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Class: 8

Text book: English For Today

Number of students: 30
Time allocation: 45 min
Required materials: Textbook and general classroom materials.
Method: Grammar Translation Methods (GTM)
Objectives: By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to fluent in
-Reading -Writing
Techniques: -Translation -Reading Comprehension
-Vocabulary -Questions/answers
-Antonyms/Synonyms -Fill in the blanks
-Grammar -Memorization
Interactions: -mostly T-S

Lesson Plan
Lesson Time Stage Aim Procedure Interaction
: Our
Ethnic 3m Warm-up To make Ss more - Greeting & T-Ss
Friends comfortable. introduction.
- Telling a story related
with the topic/
summarizes the
previous class.
- Declaration of the
Activity 1 To be able to - T will say Ss new
12m translate from vocabulary items.
Translation one language -Some randomly
of a literary into another. chosen Ss collectively T-Ss
passage  To developed will read the passage Ss-T
reading and and translate into
Vocabulary writing skills. Bengali.
- T will ask Ss write
out answer to reading
passage questions.
- T will decide whether
an answer is correct or
10m Activity 2 Helpful for mental - T will ask Ss to find T-Ss
Antonyms exercise/drill Ss. synonyms for a
particular set of words.
Fill in the - T will give Ss T-Ss
gaps sentences with word
12m Activity 4 To learn about the - T will present
grammar rules of grammar rules e.g.
Grammar the target verbs with examples. T-Ss
language. - T will ask the Ss to Ss-T
memorize grammar
- Then T will ask the
Ss to apply the rules on
examples they are
3m Warp-up  To engage Ss at - T will instruct Ss to T-Ss
Writing home. write a dialogue in the
target language as
home work.