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Name:Lorenz John Amodia 12-G Date: 8-2-17

Making a critique paper Score:

Critique Paper on “Drainage Grill or Drainage Cover”

The product assigned for us to evaluate is "Drainage Crill or Drainage Cover"We found this product inside
the campus ,it is found in front of automotive shop.It is made by three SMAW students namely Clark
Intong,Stanly Dungog and Lyle Lawaan.

Clark,Stanly and Lyle is a SMAW students in Marigondon National High School (Senior High School
Department) Their Welding teacher is Mr.Jose Lerry Mediana.They have different specialize skills in terms
of welding. But the three of them is very good in interpreting engineering working drawings, standards and
symbols correctly translate these requirements into accurate structures and products.They have a thorough
knowledge and understanding of safe working procedures and personal protection equipment. They need
to gain specific knowledge of a wide range of welding equipment and processes as well as a good working
knowledge of metallurgy. They need to be familiar with electricity and electrical processes.Clark Intong is
very good in joining sections, pipe and plate and fabricate large and small pressure vessels.He prepares,
assembles and joins a wide range of metals and metal alloys using various welding processes including
MMAW (manual metal arc welding), MAGSW (metal arc gas shielded welding), TAGSW (Tungsten arc gas
shielded welding) gas welding and cutting.He use gas, electrical, and gas shielded electrical processes to
join and cut a wide range of materials. He must be able to choose and operate the correct equipment,
process and methodology depending upon the material being joined.While Stanly's specialty is that he is
engaged in using thermal cutting processes and he is able to identify and follow the correct preparation for
joining as applied to the type, thickness and intended use of the joint.He use grinding and cutting
equipment to prepare and finish welded joints. Modern methods of joining, as well as those noted above,
include mechanized processes such as submerged arc, plasma arc, stud welding and laser welding.And
lastly Lyle Lawaan's specialty he is very good in welding of an work in a unit or factory which produces
fabrications and/or structures for industries as diverse as civil engineering, mechanical engineering,
transport, marine engineering, and construction, service and leisure industries. He also have knowledge on
site preparation, construction, and the repair and maintenance of structures within the areas described
above. He can work in many locations and situations, ranging from a bench in a factory, to shipyards,
power stations and off-shore structures in order to inspect and repair gas or oil rig terminals.He also work in
engineering, construction, power generating and petro-chemical plants. The working environment may
include hazardous settings such as the open sea.

Their Product Drainage Grill or Drainage Cover is made up of a metal,a thin metal but a strong one.It is
very reliable and fuctional.Reliable because this product will provide what the student and teachers
needed.Also functional because it is designed to have a practical use and it is working properly.It is
designed to drain something like removing water ir any liquid from a place or a thing.Drainage is the natural
or artificial removal of a surface's water and sub-surface water from an area. The internal drainage of most
agricultural soils is good enough to prevent severe waterlogging (anaerobic conditions that harm root
growth), but many soils need artificial drainage to improve production or to manage water supplies.

A drainage cover or Drainage grill is used to take water away from an area to drain away and typically
installed in driveways and patios.Drainage cover or Drainage grill is usually rectangular in shape.The three
students created atleast 4 Drainage Grill or Cover.For one drainage cover it's length measures 10ft or 120
inches.And it has width that measures 40 cm.The length of all the four drainage grill measures 40ft or 480
inches.They need to be careful to know the exact measurement of the cover.They also know
and estimate the measurement of the drainage to fit the drainage cover or drainage grill into it.To make the
Drainage cover or Drainage grill safety for the students and teachers they use the most effective and
affordable welding rod or electrode which is the "6011" it melt the metal quickly but also it is very effective in
combining or joining two metals.The students do the job anywhere it doesn't matter for them to weld in any
Overall me and my groupmates believe that the work of Stanly Dungog,Clark Intong and Lyle Lawaan is
quite impressive because it benefits the students as well as teachers.Because every rainy days we are
always having a problem when we walk in front of the automotive shop because the water in that area is
making us difficult to go to our shop not just for the SMAW students but also the other people who walk by
in that particular area.Until Clark,Stanly and Lyle made this drainage cover it is easier for us to pass by
thanks to them for making those helpful.We can conlude that Drainage cover or Drainage grill product is
one of the most effective,functional and helpful product ever made by a student.

Word count : 1008

Work Cited: The product assigned to us by Ms.Abris is "Drainage Cover or Drainage Grill" made by three
SMAW students namely Stanly Dungog,Clark Intong and Lyle Lawaan (12-G)