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Hanieline V.


Metabolic Diseases Pathophysiology Product that can trigger


Galactosemia - Means “galactose in the blood” is a rare - Milk and all foods
inherited condition. People with that contain milk.
galactosemia have problems digesting a
type of sugar called galactose from the
food they eat. Because they cannot break
galactose down properly, it builds up in
their blood.

- Is a metabolic condition in which the body - Mushrooms, algae

lacks an enzyme called trehalase and is not and insects.
Trehalase deficiency able to convert trehalose, a disaccharide - Manufactured food
(sugar composed of two monosaccharides) products,
into glucose (sugar composed of one medications, and
monosaccharide). cosmetics.

- Deficiency is a condition that prevents the - Large amount of

Carnitine-acylcarnitine body from converting certain fats called Carbohydrate like
translocase deficiency long-chain fatty acids into energy, (bread, pasta, fruit,
particularly during periods without food vegetables, etc.)
(fasting). Carnitine, a natural substance
acquired mostly through the diet, is used
by cells to process fats and produce energy.
People with this disorder have a faulty
transporter that disrupts carnitine's role in
processing long-chain fatty acids