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a) Positioning (G00): G00 X.. Y.. Z.. A.. B.. C..

b) Linear interpolation (G01): G01 X.. Y.. Z..
End point (Absolute (G90) or Incremental (G91)).
c) Circular interpolation (G02/G03):
Plane selection (G17,G18,G19).
Direction of rotation (CW (G02), CCW (G03)).
End point position (Absolute (G90) or Incremental (G91)).
Distance from start point (I,J,K) always incremental value or Arc radius (R).
Feed rate (F) along arc.
Note: In the case that there are two types of arcs, when an arc exceeding 180 º the radius
must be specified with a negative value.


a) Automatic return to reference point (G28):

G28 X.. Y.. Z.. go and set position and go to reference point
Automatic return from a reference point (G29):
G29 X.. Y.. Z.. get position from reference point and go to specified point
b) Reference point return check (G27): This function checks whether or not the programs
returns to the reference point normally.
c) Second reference point return (G30): idem as G28.

Note: In general these commands are used for automatic tool changing, the compensation
should be cancelled before executing these commands.


a) Work coordinate system (G92):

G92 X.. Y.. Z.. set work coordinate system.
b) Plane Selection:
G17: XY plane
G18: XZ plane
G19: YZ plane


a) Absolute and Incremental Programming (G90/G91)

b) Inches and Metric Units (G20/G21)

a) Subprogram definition:
(ISO) :<program number>
(EIA) O<program number>
b) Subprogram call:
M98 Pxxxxxxxx.
The first xxxx (Subroutines repetition times)
The last xxxx (Is the program number)
c) Subprogram End:
M99 Pxxxx
Pxxxx (Is the line number to return)


a) High-speed peck (G73): Drill: Peck / Operation: None / Rapid

b) Left-hand tapping cycle (G74): Drill: Normal / Operation: Dwell, CW / Feed rate to R
c) Fine boring cycle (G76): Drill : Normal / Operation: Oriented spindle, dwell / Rapid
d) Cancel canned cycles (G80): Cancel all drill cycles.
e) Spot drilling cycle (G81): Drill: Normal / Operation: None / Rapid
f) Counter boring cycle (G82): Drill: Normal / Operation: Dwell / Rapid
g) Peck drilling cycle (G83): Drill: Peck rapid / Operation: None / Rapid
h) Tapping cycle (G84): Drill: Normal / Operation: Dwell, spindle CCW / Feed rate to R
i) Boring cycle (G85): Drill: Normal / Operation: None / Feed rate to R
j) Boring cycle (G86): Drill: Normal / Operation: Spindle stop/ Rapid
k) Back boring cycle (G87): Drill Normal /Operation: spindle CW/ Rapid
l) Boring cycle (G88): Drill: Normal / Operation: Dwell, Spindle stop /Rapid
m) Boring cycle (G89): Drill: Normal / Operation: Dwell / Feed rate to R

Canned cycle sequence:

Data format: Absolute (G90) or Incremental (G91)
Rapid positioning of axes X and Y in a initial level
Rapid traverse up to point R
Operation at the bottom of the hole
Retraction to point R (G98)
Rapid traverse up to the initial point (G99)

G (Drill Mode) X, Y (Hole position) Z, R, Q, P, F (Drilling data) K (number of repeats)

Z: Specifies the distance from point R to the bottom of the hole
R: Specifies the distance from the initial level to point R level
Q: Specifies cut-in value (always an incremental value).
P: Specifies the dwell time at the bottom of the hole
F: Specifies the feed rate

a) Tool length offset:

G43: plus side offset G43 Z.. H..
G44: minus side offset G44 Z.. H..
G49: cancel tool length compensation.

Note: G17 Offset axis: Z axis

G18 Offset axis: Y axis
G19 Offset axis: X axis

b) Cutter compensation
G39: Corner offset circular interpolation
G40: Cutter compensation cancel
G41: Cutter compensation left side G41 H..
G42: Cutter compensation right side. G42 H..

c) Programming Data input (G10)

G10 P__ R__
P: Offset number
R: Offset amount

Note: The offset amount is absolute or incremental depending on the G90 or G91


a) Macro instruction:
G65 Hm P#i Q#j R#k
m: indicates macro functions at 01 to 99
#i: variable name to arithmetic result is loaded.
#j: variable name 1 to be operated.
#k: variable name 2 to be operated.

b) Custom macro modal call:

G66 P(program number)

c) Custom macro modal call cancel: G67