensure retention
*already drafted a 1-year
of The Feast's
renewal contract for The Feast
business with us
*New Account - PODF (Phil.
Open Dance Festival) PDIL
(Phil. Dance Instructor
Closed a deal with Mrs. Lee to additional
hold their ballroom dancing on P160,000/month
Sept. 26 with a special
negotiated rate. ( Possible
function of 4 times a month if
pilot event is successful)
Expected average
monthly Other
Income of P335k
Contribution Ratio for Other P194,300
Room Rental - 58% (The Feast) P 9,000
Room Rental - 3% (Nutritech) P 7,500
Projector Rental - 2% P 5,000
Basic PA System - 1.5% P120,000
Others (Excess hours/Electrical additional P5,000 per
Fee/ Corkage) - 35.5% month
5% Commission from business
partners (AVP suppliers, florists,

2. To achieve a Food Cost

Ratio of 35%

*increase selling price by 4%-

5% effective December 2018 to
cover for the rising
cost of raw materials
*decrease portion size of main less
dish but complimented by wastage/spoilage
larger serving of sidings equals better profit
*ensure that staff strictly
comply to standard recipes or eliminate pilferage
portion sizes with sanctions for which will result to
non-compliance. better profit

*strictly account any

consumption or transaction
*produce exactly the expected
number of servings based on
standard recipes
*to be able to substitute high-
priced raw materials with
cheaper but quality items


I.Rank & File
a.To maintain the number of
staff for rank and file.
b.PMS right sizing from 1 to
0 at 1 person x P220,000/yr.

c.Training of staff at Tesda & Reduce manpower

Don Bosco cost/Reduce materials
II. Quantity of supplies
II.a To recommend and
replace ord.acu to inverter
* conversion of regular acu
Electicity costtype
inverter acu 50% to
1.Preventive maintenance
System Schedule
a.Sewage Treatment
Plant - to provide seminar for
awareness in water
conservation and proper
disposaln of waste materials
b.Lift for PWDs
c. Aircondition
unit/Chiller &Freezer (inhouse )
e.General cleaning of
kitchen gas stove
f.Fire burner
2.Rehabilitation of Sewer
and Sanitary line Member Satisfaction
at Main kitchen
*To reduce manpower
of maint. Cost.
3.Rehabilitation of
business lounge Member Satisfaction
*Replacement of
existing carpet into tiles 60cm
x 60cm
* Painting
/Varnishing works.
*Interior renovation
4.Rehabilitation of
ballroom 1 & 2 Member Satisfaction
* Repair /resanding
& application of polyurethane
*Repair & repainting
of ceiling
*Repair & repainting
of walls
*Improvement of
lighting fixtures
*Replacement of
main door into frameles glass
*Installation of
operable wall partition
5.Replacement of ordinary
window type acu to inverter
type 2.5 hp (10 units Member Satisfaction
* Maint Tools
(welding machine/air
compressor/circular saw
*Office \ storage
(28 Sq. mts. Area)
replacement of 3 units ordinary
6hp acu into 6hp inverter type
acu at Gym which can
contribute reduction of


1. To maintain the no. of rank & file and Cost Savings of P220,000 /
reduce the number of PMS staff from 8 year
to 7

2. To recommend revision of Eliminate complaints from Annual Expense of P

Pest Control Program (Initial cockroaches, mosquitoes 180,000
Flush Out and twice a month and other pests
session to maintain a PEST
3. To recommend upgrading of
cleaning equipment to increase
productivity of staff and Additional Cost Savings of
possible reduction of 1 PMS P220,000 / year or at 3
Staff years P660K
Capex needed P 250K - 300K
4. Herb Gardening - Planting of
Onion leeks & sweet Basil Will later reduce the cost of
supplies of F&B kitchen
5. Reduction of cleaning
supplies by 2% in quantity per
* Proper handling and
consumption of cleaning Improve skills and
equipment & supplies cost consciousness

7. Continuity of close
monitoring of manpower
complement and overtime
1. To offset the impact of high
inflation for 2019 by proper
competitive suppliers offer and To reduce negative
well canvassing through effect of high
additional accredited supplier inflation of 10 to 12
for Vegetables, Chicken, Meat percent per year on
and Fish product including Rice, food products.
Sugar and etc. Starting on
October 2019.

2. To maintain the current staff

of only Two (2) even if
additional work will be required
due to critical canvassing of
prices. This is a support our No additional labor
right sizing direction. cost
3. To continous sourcing of
Suppliers who could gives good
quality, good services and best
terms and we monitor the price
increase and always inform the
4. To continue our task that all
suppliers should be accredited.
5. Expanding of our present
room of Purchasing to 6 square
meters amounting to 25k to 25k to 30k
30k to have enough space for
visiting suppliers.
1. To maintain the P400,000 to Cash Flow
P450,000 Inventory level of improvement of
Food Items for the fiscal year P60,000 per year
2019 (except Christmas cost of money at
Season) legal interest rate.
2. Be strict in the weighing Past year average
scale to record and pay only the 8% more payment.
correct reading (using the new We will save now the
calibrated digital weighing overages in weight of
machine) incoming deliveries.
We will continue to
save P600,000 to
P700,000 per year.

