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Saudi Arabian Sensing Solution

Company Limited. (SASSCO)

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Company Limited. (SASSCO)

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S audi Arabian Sensing Solutions Company Limited

(SASSCO) is a wholly owned entity of AN A. Tamimi Group
Projects and Services Division.
SASSCO is a leading player in instrument design, supply, installation
testing, commissioning and calibration services in Saudi Arabia.
SASSCO was established to deliver unique and world class solutions
to customers and users and serve their sensing needs within the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SASSCO is backed by a team of highly
skilled professional sales and service personnel. The consulting
experience of the sales staff comes from their rich experience and
training, along with their commitment and dedication
SASSCO offers calibration, repair, and training
facilities from its center of excellence in
Dammam, KSA. The well equipped calibration
lab and its certified factory trained service
personnel facilitate maintenance back up service
and swift and efficient after sales support. Our
facility is designed to offer state of the art
calibration equipment for flow, pressure,
temperature, electrical and moisture sensors
and is the only resource in the region capable of
calibrating the GE Panametrics range of
moisture meters. Apart from this SASSCO offers
ONSITE instrumentation Calibration services
and support to local and international EPC SASSCO delivers unique and world class
contractors in project erection and installation solutions to customers and users and
services. serves their sensing needs within Kingdom
You can count on SASSCO for fast, reliable and of Saudi Arabia. SASSCO is backed by a
affordable instrument calibration services. team of professional sales and service
SASSCO also offers testing services for personnel. The consulting experience of the
Pressure relief valves in Saudi Arabia. Sales staff comes from their enriched
experience, training, along with their
commitment and dedication.
With more than 60 years of experience, Biffi is a Electro-hydraulic solutions
recognized market leader in delivering reliable and Both basic and smart electro-hydraulic solutions
safe actuation and control solutions with proven use a self-contained power unit to operate and
expertise in solving the most demanding valve control the actuators allowing high torque, high
automation needs of oil and gas , power, processing speed modulating and/or fail-safe action.
and water industry operators.
- Standard electro-hydraulic actuators
Biffi's focus on technology provides increasingly
smart systems to control and monitor valves and - Custom made electro-hydraulic actuators
allows us to offer both standard and custom made with accumulator
- Smart electro-hydraulic actuators.
In-house and fully integrated design, manufacturing
Compact actuators
and testing facilities guarantee the highest quality
standards of every Biffi product, which is individually Biffi compact actuators are the ideal solution
torque and performance tested. where space is limited

Low pressure actuators - Compact quarter-turn pneumatic and

hydraulic actuators
All low pressure actuators are available in double-
acting and spring return versions for any quarter turn
- Compact linear hydraulic actuators.
or linear valve.
Quick acting actuators
- Scotch yoke actuators
This family of special fail-safe pneumatic and
- Heavy duty rack and pinion actuators
hydraulic actuators enhances the safety of your
- Linear actuators plant

- Helical slot
- Quick acting pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-
High pressure actuators
hydraulic actuators
Biffi has been a major supplier of pipeline/direct gas
E lectric actuators
and gas-over-oil actuators for high pressure
applications for over five decades. Biffi offers a wide range of smart electric
actuators for quarter and multi-turn applications.
- Scotch yoke actuators

- Direct gas/Gas over oil actuators - Multi-turn actuators

- Heavy duty rack and pinion actuators - Quarter-turn actuators - Electric fail-safe
- Linear actuators
Swan was founded in January 1991 by a group
of engineers. It has been concentrating Its
efforts on the development and manufacturing
of process analytical instruments for monitoring
water quality. SWAN sets the standard for the
control of many water quality parameters.
The current product portfolio ranges from
ultrapure water, feedwater, steam and
condensate monitoring as well as potable water
and industrial water treatment up to swimming Hydrazine, Portable instruments, AMI Inspectors
pool and sanitary water applications.
Precision, reliability and a determination For
excellence are qualities which make SWAN an
ideal partner for you.

