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PT Tritunggal Arthamakmur

Importer, Manufacturer, Agent of Specialty Chemical

Address: www.triarth.com Technical Sales Executive

Raya Darmo Permai Utara 48-50 Adinanda Condrowibowo
Surabaya 60266 Phone 085 101 929 089

Product List
No Principle Items Function
1 TFM - IDN TFM Value Added Product, TFM Cake Gel, Bread Improver, Bread Softener,
OEM Product Baking Powder, Emulsifier, SP, Ovalet,
Premix Meat Ball, Batter Mix, Chicken
Breader, Soaking, Marinate with wide
range of application in biscuit, meat
processing, noodle, pangsit, siomay,
lunpia kulit / wrapper, ketchup, sauce, jam
2 Kohjin (JPN) AromaMild, AromaWay, Ajitop, Yeast Extract BASE+D40, Taste and
Ajirex, Ajirex NH Mouthfeel Enchancer, Antioxidant, Natural
MSG Replacer
3 Dohler (GER) Food flavor, Juice Concentrate, Flavor enhancer, fruity beverage and
Dried Fruit, Malt Extract Liquid & juices, mouthfeel, natural coloring and
Powder, Chocomalt Crunchy sweetener
4 Kimika (JPN) Sodium Alginate Stabilizer, thickener
5 Marubeni (JPN) Glucona Delta Lactone Acidulant in Tofu processing
6 DOW (Thailand site) Propylene Glycol Emulsifier
7 Pontes - BRA Carnauba Wax Powder Glazing in sprinkle - hard candy
8 IDN Desicated Coconut, Santan Topping
9 Sunopta (USA) Soybean, Soybean Powder, Tahu (Tofu), Tempe, Bakery, Yoghurt,
Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Mayonaise, Topping, Snack, Soy Milk.
Sunflower with or non shell
10 Wacker (USA) Cavamax W8 Curcumin Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
11 AgriMark (USA) WPC 80, Whey Permeate Protein source, substitute milk powder
and cheese powder
12 PURAC (USA) Lactic Acid, Calcium Lactate Acidulant, Calcium Source
13 Kikkoman (USA) Soaking Agent Free phosphate STPP
14 Rusia BHT Preservative
15 DOW EDTA Preservative
16 Hang Zhou (CHN) Gelatin bloom 150, 200, 225 Soft Candy, Jelly Candy
17 CHN Refined Carageenan Powder, Stabilizer, Thickener
Refined Konjac

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