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Harry Potter and Philosophers stone

- J.K Rowling
By: Hanieline Emana & Korraine Gapuz

Settings of the story

At the age of 11 harry potter lives in his auntie house with her family and that 11 years is a
miserable years for harry. The house look like a typical house in London that magic can’t exist. But most
of the sequence done in Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry, a very different place from his
childhood house it is full of magical thing that you`ll going to be surprise when you actually in that place.

Main Character

Harry James Potter a pure blood in wizardry a beautiful young kid who has a unique
talent and ability, he is also smart in everything that he does. A boy who lived after the deathful
tragedy in the whole ministry that Lord Voldemort cause.

Other Characters

Ronald Weasley, child of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weasley, Ronald is one of the best friends
of harry who has a red hair, blue like sea eyes and a kid who is dumb in magic. Another is
Hermione Granger, a mad blood which mean not born wizard but has magic, she is a very smart
kid who also Harry’s best friend. Albus Dumbledore, head master of Hogwartrs who`s always
look behind harry to protect him against Tom Riddle also known as Lord Voldemort the
Antagonist of the story, he is the who killed Harry Potter`s parent and the one who gave scar to
Harry’s forehead.

Beginning of the story

A boy named Harry Potter who lives in her aunties’ house in #4, Privet drive. Harry just
got his letter from Hogwarts but his uncle refuses him to read the letter in fact, they hide all the
letter that harry got from the same place who send it until one day Sunday exactly where post
wasn`t be given a whole bunch of letter came from the door, even in the chimney and in the
window finally harry got one letter saying that his invited to enroll in Hogwarts but then again
his auntie and uncle object his invitation and Harry expect that because her auntie hates magic
that she doesn`t have, that night a big giant man came in named Hagrid saying that he will get
harry to study in Hogwarts and with that man`s charisma of scaring Harry will going to
Hogwarts to study magic and be a true wizard like his both parents.

Middle part of the story

Harry Potter learned different spells and tricks from his teachers until they find a secret
door that the student is strictly forbidden, Hermione put a trick in the door luck so it would be
open and when they get inside they saw a giant dog with 3 head sleeping and it actually hiding
something in his feet and they ran as fast as they can and puss the door to locked it and when
they`re back at the Gryffindor’s barracks Hermione come up in to the idea that the dog was
actually guarding something. The three partially forgot what happen in that room because they
focus in Harry being a seeker in Quidditch game in Gryffindor’s team, while harry is in the game
his broom actually being abnormal and when Hermione observe to the audience she saw
Professor snape jinxing the broom but in fact Professor Quirrell does it.
End of the Story

Harry, Hermione and Ron are actually thinks that Professor Snape is the one who aims
what that giant dog guarding, they decided that they’re going to find out what’s inside before
Snape comes first, they sneak out and get entered without them seeing with Harry’s cloak of
invincibility and when they get in in the room they find the dog just fall to a deep sleep cause by
the music of the harp behind them and with that totally knew that someone is already get inside
and their ready to find out, they jump in a small hole under feet of the dog then they fall in a
Devil Snare a root like thing that when you move or show some panicking it will just kill you
faster so the three just relax and the Devil Snare just release the automatically. Devil Snare drop
them in to a room full of keys that actually have wings they jump in to the next door and find the
door locked they put a spell in it but didn`t work out in that case they must get the key which is
the very old key in the a bunch of flying keys, after they got the key they found themselves in a
room of human size chessboard and they played chess to cross over to the another room, but Ron
just sacrifice himself and get hurt that`s why only harry alone jump to another room because
Hermione need to take care of Ron and call for some help. Harry saw Professor Quirrell a
stuttering teacher in Hogwarts and he found out that Quirrell is the one who wants to kill him in
the Quidditch game not Snape who actually saving him, Harry also found out that Quirrell is a
spy of lord Voldemort against Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort is actually lives in Quirrell head and
getting startied to form a body using Quirrell but harry didn’t trigger that emotions he fight
voldemort using the Philosophers stone that magically found in Harry`s pocket that makes
Voldemort and Quirrell in to ashes.
What was the problem in the story and how was it solved?

The main problem in the story is Lord Voldemort who wants the Philosophers stone to
reincarnate his body and straight but Harry Potter is there to destroy his plan and make him
suffer to what he did wrong.

What we learn in the story

We learned in the story on how friends support you to any good things that you`re
actually up to and not be so imprudent on something and also know how not to be obsesses in
any circumstances.

Main Idea of the story

The main idea of the story is Harry being a trustful friend and student and how they find
powers in to a good thing not for being selfish on what you already have but be thankful and use
it in responsible way.