SWAN Product Range:

High Purity & Pharma Water Trace Silica Ultra
Low, Total Organic Carbon, Ozone,
Trace Turbidity
Potable. Pool & Sanitary Water
Turbidity, Non-contact Turbidity
High Chlorine, Combined Chlorine
Chlorine, pH/Redox, SAC UV 254
Phosphate, Oxygen, Conductivity,

Feedwater, Steam & Condensate

Cation conductivity (CACE) i mw <//.///

Degassed Acid Conductivity Trace

Oxygen, Sodium Sodium (Active
Trace Sodium, Trace Silica
Silica, High Level Phosphate, pH/Redox
Research & development is a vital source of
ABB's technology leadership. ABB
constantly builds on the foundation of
existing technologies for new applications
and continues to develop the breakthrough
technologies needed to meet the challenges
of the future.
ABB's measurement and analytical products
provide world-class measurement solutions
to make it easier for you to run your plant.
ABB flowmetering technology is used to
solve sub-sea monitoring problems right at ABB flow measurement
the source. It is a proven and reliable solution flowmeters Thermal mass flowmeters Liquid
for measuring flow, pressure and and Gas flow computers Natural gas
temperature at extreme depths in sub-sea chromatographs ABB natural gas
applications. measurement Flow computers Remote
ABB flowmeters are helping Riyadh city to Terminal Units (RTUs)
cut leakage in its water distribution network Liquid level sensors
by approximately 40 percent. The flowmeters Wireless 10 for remote systems
were repeatedly selected for their API 21.1 compliant gas host system
outstanding accuracy and performance. ABB pressure measurement
Absolute gauge and differential pressure
Multivariable transmitters
Interface level /density transmitters
Pressure measurement remote seals
Pressure measurement accessories
Universal temperature sensors
High temperature sensors

Electromagnetic flowmeters Vortex and swirl

flowmeters Differential pressure flowmeters
Variable area flowmeters Coriolis mass
The Kaye product range is designed to meet
the most demanding industrial requirements
for process improvement, validation, and
reporting. Specializing in providing turnkey
system solutions and supporting them with
unmatched technical service, we offer a
complete range of temperature standards,
baths, thermocouples and fittings, all
designed to provide the most accurate
process measurement available. The Kaye
product range is relied upon by the worlds
Dry Well, HTR & LTR Series Uniform Dry
leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology
Wells, IRTD 400 Intelligent RTD Secondary
companies to validate and monitor critical
Standard, Kaye Validator, Kaye Validator
sterilization processes as required by
ITMS, Kaye ValProbe, Kaye RF ValProbe,
governing regulatory bodies.
LabWatch Monitoring, Alarming & Reporting
System, LP 1000 Differential Pressure Gauge,
Netpac Distributed I/O, Pressure Vessel
Feedthru, Thermal Validation Seminar Series,
Thermocouple - Premium, Thermocouple -
UltraPremium, TruTemp High Speed Data

Kaye Product Range£TR Series Uniform

Liquid Baths, Digi 4 Plus Process
Management System, FTR Series Portable
Bettis, based in Waller, Texas has been

scotch yoke actuators since 1929.

Bettis was acquired by Emerson in 1999.
CBA300 Pneumatic Valve Actuator A pneumatic
actuator that combines the strengths of the G-series
actuator and is compact, lightweight, efficient &
economical GTD Scotch Yoke Valve Actuator A
highly unique and reliable actuator for operating ball,
butterfly or plug valves along with louvers, dampers
and other 90-degree rotating mechanisms.
NG-Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator! Independently
tested for LOCA, meets IEEE382 I Standards,
seismic and various aging processes required for
nuclear criteria.!
RPE-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

A tough, reliable rack and pinion actuator I for

countless process applications. Compact ! and

lightweight, suitable tight piping ! configurations.

Available in 13 sizes. !
Q-Series VOS with Pneumatic rack & pinion l A
turnkey valve operating system with pneumatic Rack
and pinion actuator, controls and mounting brackets
Saudi Arabian Sensing Solution
Company Limited. (SASSCO)
Company Profile for Services
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Saudi Arabian Sensing Solutions and swift and efficient after sales
Company Limited (SASSCO) is a support. Our facility is designed to
Wholly owned Tamimi Group offer state-of-the-art calibration
company. SASSCO was established standards for pressure, temperature,
to deliver unique and world class electrical and moisture sensors and is
solutions to customers and users and the only resource in the region
serve their sensing needs within capable of calibrating the GE
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SASSCO is Panametrics range of moisture
backed by a team of professional meters.
sales and service personnel. The Apart from this SASSCO offers
consulting experience of the Sales instrumentation calibration services
staff comes from their enriched and supports to international EPC
experience, training, along with their contractors in project erection and
commitment and dedication. installation services.

