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 Ask if anyone is allergic to eucalyptus.

Welcome friends. We are gathered here today that we may nourish and foster our sense of focus
through meditation and lecture.

So, what is focus?

Focusing is the process by which we streamline our consciousness into a more effective route of
energetic flow. Through examining the energetic, physical, emotional, and mental climate we have found
ourselves in we can better understand ourselves and our true soul's purpose can be manifested into this

What can happen if our focus is in the wrong area?

Humans focus an amazing amount of attention to the mind, and this allows the mind to allocate
resources for fear-based thought and run rampant. If emotion is rising as a current energy, and we
neglect to feel it in its ascension, it gets to mind. The mind cannot feel emotion - so mind manages
emotion. This is terrible for you.

When emotions go to the mind, the mind gets into mischief with them by trying to manage
them. Fear is used by mind to run the "what if" machine. Anger is used to run the judgement machine.
Grief can do a few different things, but mind often uses them to run the self-worth machine, whether we
are worthy or not. (When we lose something such as a relationship, we might be wondering our self-
worth.) Therefore, emotion should be felt before it can rise to the level of mind.

What is a positive area of focus?

A change that one could make for a tangible difference in focus is to feel our emotions. To focus
on the body is tremendously important in this process because that is where we feel our emotions. Every
person's relationship with their emotions is on some level dysfunctional based on social conditioning
(factors such as gender, race, cultural upbringing and its relationship to emotions). Everyone is different.
The bottom line is to feel them. The act of feeling emotion is what processes them. We can shift the
relationship we have with emotions by learning to not judge the feelings we have. We can train our
consciousness to focus on the present, which is more sustainable, and therefore we can live in
unconditional love.

When we are present, centered, and grounded in our body we can begin to heal and see our
true selves. The body will heal itself when we focus our attention on it. When we never focus on our
body, our energy isn't going there. Part of my personal work is focusing people on their body so they can
be connected to themselves and who they really are.
What are we?

We are not our thoughts; we are a consciousness that is making choices. We are an attention.
Many of the things that we believe, we did not choose to believe them - they were put there. They were
put there by our teachers, by pop culture, by parents, by an abuser. When you are an adult you own who
you are: All your biases, mistakes, whatever you are lacking (patience, compassion, having tendencies
towards violence). When you take ownership of you, you get to choose what parts of you that you feed.
You can see it; you don't have to judge it as being bad; but you can say you're not going to go there.
There is a deeper part of you that realizes that's not where you want to go. Choosing how to respond to
life is important. That is the spiritual path of focusing. That is what we are, we are a focus, we are an

What are our emotions?

Our emotions are god talking to us through the second chakra. (Raw primal creativity, sexuality,
emotion.) The emotions stored in the body are always something old. The pure emotion that is rising
directly out of the present moment is always divine speaking to you. The reason it is important to feel
them is that it is one way of listening to god. Emotions are a powerful force, and we do not want them
stuck in the body. This can make us unwell.

Fine Tuning...

Meditation is a powerful tool for focusing. One of the main reasons we meditate is so that we
can draw attention to a part of ourselves. So, we can be more ourselves. What we focus our attention on
is going to determine much of what our reality is going to be. Spiritually, we seek to shift our attention,
or ourselves, to the present moment and what we are experiencing right now. It is in the present
moment that there can only exist unconditional love.

Today, through meditation we are going to pay attention to the energies within our energetic field. The
energies in our energetic field can be left over from things we are thinking about, or emotions that are
not completely processed, or leftovers from what we are working on spiritually. The energetic field
around you is also the most immediate divinity you are connected to. The Quality of that field or
presence also relates to the spiritual work of focusing within our body. The quality of the divinity around
you is affected by dozens of factors. Paying attention to the divinity around you matters.

The first step to doing any sort of energy work should be to ground. When we are in the state of
being grounded it is difficult for any kind of energy to knock us over. Through grounding we become
more stable and centered. We can release energy that others may have given us. We can balance
ourselves so that we are not too full of energy or lacking energy. We can release energy that no longer
serves us in a positive way. It is a simple and effective way of connecting to the earth.

So, I would like you to start by closing your eyes and making yourself comfortable. Sit in a way that you
feel the energy would flow most freely. Place your palms face up in your lap.

Focus on the breath that naturally flows in and out of your chest. Do not try to control it, simply observe.
As you do this, invite a sensation of relaxation to wash over your entire body. Allow the stress and
tension to flow out with each breath.

Notice the world around you, the sounds around you. Practice relaxation despite the sounds going on
around you.

Visualize a light that is any color which feels right. It is a warm and safe light. Watch as it descends
through the top of your head and into your body together, with the light that is already inside of you.
These energies combined feel complete. Invite this energy to become larger. Building and growing fuller,
until it completely envelopes you.

This light is divine, and it is balancing you. Evening out any parts of you that have any excess energy and
shifting energy to parts that are lacking energy. The light inside of you is becoming perfectly even and
perfectly balanced. You get the sense that it is healing you.

