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I am addicted to I love fast food I can’t stop biting

my phone. I and snacks. I my fingernails. I

bought two need help. need help.
different iPhones
in the same
month. I need

I don’t like to I can’t stop I can’t stop

shower. My playing shopping online. I
friends say I stink videogames. I buy and buy until
but to me, I smell can play from I run out of
good like a dusk to dawn. I money. I need
garden of roses. I need help. help to stop.
need help.

I can’t stop Alcohol is my Starbucks is my

smoking. I smoke best friend. I can’t second home. I
100 cigarettes a stop drinking. I consume 10 cups
day. I need need help. of espresso every
serious help. day.

I can’t stop talking I am addicted to I pull out my hair

to myself. I need Netflix and every time I am
a friend. Please YouTube. I don’t stressed out. I’m
help me. know how to almost bald now.
socialize with I need help.
others. I need