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-with the ever-growing chal-

lenges that face our public
schoolteachers, it is only fitting
Public school to accord them the salary increase
they rightfully deserve," Hipolito-

teachers' Castelo said.

Hipolito-Castelo said the cur-
rent salary grade ofthese teachers

wage hike was way below their worth and

their contribution to national de-

to P30k 'The teaching profession entails

sacrifice, self{enial, patiarce md
hard wor*, as they deal with individ!

proposed als ofdiffercnt behaviors and because

they carry on tleir work even up to
their own homes," she said.
By MaricelV. Cruz The bill provides the needed
budget for the increase shall be
A FIRST-TERM lawmaker on iao.olporated in the appropriation
Wednesday sought an increaie for the Deparunent of Education
in the entry level salary of pub- for each fiscal year,
lic school teachers to P30,000 a Meanwhile, the Departrrent of
month. , Budget and Management, in cG.
Rep.' Precious Hipolito-Castelo
ordination with the DepEd, shall
of Quezon City, in House Bill promulgate the implementing rules
1020, lamented the country's and regulations ofthe measure.
public school teachers were un-
derpaid considering the extent of eaae Ak
the effort they do in molding the
country's future leader.
In filing her bill, Hipolito-Cas-
telo acknowledged the consti-
tutional provision that "highest
budgetary priority,to education
and the guarantee that teaching
will atfiact and retain its rightfirl
share of the best available talents
thrcugh adequate remuneration
and other means ofjob satisfac-
tion and fulfillment."

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