3. Maintain the current three Maximum total of 4

(3) staff to complete and hours Overtime per
correct the raw materials & month a total of
supplies issued document P3,600 a year except
process with big functions.
Sketal manning
during scheduled
holidays except falls
on Inventory Day.

4. Marketing Calendar Cost savings of 33%

in total Office
(Previously 6 days a week Supplies of F&B
suggested to 4 days only) Kitchen, Purchasing
& Storeroom plus
time & efforts
Data b. Members
participation c.
Availability of
historical data
1. Involve 50-75% of the total Availability of staff to
membership follow throughwith the
membership and
enter these
information into the
Generate an increase
in revenue by
2. Expanded participation of P200,000 through
facility users through effective tournaments and
sports event management other sporting events
3. Introduce/Enhance sports- Gain cash inflow of
specific training, functional P100,000 from new
training, weight management, programs and
etc. services
4. Upgrded facilities through
purchases of new equipment
and quality repair and Increase revenue by
maintenance 7%
5. Utilize the utilized by Increase in sports
identifying potential area as facilities patronage
venues for new sports through members and
programs and activities. guests usage
6. Target corporate accounts
without affecting and Additional P30,000 is
compromising members' usage projected to be
of facilities generated
Cost reduction of at
least 3.6% from the
7. Strict implementation of an current cost, negating
effective systems flow or impact of the 6.4%
policies and procedures inflatoinary rate
8. Sports and Games staff
adept in running the operations
based on existing rules,
procedures, systems and event Member satisfaction
mechanics; strict
implementtion of all sports
policies and procedures
Member satisfaction
9. Provide supervisors and staff through quality
training and development service and assistance

Internal v. External Spend
Research and prepare
To provide efficient and
the Club's position
cost-effective legal services to
papers and pleadings or
promote and protect the
communications with
interest of the Club which may
legal basis; saves the
help save P100,000 - P500,000
Club P8,000-10,000 per
in consultation fees with the
external counsels
Review existing
contracts and internal
arrangements between
the Club and its
stakeholders (members,
employees and service
Amity Amid Control
To minimize or prevent (reduce or prevent
litigation or legal cases unnecessary
expenses in terms of Review provisions in
VA fee of P240,000 the VVCCI Code of
to 360,000 - at a Discipline vis a vis
conservative provisions of the CBA
assumption of 1
complaint every 2 or
3 months)
State Compliance
To ensure Prepare a checklist of
governmental and legal government reportorial
compliance in accordance with and documentary
exsting governmental policies requirements to avoid
Educated and Learned Disseminate
To share or impart to information and
colleagues and co-employees updates through
legal updates both in its memoranda to
industry and in other disciplines department heads and
which are interdependent with employees relative to
each other existing or prevailing
laws that may directly
or indirectly affect the
Club operations and

Conduct trainings, orientations and/or seminars, when necessary, about legal trends
relative to the Club's operations

Consolidated by: Noted by:

Ma. Susana I. Arcan EDISON V. NAVAS

Paralegal General Manager
Responsibility / Interface

Ms. Marissa Bernardo and


Membership/ Ms. Ichu/


HR: Early PMS and security

billing through HR follow-up
MIS and HR

No interface with other




ADHR / Department

ADHR Staff and


HR Supervisor

HR Staff
HR Supervisor
(issuance of forms)
Timekeeper / Payroll
Officer (Retrieval/Record

HRAD Manager

ADHR Manager
Memcom Manager

ADHR Manager
Memcom Manager

ADHR Manager /
Prospect Concessionaire

ADHR Manager / Legal

ADHR/GSD Manager /
New Concessionaire /
Accounting Department

HRAD Manager

HRAD / WBIC / Union

OIC - Security /ADHR


OIC - Security /
OIC Headquarters
- Security / ADHR
Manager Headquarters

All F&B personnel and

All departments and Staff
Chef and kitchen staff
Purchasing - to look for
other suppliers who can
offer lower prices
F & B: to help in thorough
cleaning of Area;
GSD: For the repair of possible
entries of mice & rats

F&B Dept / GSD Dept

Coordination with HR
Purchasing Team

Purchasing Team

Purchasing Team

Purchasing Team

GSD Team
Purchasing / F&B Kitchen
and Finance

HR / F&B Kitchen

Chef Kim and OGM

Memcomm and
Sports & Games
Sports and Games

Sports and Games


Sports and Games


Sports and Game


Sports and Games


Sports and Games


Sports and Games


Sports and Games


Department Heads

Admin. & Hr Department


Admin. & HR Department

Finance & Accounting
Admin. & HR Department
Department Heads

Admin. & HR Department

Department Heads