See this light running through your body, down your spine, and into your feet. See this light expand
outside of your body, connecting your energy to the energy around you. This light relaxes you and
releases any pain or negativity from your mind and body. It is clearing and balancing your energetic

Gently and powerfully, the light flows through the souls of your feet into the earth. Visualize this energy
going down into the earth like a system of tree roots. Breathe and see the earth from outer space.
Observing the serene silence of space, watch your root system take hold growing bigger and deeper,
securing you firmly in the earth’s many layers. Allow your root system to wrap around the earth three
After it’s done, gently open your eyes.

Feel how connected and secure you are on the earth.

When I count to three, we’re going to stand up and let everything that no longer serves us flow out of
our energetic bodies and into the earth. Ready?

1, 2, 3. Put your hands in the air, and let it all fall out through your roots. Feel free to shake anything out
for good measure. Let go of the energy of others, any pain or heartache, of any excess energy we don’t
need. Let go, Let go, Let go. Allow the root system to carry away any negative energy.

Now while we’re standing, take a deep breath in. Begin drawing your energy back in, leaving what you
don’t need at the base of your root system. Pull up what you do need. Pull up grounding, love, and peace
with every breath. Bring up any other energy that you need, invite it to flow freely through your body.
Focus meditation

Today I say a prayer, to all our guardians and guides charged with unconditionally loving us on our path
to becoming our highest self. I welcome all guides who offer unconditional love in this space. In return I
offer my sincerest thanks that they have put in the hard work to be able to guide us today, and I humble
myself before them. Let us offer our sincerest gratitude for their presence.

To all guides present, thank you from all of us here.

Take a moment to relax yourself once more.

Close your eyes, and ease into your body. It is ok to move around as you settle.

Focus your attention on your head and allow it to soften and relax the area. drifting gently down your
shoulders, your arms, abdomen, spine, glutes, thighs, legs, and feet.

You may feel compelled now, to touch and hold a part of you. Your embrace is healing, allow it to
happen. Hold your attention and hands on the area that needs it the most. Bring awareness to how it
feels, and how paying attention to it may bring emotion. Breathe into the area and feel the energy from
this healing you. The location of your hands may naturally shift.

Take three more deep breaths. It is ok if you start shaking, this is normal.

Place your hands over your heart and take a deep breath in. Imagine the waves of the ocean gently
washing over your heart, cleansing it in coordination with your breath. The ocean is an ancient and
powerful healing force.

With each steady breath in you call the tides to you, gently sending them away on your exhale. Continue
to observe your breath as the waves of the ocean cleanse away any old energy that is not needed.

As you're breathing in and out, the ocean is naturally drawn to the parts of you that need cleansing,
allow it to gently happen. Allow your hands to move to these parts.

Continue to breathe as your hands fall gently to your sides. In one powerful wave, it sweeps over you,
"crash" and you can feel that this wave is strong enough to have loosened any remnants of energy that
no longer serve you. Your guides gently sweep the unneeded energy away. The tides continue to wash
over you, until gradually subsiding to the background.
You begin to become aware of an energetic field around you. The energies in our energetic field can be
left over from things we are thinking about, or emotions that are not completely processed, or leftovers
from what we are working on spiritually.

You may notice the ocean in the background, peacefully swaying. On the beach, in the sand, there are
different versions of you scattered about. You get the sense that all these beings are thoroughly of
themselves. They are all different focuses, different aspects of you.

While this may seem initially cluttered; Trust that you will have enough time to get to each of them.

You get the sense, that one in particular needs your attention urgently now. It may not look like it,
however, it is a feeling. Perhaps it is something you have neglected to feel for a very long time now. This
piece of you has gone unnoticed for so very long. It is time. It is safe to feel this here today, you are
surrounded by unconditional love, beings who only live in the present moment; there are no grudges,
only true friends.

- Walk around with Eucalyptus and have each person inhale.

We ask that all other aspects of ourselves clear a path for this emotion now. A golden carpet with flower
petals of pure light adorns the path between you and this emotion. We thank all other aspects of
ourselves that we have this pathway of unconditional love to focus.

Allow yourself to feel this moment by releasing your grip on how it must be felt. Walk towards this
emotion. As you step closer, you begin to sense what this emotion is. When you stand in front of it, you
reach out and give it an affectionate hug.

You care, you care so deeply about this part of you. Through hugging this part of you, you become it. You
don't need to act on any urges you feel, you must only be present in your body. Sensing how you feel
from your head, to your shoulders, to your arms, to your abdomen, down your spine, through your
glutes, through your thighs, through your legs, through your feet.

Bask in the quality of this presence of yourself and know that in this moment you are whole. You are
your true self. See a shower of white light rain down upon you, cleansing you.

When you feel ready open your eyes.

Thank you, Ocean, and thank you, guides.