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Teachers� Role in the Community

When considering the scope and importance of education, it is no surprise that its
extend into the realm of everyday life. For teachers, students, and everyday
citizens, this means
that learning and education ought to be present in the world outside of school. It
is thus a large
responsibility of teachers to become involved in education in the world on top of
in the
classroom. This can take many forms. One way in which teachers can become involved
education outside of their own classroom is through professional development. In
teachers may involve themselves in community efforts for education. Finally,
teachers should
stay up to date on the goings on of the educational community in the world today.
in order to better education and the education of the world overall, teachers can
participate in
professional development, volunteer within the community, and remain read on the
events and ideas in today�s world of education.
Professional development is teachers� foremost tool in staying up to date in their
methods. During professional development, teachers may work amongst their
supervisors and
peers in order to discuss their education strategies and curriculums. Thereby,
teachers might
refine their methods and philosophies, hopefully taking positive lessons,
encouragement, and
criticism from their contemporaries. In this way, teachers must be able to put
themselves in the
positions of students, engaging in workshops that require cooperation and openness
in order to
build towards a constructive goal. Teachers may also collaborate with their peers
to set up
common curriculums and strategies that allow students to become more easily
involved and
engrossed within their studies and assignments.
Even farther than simply outside of the classroom, teachers may become involved in
educational programs of the community. They may, for example, volunteer or
participate within social or private efforts that provide lectures or educational
opportunities to
those interested members of the society. An example of this could be lectures or
extra curricular
courses at colleges or community centers for students or other individuals. This
would encourage
everyday people to engage in and become involved with education themselves. It
would also,
hopefully, convey the importance of education and educators in the world to a
greater amount of
people in the world.
A final and oft overlooked means by which teachers can become involved in worldly
education efforts is remaining updated in the current events of education. For
example, educators
should, as all individuals should, read and/or watch some forms of news. In doing
so, teachers
should search for and pay attention to articles concerning education and teachers
in the world, so
as to observe the ideas and strategies employed by the various educational systems
and educators
of different settings and cultures. This would facilitate essentially a global
development process by which teachers might build upon each other�s ideas for the
better of
education as a whole.
Restating, a teacher�s role in education extends beyond their responsibilities in
classroom, in that they must ensure that education is sustained in the world beyond
their own
curriculums, and in order to achieve this, they might participate in professional
provide education to the community, and stay updated on current events in