SASSCO is an ISO 17025 Accredited

SASSCO offers Service, Calibration Calibration Laboratory, making us
Repair, and training facilities from the only facility in the region to offer
its center of excellence. The well a fully traceable calibration. Our
equipped Calibration laboratory and routine traceable calibration of your
its certified factory trained service instrument ensures your process
personnel facilitate maintenance measurements are correct,
back up service documented and ISO-compliant.
Saudi Arabian Sensing Solution
Company Limited. (SASSCO)
Quality System and Accreditation

Our Quality System has

been written and
implemented in-line with
the requirements of
Organization for
Standardization ISO
17025 in order to
demonstrate our ability to
consistently provide
services and calibration
which meets our
customer and other
applicable requirements.
Our quality system is
designed also to enhance
customer satisfaction
through effective
application of the system,
including processes for
continual improvements
and the assurance of
conformity to customers.
Saudi Arabian Sensing
Solutions Company
Limited (SASSCO) is an
ISO/I EC 17025:2005
Accredited Calibration
Laboratory. Apart from
the accreditation, we are
also an approved service
and calibration provider
in the field of
petrochemical, power, oil,
gas and water
ISO/I EC 17025 : 2005 Accreditation Certificate.: LB-044

SAUDI Vendor 100

ARAM Vendor
ID: 504
CO Vendor
ID: 200
ID: 617
MARA Vendor
or ID: 267
FIQ Contract
ID: 367
or ID: 2
Calibration & Service
Calibration Capabilities

SASSCO calibration laboratory is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipments to provide
calibration and repair of test and measuring instruments ranging from the simplest meter to the most
complex. Our reference standards provides the resources you
need for the traceability of your instruments.

Moisture Standard Moisture Capabilities

Optica-Chilled Mirror (-80 °Cto M2-probe (3/4" thread O-ring seal)
10 °C Dewpoint) VeriDri Transmitter
M2-probe on TF2 Mount
Pressure Standards RTE Probe
Hydraulic Piston Gauge (72,000 psi) MIS Probe

Pneumatic Piston Gauge (1,000 psi) High Speed and more ...
Digital Pressure Controller
Differential Pressure Cell and Null Indicator Pressure Capabilities
Advance Modular Calibrator
Air Data Test Set (ADTS)

Electrical Standards
Pressure Gauges, Recorders Digital Pressure Indicator
Reference Multimeter Pressure Transmitter
Multi-Product Calibrator Vacuum / Absolute Gauge
Timer/Counter/Analyzer Dead Weight Testers
AC/DC KV Amplifier Hydraulic / Pneumatic Calibrators
AC/DC High Voltage Divider Safety Valve / Transducer
TTR Calibration Standard Precision Multimeter and more ...

Precision Resistance Box Temperature Standards

Platinum Resistance Thermometer Dry Block Calibrator

Temperature Calibrator

Calibration & Service
Calibration Capabilities

Dimensional Electrical Capabilities

Grade 00 Gauge Block Set Multimeter, Clamp Meter
Digimatic Caliper egger, Insulation Tester
Digimatic Micrometer
Document Calibrators
Hipot Testers, High Voltage Test Set
Mass Transformer Test Set
Precision Analytical Balance Digital Top Loading
Balance Digital Platform Balance Analytical Weight Primary Current Injection Test Set Process / Loop
Set Calibrators Earth Tester / Relay Test Set Power
Power Meter, Voltage-Current Injector Signal /
Function Generator
Dimensional Capabilities Oscilloscopes
and more ...

Dial Indicators, Calipers Inside/Outside Micrometer

Rods Temperature Capabilities

Bi-metal thermometers, RTD's

Mass Capabilities Dry Block Calibrator
mass set, balances Thermocouples, Oil Baths
Graduated Cylinders, Burrette Recorders, Calibrators
Controllers, Indicators Temperature Transmitters
and more....
Field Service Capabilities
Testing and Commissioning of GE-Panametrics
Products / Repair and Troubleshooting (Ultrasonic
Flow Meter-Liquid application) (Ultrasonic Flow
Meter-Gas application (Coriolis Flow Meters)
(Moisture Analyzer)
(Oxygen Analyzer)
(Hydrogen analyzer)

________________ A
Calibration & Service
On- Site Service and Calibration

Calibration Services provided through SASSCO's Center of Excellence program include on-site
calibration and repair services, testing and commissioning activities on many third party sensing
products with trained field engineers.

Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Coriolis type Flowmeter
Portable Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flowmeter
and more ....

Panametrics Moisture Image Series-1 Analyzer
Panametrics Moisture Monitor Series-Ill
Panametrics Moisture Target Series-5

and more.... I

Oxygen Analyzer Hydrogen Analyzer Thermal Conductivity Analyzer and more.... !

Digital Pressure Controller Pressure Calibrators
Advance Modular Calibrator High Speed
Pressure Controller Deadweight Tester DP type
pressure transmitter

Saudi Sensing Solutions, Dammam, 31952,

Saudi Arabia, P.O. Box 31283 Phone: +966 13
887 4855 Fax: +966 13 887 4857 Email: