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World Scout Bureau Global Support Centre, Geneva

Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme Centre de Soutien Global, Genève

10 April 2018

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World Scout Bureau Global Support Centre, Geneva

Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme Centre de Soutien Global, Genève

10 April 2018

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This is a list of Academic Reports, Studies and other Voici une liste de textes académiques, études et
Research Documents on Scouting that have been documents de recherche sur le Scoutisme qui ont été
published and of which the World Scout Bureau (WSB) publiés et qui sont connus du Bureau Mondial du
know of. Scoutisme (BMS).

With the exception of the documents published in A l’exception des documents publiés en association avec
association with the WSB, the inclusion of an le BMS, l'inclusion d'un travail académique indépendant
independent academic work in this list does not imply in dans cette liste n'implique pas de quelque façon son
any way its endorsement by the WSB. We decline approbation par le BMS. Nous déclinons toute
responsibility for these documents. responsabilité quant à la publication de ces documents.

Persons who wish to obtain a copy of the study must Les personnes qui souhaitent obtenir une copie d’un
contact the University or the organization concerned as texte doivent communiquer avec l'Université ou
we do not hold copies. l'organisation concernée, car nous n’avons pas de copie.

If you wish to add your own academic work in the list, Si vous souhaitez ajouter votre propre travail
please send it to us including the necessary information. académique dans la liste, veuillez s'il vous plaît nous
l’envoyer, y compris les informations nécessaires.

http://scout.org/node/6304 http://scout.org/node/6304

Title of the published work / Author / Date of publication Titre de l’ouvrage publié / Auteur(e) / Date de
/ University or other Organization, city, country / Name publication / Université ou autre Organisation, ville,
of Director of Study (Professor, Supervisor) / Abstract / pays / Nom du(de la) professeur(e) ) / Un court résumé
Contact e-mail (if any) / Download (if any) / Contact par courriel (s’il y a lieu) / Télécharger
document (s’il y a lieu)

by language and chronological – works published in association with the World Scout Bureau see end of list
par langue et chronologique – travaux publiés en association avec le Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme en fin de liste




A Study of Adolescent Boys / Elizabeth Douvan / 1955 / Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, the
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. / Supervisor: Stephen B. Withey / for Boy Scouts of America, New
Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. (In English) (183 pages)
A report of a national survey of boys in the fourteen to sixteen year age range as a whole; and who are the
boys that do and don’t belong to organizations.

A Study of Explorer Nomenclature / June 1957 / Audience Research, Inc. Princetown, New Jersey, U.S.A. / for Boy
Scouts of America, United States. (In English) (16 pages)
Objective of the study was to test the suitability of various titles for Explorer adult leaders and junior leaders
and of alternatives to the designation “Post” for Explorer Groups. Summary of the Findings.

Report of the Scout Citizenship Project - Final Report / March 1959 / Boy Scouts of America, New Brunswick,
New Jersey, U.S.A. (In English) (353 pages)
Planning a Citizenship Project according to the Project Method / The role of the Boy in Citizenship Projects.

A Summary of a Study of Boy Scouts and their Scoutmaster / January 1960 / Survey Research Center, Institute
for Social Research, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. / for Boy Scouts of America, New
Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. (In English) (A summary page 293 to p. 321)
Boys and Scoutmasters Personal Characteristics / Activities and programs.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


The Social and Psychological Development of Six to Ten-Year-Old Boys – A Review of Research and Theory
/ July 1963 / Robert D. Hess / University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. / for Boy Scouts of America, United
States. (In English) (98 pages).
Psychological issues in children’s development / Models and masculinity / Values and attitudes / Interests and
leisure / Gangs, Groups and social interaction.

Cub Scouting – Practices and Attitudes in Packs and Dens / August 1964 / Opinion Research Corporation,
Princetown, New Jersey, U.S.A. / A survey for National Council, Boy Scouts of America, United States. (In English)
(242 pages)
A Study of Cub Scouting as seen and practiced by Cub-Masters, Den Mothers, Den Chiefs and Cub Scouts.

The Advance Party Report 1966 / February 1966 / The Boy Scouts Association (now The Scout Association), United
Kingdom. (In English) (435 pages).
Research into the Scout Movement. Recommendations concerning the future of the Scout Movement.

Survey of Volunteer – Professional Manpower Utilization and Relationships at Local Levels in the Boy
Scouts of America / 1966 / Booz, Allen & Hamilton Inc., New York, U.S.A. / for the National Council, Boy Scouts of
America, New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. (In English) (89 pages)
A broad perspective of Scouting as a volunteer Movement with Professional Guidance.

Is Scouting in tune with the times? / Daniel Yankelovich Inc. / July 1968. A research Report conducted for Boy
Scouts of America, New Brunswick, NJ, U.S.A. (In English) (162 pages).
How relevant is Scouting to the needs and desired of American boys today?

A Public Opinion Survey Concerning the Boy Scouts / April 1969 / Elliott Research Corporation Limited, Toronto,
Canada / for Boy Scouts of Canada, Greater Toronto Region, Canada. (In English)
Image of Scouting. Attitude towards the Boy Scout organization. Scout uniform. Leaders. Parents. Financial

“What every Scouter has to know about socialization” / Dr. Raphael Helanko Ph. D., Professor, Turku University,
Finland / 1969. Doc. Ref. 69/T/0E/SOC/1 (In English) (9 pages)
How to guide young people to socialization as learning process.

A Study of Rover Scouting & Ranger Guiding in India / R.P. Kathuria and J.S. Grewal / 1969 / Regional College of
Education, Bhopal-13 (M.P.) / Under the auspices of the National Council of Educational Research & Training, New
Delhi / For The Bharat Scouts & Guides, India. (In English) (16 pages)
Study carried out at the Regional Samagan of Rovers and Rangers in order to make the Scouting programmes
more effective and meaningful in the changed situations.

Philippine Youth Study, Volume I: Findings of research project / Boy Scouts of the Philippines / 1971. (In
English) (143 pages).
Develop a comprehensive picture of the typical Filipino Youth in the age range 7-19 so as to provide the Boy
Scouts of the Philippines with concrete bases for drawing up its future policies and programs. Study of the image of
and attitude towards boy Scouting.

Philippine Youth Study, Volume (III) II: Boy Scout Report / Boy Scouts of the Philippines. (In English) (25
This is the second of the two major research projects. The country’s leading citizens in various fields were
broght together to discuss their ideas and opinions of Philippines’ Society at the turn of the century. To determine the
activities, interests, concerns, enjoyments, and involvements of the youth in their community of residence and in the
larger society.

Report of a Study of Gerakan Pramuka, The Indonesian Boy and Girl Scout Movement, 4 th to 30th March
1973 / Completed by Department of Social Development and Home Affairs, Department of Education, and P.N.G.
Scout Association, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / Published April 1973. (In English) (49 pages)
Significant advance were made in the Gerakan Pramuka, both in terms of membership and of programme of
activities oriented towards the aspirations of the country. As P.N.G. approaches self-government and independence, it
was felt that a first hand look at Indonesian Scouting, especially the programme may provide some pointers to solving
some of P.N.G. problems that will arise and assist in the development of a relevant youth programme.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


Under Eight Activity – An in-depth investigation into many aspects of Under Eight Activity with particular
reference to a possible future involvement by The Scout Association / Andrew J. Wellbeloved / October 1975 /
The Scout Association, Gilwell Park, United Kingdom. (In English) (148 pages)
Examine the possibility of a Scout provision for children under eight years of age.

Member Involvement in Policy Formulation / by P.D. Golden / March 1976 / The Scout Association of Australia.
(In English) (21 pages).
Surveys the literature (research and opinion) relating to the organization members in the formulation of
organization policy with particular attention to literature that are relevant to the question of increasing the
involvement of members of The Scout Association of Australia.

Scouting: An Adaptable Non-Formal Education Alternative To Promote Development Among Chilean Youth
/ Luis E. Gonzalez / 1982 / Harvard University, United States, Graduate School of Education / Supervising Committee:
Lascelles Anderson, Russell Davis, Noel McGinn and Ernesto Schiefelbein. (In English)
This study analyzes one of these youth movements, The Chilean Association of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, in
order to determine its ability to promote a particular model of development.

Youth Expectations Survey – Report and Analysis / May 1983 / The Scout Association of Australia in co-operation
with the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Queensland, Australia. (In English) (57 pages and
Appendices +70 pages)
Images and attitudes held by young people, their parents and the community of the major youth organisations
that serve it. Expectations held of the Scout Movement by young people joining the Movement, their parents, the
community, Scout Leaders.

Scouting as an instrument of participation development of faith and peace – Contribution to the

International Youth Year / August 1984 / International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS). (In English) (100
World Organization of the Scout Movement brings programmes in line with the aims of the International Youth
Year / Participation of young people, priority of development, promotion of peace / Education and preparation of young
people for adult life in the community.

Report on Research into the Scout Movement Stage One: The Qualitative Research / December 1986 / FDS
(Market Research) Ltd., London / for The Scout Association, United Kingdom. (In English) (89 pages)
Research into the ‘image’ of Scouting. Children’s Leisure Activities / Children’s Organisations / Non-member
Boys and Girls and the Scout Movement / Parents of non-members and the Scout Movement / Parents of Scouts and
the Scout Movement.

Report on Research into the Scout Movement Stage Two: Quantitative Research / March 1987 / FDS (Market
Research) Ltd., London / for The Scout Association, United Kingdom. (In English) 151 pages)
Research into the ‘image’ of Scouting. Establish attitudes and opinion of the Scout Movement among the
general adult public, current members of the Movement, non-members of the Movement of relevant ages.

The Spiritual Dimension of Baden-Powell’s Work and Within the History of the World Conference – La
dimension spirituelle chez Baden-Powell et dans l’Histoire des Conférences Mondiales / Mario Sica / 1987 /
International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS)
Scouting and religion arouses debate. Scouting and religion has required Baden-Powell posed the question of
religious training opportunities within Scouting. What was the idea of religion that Baden-Powell got ? – Scoutisme et
religion suscite le débat et posa la question de la formation religieuse dans le Scoutisme. Quelle est l’idée de la religion
qu’en a Baden-Powell ?

Learning from Experience – Lessons for the Development of Scouting in Ethnic Communities / A report of
the Islamic Scout Development Project (1987–1990) / Mr. Yamin Khan, Mr. John Gelder, Dr Tony Agathangelou –
Members of the Islamic Scout Development Project Management Group / © The Scout Association, United Kingdom,
July 1990. (In English) (95 pages)
Develop Scouting in Muslim and All Ethnic Communities.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


A Study of the Problems faced by the Uganda Scouts Association that Affect the Youth Programme / Gabriel
Kibirige Kalungi / 1992 / Makerere University Kampala, Uganda / Supervisor: Mr. J.L.P. Okiria – Iriso. (In English) (97
Background on Scouting in Uganda. Investigation, analysis and suggestions to overcome these problems.

The Use of Surveys by the Scout Movement – An International Overview / Peter F. Hutton, London, United
Kingdom / Paper Presented to the Wapor Conference, 21 September 1995, The Hague, Netherlands. (In English) (14
Inquiry to establish what research has been undertaken, why it had been commissioned, what was done
differently as a result of the research findings. Countries covered by this inquiry: Australia, Belgium, Canada,
Denmark, Eire, Great Britain, Netherlands, Sweden and United States of America.

A Year in the Life of a Cub Scout… Boy Scout… Venturer – Strengthening Youth, Families, and
Neighborhoods / 1998 / A National Program-Outcomes Study conducted by Louis Harris & Associates, Inc., New
York, U.S.A. / for Boy Scouts of America, United States. (In English) (32 pages).
A comprehensive understanding of the beliefs and attitudes held by men and boys in America.

The International Dimension of Scouting in the United Kingdom: Evolution and Evaluation / David Gareth
Alcock / 1st September 1999 / University of Leeds, United Kingdom/ Supervisor Mr. David Clarke. (In English) (76
The study assesses the changing nature of international attitudes within the UK Scout Movement, prior to an
evaluation of the character and effectiveness of its contemporary.

Boy Scouts of America Summer Camp Outcomes Study / 2001 / Harris Interractive, U.S.A. / for Boy Scouts of
America, United States. (In English) (24 pages)
Background and Methodology. Findings from Parents of Scouts. Findings from Scout Leaders. Provide a
programme that comprehensively addresses the important elements of healthy youth development. Prepare young
people to achieve their full portential for happy and productive lives.

Volunteer – Outcomes Study / 2003 / Harris Interractive, U.S.A. / for Boy Scouts of America, United States. (In
English) (20 pages)
How Scout volunteering affects the lives of adults? Do volunteers gain positive outcomes in their lives from
giving time each week to the Scouting program? This study uncovers some key areas where volunteering for the
Scouts has a positive impact: Personal Values and Traits. Communication Skills. Relationship Skills. Survival and
Outdoor Skills. Management and Leadership Skills.

Values of Americans – A Study of Ethics and Character / May 2005 / Harris Interractive, U.S.A. / for Boy Scouts
of America Youth and Family Research Center, United States. (In English) (57 pages)
With corporate ethics being questioned and the media reporting unethical individual acts, one wonders what
values are important to Americans today. Do they still hold the same ethics and values as they did 10 years ago, or
have values of our society changed?

A Critical Analysis of the South African Scout Association by 2025 : A Barometer of the Futures of Youth
Development in South Africa / L.W. van der Laan / 25 October 2006 / Presented to the Institute for Future
Research of the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa / Supervisor: Prof. A. Roux. (In English) (103 pages)
This study is in the form of a critical analysis of the Scout Movement in South Africa as a member of the World
Organization of the Scout Movement. The history, ethos and strategic direction of Scouting offers an insight into its
possible futures by way of the foresight process. A system analysis in terms of the Biomatrix systems theory critically
analyses the environment of the Scouts entity system and identifies its most pressing problems and co-factors of the
problems. A demographic analysis puts into perspective, the extent of membership and the possible influence
HIV/AIDS will have on this critical aspect of the organisation. Quantitative and qualitative forecasts of membership
data extending back to 1929, offers insights into the dynamics of membership and their possible extents by 2025.

Strategic Plan Research 2006-2010 – Reaching the Next Multicultural Generation – Reaching Generation X
and Millennial Parents / 2007 / Boy Scouts of America, United States. (In English) (24 pages).
This research outlines the key findings from two national studies. The BSA National Office is using these
findings to ensure that barriers to joining a Scout program are minimized or eliminated so that all youth can receive
the life-long benefits of being a Scout.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


Scouts in Europe – Results of a survey carried out among the Rover scouts at Roverway in 2006 / July 2007
/ Conducted by Istituto degli Innocenty, Firenze, Italy. (In English) (64 pages)
Download: http://www.istitutodeglinnocenti.it/
Collecting the opinions of young men and women, who have committed to follow a specific educational path
proposing certain values and ideas, can give an insight into their thoughts, ideas, desires, hopes and fears and help
understand how their view of life is changing. It is obviously very important and useful to get to know the feelings and
opinions of these young Europeans: in particular, their view on Europe and the structure of the European Union.

The Morgan Inquiry Report / An independent inquiry into young adult volunteering in the United Kingdom /
Ran from early 2008 to June 2008. (In English). For more information, please contact The Scout Association, U.K.
Study shows that volunteering should be better recognized.

How has the image of the Scout Movement changed over the last century? / Chris Greaves-Stocker /
2009 / University College Plymouth St Mark and St John, United Kingdom / Professor: Brian Hoskin. (In English) (46
pages). Contact: greavito@hotmail.com
The research looked at two images of the Scout Movement taken from either end of the century of Scouting
and explored whether the Movement itself has changed fundamentally or whether it is the image of the Movement that
has changed. The dissertation discusses a range of literature, which explores both the analytical framework of the
research and the importance of an understanding of the visual within culture and the messages images portray within
society. A number of visual methodologies were used to analyse the images and their messages. These included
semiotic analysis and visual theoretical frameworks that can be employed when exploring the meaning behind visual
images. The conclusion drawn was that whilst the image of the Scout movement has changed over the century the
culture, ethos and principles have not changed fundamentally.

World Scouting and Catholic Social Teaching in the 21st Century: A Wonderful Partnership / Marilyn J. Deery
/ April 2010 / The University of Western Ontario at St. Peter's Seminary, London, Canada - Master of Theological
Studies degree / Supervisor: Bart Jan Pennink. (In English) (51 pages)
The Amalgamation of Scouting and a Belief in God: Our relationship with God - Spiritual Development - God,
Religion and the World Scouting Movement - Lord Baden-Powell on the Importance of Religion / Service to Others and
an Appreciation to Self: Service - Personal Self - Community - Values - Ethics - Solidarity - Effects of Stewardship in

Impact Assessment Evaluation of The Scout Association - Final Report / February 2011 / A report by PACEC for
The Scout Association, United Kingom. (In English) (84 pages). Ref: 100601ScoutsPACECv2
Download Executive Summary / Order Final Report: www.scouts.org.uk/impactstudy
A study of the impact of Scouting on the UK’s young people, adults and communities.

Looking Wide? Imperialism, Internationalism, and the Boy Scout Movement, 1918-1939 / Scott Johnston /
2012 / University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In English, 155 pages.
The thesis traces the evolution of the Scout Movement from a British imperial institution into an international
brotherhood in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Lebanese Scouting Movement – A Tool for National Identity Formation / by Adrian Camacho Fielding /
2012 / King’s College, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge, United Kingdom. (In English) (44
Qualities and potential as an organ to fill the void left by the lack of national organizations with the ability to
garner nationwide popular support / Obstacle in creating an environment for national identity among Scouts.

Young or youthful: the Scout Movement and youth discourses / Anna Westberg Broströma / Dept. of Child and
Youth Studies, University of Stockholm, Sweden / 3rd July 2012. (In English) Vol. 36, No. 1, February 2012,
p. 53 to 64 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14927713.2012.701953
The aim of this article is to explore the discourses surrounding the contemporary Swedish Scout Movement and
young people. The method is based on discourse analysis. Newspaper articles about, and leaflets from, the movement
from 2007 to 2009 were analyzed. The findings suggest that scouts are described as well-behaved, decent, sinful,
“geeky,” young or youthful. The leaflets demonstrate that the organization wants to promote itself as youthful. It has
trouble recruiting young people and tries to change its image by borrowing symbols from other youth cultures.
Paradoxically, this approach leads to a conclusion that the Scout Movement's youth are not seen as youthful by their
own organization. They cannot signal youthfulness by themselves.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


Life expectation of a Scout group / R. Scheurkogel / Scouting Nederland, The Netherlands. (In English) (20 pages)
(Recorded: November 2012)
National Development in Scouting up to 2010 and further. This report is intended to enlarge the knowledge and
understanding in Scouting about the establishment, Continuity and termination of local Scout Groups.

“Wild Scouts”: Swedish Scouting Preparing Responsible Citizens for the Twenty-First Century / Anna
Westberg Broström / Dept. of Child and Youth Studies, University of Stockholm, Sweden / 12 March 2013. (In English)
Article 34:1, 9-22. http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/wcys20/32/4
The aim of this article is to analyze the Swedish Scout program. Socialization is used as a theoratical tool in the
analysis. The method is inspired by critical discourse analysis. What are children and young people being prepared for,
how it is accomplished, and by whom? The findings reveal two discourses: doing things as an investment for the future
versus having fun. In “the Scout factory”, the movement is the initiator, the leader the performer, and the young
person the individual who is to become the final product – a responsible citizen.

Medical services of a mulicultural summer camp event: experiences from the 22nd World Scout Jamboree,
Sweden 2011 / Article by Ib Jammer, Christina A Andersson, Anna L Olinder, Bo Selander, Anna E Wallinder and
Stefan R Hansson / 22 May 2013 / BMC Health Services Research - an open online access, peer-reviewed journal. (in
English) Ref.: BMC Health Services Research 2013, 13:187 doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-187
Prevention and treatment of medical issues are the main task of a health service at a youth camp. However,
only few reports about organization and implementation of camp health care are available. This makes it difficult for
future camp directors to plan and estimate the health care needed for a certain camp size. We summarize the
experience in planning and running health care for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) 2011 in Sweden.

MA Branding & Identity with you: Revitalising the Scouts. What would a global rebranding look like in the
21st century? / Mies Tazelaar /Juli 2016 / Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, United Kingdom. (In English).
Contact: < mies.tazelaar@gmail.com> www.miestazelaar.nl/scouts
This graduation project was a branding project for the Scouts. I asked myself: What would a rebranding of the
Scouts Movement on a global level look like? This project was divided into three modules and ended with a exhibition
in the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham.

Be(ing) prepared: Guide and Scout participation, childhood social position and mental health at age 50—a
prospective birth cohort study / Chris Dibben, Chris Playford, Richard Mitchell / University of Edinburgh, Institute of
Geography and Administrative Data Research Centre Scotland; Department Public Health, University of Glasgow,
United Kingdom / First published: 10 November 2016
Mental health is a major concern in many countries. We explore whether youth participation in the Scouts and
Guides could protect mental health in later life and in particular whether it might reduce inequalities in mental health
associated with early life socioeconomic position.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621



Scoutisme et école / Colette-M.-L. Collet-Brechbühl / 1950 / Faculté des lettres de l’université de Genève, Suisse.
(En français) Thèse N° 131.
Philosophie pédagogique du Scoutisme / Pedagogical philosophy of Scouting.

Aspects sociologiques d’un mouvement de jeunesse : La Fédération des Scouts Catholiques / Jean-Paul
Hologne / 1965 / Institut des Sciences politiques et sociales, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique. (En français)
(131 pages)
De quelle façon un mouvement d’éducation comme le Scoutisme prepare ses membres à la vie au sein
du monde adulte.

Le Mouvement Scout aujourd'hui et demain – à partir des années 1970 et suivantes / Avril 1970 / Fédération
des Eclaireurs Suisse, "Commission 70", Suisse. (En français)
Sujets de discussions à propos du développement de la FES maintenant appelé Mouvement Scout de Suisse.

Contribution du Scoutisme à l’assistance aux enfants débiles mentaux / Jean-Marc Delreux / 1975 / Faculté
libre de Médecine de Lille / France / M. le Professeur Michel Fonta, Président du Jury. (En français) (131 pages)
L’homme Baden-Powell / Une intuition de départ / Choix pédagogiques / Réponse du Scoutisme.

Scoutisme et Spiritualité / Ph. Charmillot / 1986 / Faculté de Théologie, Université de Fribourg, Suisse / Directeur
de l’étude Prof. M. Donzé. (En français) (36 pages)
Scoutisme entre spiritualité et pragmatisme. La relation à Dieu au sens large, telle que le Scoutisme
international la reconnaît et la propose. Le Scoutisme confessionnel catholique.

Narrowing the Margins: Adolescent Unemployment and the Lack of a Social Role / Laura E. Hess, Max Planck
Institute for Human Development and Education, and Anne C. Petersen, Center for the Study of Child an Adolescent
Development, The Pennsylvania State University / February 1991. (In English, 93 pages) (French Summary available,
17 pages:) Lutter contre la marginalisation : Les problèmes d’insertion sociale et d’emploi chez les jeunes
This paper was prepared for the World Scout Bureau to identify programs that have effectively alleviated
adolescent marginality (lack of a social role) and, specifically, the limitation of youth in access to work roles.

Engagement et culture entre Scoutisme annoncé et Scoutisme représenté – Spécificités d’un ensemble
représentationnel des cadres Scouts de France de Bourgogne et Franche Comté en 1992 / Jean Lefébure /
Décembre 1993 / Diplôme des Hautes Etudes des Pratiques Sociales, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III /
France / Directeur de recherche: Philippe Missotte. (En français) (277 pages).
Aujourd’hui, faute d’une culture intégrante, renvoyé sans cesse à son libre arbitre, l’individu tend à choisir son
groupe de référence, voire à s’élaborer un ensemble de références à la carte. Une enquête démontre qu’il existe bien
une spécificité représentationnelle scoute se dessinant au-delà des convictions socio-culturelles et des clivages

Dimension pédagogique du Scoutisme / Hamza Sqalli – Houssaini / Année universitaire 1994-1995 / Mémoire de
Licence ès lettres, option littérature, Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fès / Maroc / Sous la direction de M.
Abdelmalek Amharech. (En français) (57 pages)
Idée de la grandeur de l’univers scout / Rayonnement de l’esprit scout en particulier sur le plan national /
Réformes pédagogiques.

Raiders-Scouts (1948 – 1964) – Modernité, permanence et variations d’une méthode / Emmanuel

CORROCHER / 1996 / Université Blaise-Pascal Clermond-Ferrand II, U.F.R. de Lettres et Sciences Humaines / sous la
direction de Mme le Professeur Jacqueline Lalouette. (En français) (195 pages)
La Méthode scoute / Rappel historique / Les Scouts de France / Raiders-Scouts.

Le Scoutisme : Regards initiatiques – L’exemple des Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Israélites de France /

David Ouanounou / 1996 / Mémoire de Sociologie, Université René Descartes, Paris Ve / France / Sous la direction de
Monsieur le Professeur Michel Maffesoli. (En français) (114 pages)
Scouts, juifs et postmodernes / L’appartenance scoute / La vie au camp / L’uniforme / L’Oblation ou le don de
soi, la Promesse, la Totémisation.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


La Relation Educative : Le point de vue des parents et des jeunes / Christine Olm et Marie-Odile Simon / Juillet
1999 / Département Evaluation des Politiques Sociales du Crédoc – Centre de recherche pour l’étude et l’observation
des conditions de vie, Paris, France. (En français) Contact: Scouts et Guides de France www.scoutsetguides.fr
Etude réalisée à la demande des Scouts de France sur les attentes éducatives des familles.

Désaffection des adolescents pour le Scoutisme Québecois francophone au sein de la Fédération

Québecoise du Guidisme et du Scoutisme (FQGS) / Maurice Le Pesant / Octobre 1999 / Université Laval, Québec,
Canada, Faculté des Sciences de l’Education / Directeur de recherche Alain Massot. (En français) (213 pages)
L’éducation non institutionnelle contribue à la constitution de l’autonomie chez les adolescents. Le Scoutisme
s’y emploie. Encore faut-il qu’il utilise pleinement les ressources de sa méthode.

Les Scouts de France - Une identité entre fidélité et innovation - 1920-1983 / Philippe Da Costa / 2001 /
Université Lumière des Sciences et Pratiques d’éducation et de formation, Lyon 2 / France. (En français) (475 pages)
Des origines à la seconde guerre mondiale, les Scouts de France ont précisé leur identité . Dès la libération, les
orientations du Mouvement évoluent, ils vont affirmer peu à peu leur désir de collaborer au développement de la
société, notamment à travers la politique jeunesse.

Scoutisme dans la sous région des grands lacs africains et éducation à la paix / Jean-Jacques Ba
MURHANDIKIRE, Commissaire provincial du Sud Kivu, Association des Scouts du Sud Kivu, R.D. du Congo / 2008 /
Institut Supérieur de Développement Rural ISDR BUKAVU, La République démocratique du Congo. (En français)
Traite de manière scientifique les expériences à la pacification de la sous région.

La problématique de l'éducation et de la formation des jeunes au sein du Scoutisme Béninois / Léon AGOLI-
AGBO / Année Académique 2009-2010 / Université d’Abomey-Calavi (U.A.C.), Faculté des Lettres, Arts et Sciences
Humaines, Département de Sociologie-Anthropologie, République du Bénin / Directeur d’étude: Dr. Dodji AMOUZOUVI.
(En français) (109 pages). Contact: <lonagoli@yahoo.fr>
Développement et changement social, puis les determinants sociaux qui entravent son fonctionnement.

Pour l’éveil de la jeunesse Française à la citoyenneté, la formation proposée par l’Association de

scoutisme laïque Eclaireuses Eclaireurs de France / Mémoire rédigé par Maurice Déjean et Annie Roux-Déjean /
31 mars 2010. (En français) (59 pages)
La défense de la démocratie requiert le développement de la citoyenneté / Aujourd’hui, le Mouvement peut
revendiquer d’être “école de citoyenneté” formant des citoyens actifs et engagés.

Chronique d'une histoire partagée entre les Eclaireurs de France et le Scoutisme laïque en Afrique / 2010 /
Malick M'Baye, France. (En français) (46 pages). Contact : <malick.mbaye@live.fr>
Une esquisse historique du compagnonnage entre les Éclaireurs de France et ceux de l'Afrique d'expression
française. Cette étude importante sur le Scoutisme laïque sera publiée dans un ouvrage en cours de rédaction par les
anciens EEDF dans le cadre du centenaire.


Robert Baden-Powell : Ein Wegbereiter der Modernen Erlebnispädagogik ? / Karsten Börner / Institut für
Erlebnispädagogik e.V., Lüneburg 1, Germany. (In German) (Recording date 1994)

Montessoripädagogik und Pfadfindererziehung - Die gemeinsamen Aspekte zweier reformpädagogischer

Erziehungsmodelle und deren heutige Bedeutung im schulischen und ausserschulischen Bereich /
Margarete Wonesch, Wien, Austria / July 1999 / University of Derby, United Kingdom, in partial fulfilment for the
degree of Master of Education (Professional Development in Education). (In German) (59 pages)
(Montessory-Pedagogy and Scout-Education: The common aspects of two pedagogical reform educational
models and their significance today on scholastic and extramural spheres)

Woodbadge DPSG-Ausbildung / Tobias Vaerst / October 2008 / Institut für Soziologie Seminar, Technische
Universität Darmstadt, Germany / Bildungstitel und Karriere Dipl.-Soz. Jutta Zastrow. (In German) (34 pages)
Eine Untersuchung der Wirkung von Bildunszertifizierung auf die Entstehung von Hierarchien am Beispiel der
Woodbadge-Ausbildung in der Deutschen Pfadfindershaft Sank Georg.

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Discípulos de Baden-Powell – Sociologia das representações e das expectativas do Escutismo em Portugal / Rui
Leandro Alves da Costa Maia, Professor Associado de Faculdade de Ciêncas Humanas e Sociais da Universidade
Fernando Pessoa e Investigador do CECLICO – Centro de Estudos Culturais, da Linguagem e do Comportamento /
Lisboa, 15 de Novembro de 2007 / A study on behalf of CNE – Corpo Nacional de Escutas – Portugal. (In Portuguese)
(164 pages)
CNE: práticas, representações, motivações e expectativas dos actuais, dos antigos e dos potenciais membros


¿Siempre listos? Factores relevantes para la implementacón de la educación sexual, con énfasis en la
prevención del VIH/SIDA, dentro de la Asociación de Scouts de Nicaragua / Dra Heike Gleser / Diciembre
2005 – Avril 2006 / Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Managua, Maestría en
salud sexual y reproductiva / Tutora : Yadira Medrano Moncada. MSP. Profesora Titular UNAN_Managua. (In Spanish)
(263 pages + 19 pages)
El presente estudio tuvo como objetivo identificar factores generales o relacionados con el Movimiento Scout
que son relevantes para la implementaciòn de la educación sexual, con énfasis en la prevención del VIH/SIDA.

Diagnostico Oganizacional de la Asociación de Scouts del Perú / Paula Elisa Aguilar León / 2010 / Pontificia
Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú / Asesora: Elizabeth Salcedo Lobatón. (In Spanish) (196 pages). Contact:
"Paula Elisa Aguilar Leon" <paulaguile@gmail.com>. Leer en línea:
El objetivo principal de esta tesis fue identificar y analizar las capacidades institucionales de la Asociación de
Scouts del Perú por medio de un diagnóstico organizacional y de esta manera, proponer acciones de fortalecimiento.



How To Use RESEARCH to Enhance Guiding and Scouting - A tool kit for Guide and Scout Associations / a
publication by WAGGGS and WOSM-European Scout Office. (In English) (82 pages).
Aims to offer limited scientific background of research, first for knowing the terminology and second the
scientific framework enlarges the possibilities for research and can benefit national associations as a source for ideas
and tools.

Report on World Scouting - Etude sur le Scoutisme Mondial / Laszlo Nagy / 1967 / Graduate Institute of
International Studies - Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales, Geneva, Switzerland. (In English, 227
pages) (En français, 254 pages).
This report traces new lines of thought and progress for the Scout Movement in the world – Ce rapport trace de
nouvelles lignes de pensée et progrès pour le Mouvement scout dans le monde.

The Image of Scouting in Latin America and the Caribbean and its possible changes (Vol. I) - La Imagen
del Escultismo en America Latina y El Caribe y Sus Posibles Cambios (Vol. I / III) / Sociological study by
Interamerican Scout Council and Boy Scouts World Bureau / 1972. (In English-Spanish) (In Spanish-English) (448
The socio-cultural context within which Scouting operates / The challenges of Latin American Scouting.

The Role of Scouting in the Nation Building Process in Zambia – Le rôle du Scoutisme dans l’édification de
la Nation Zambienne / March 1979 / Drs. C.A.M. Van Rijnsoever / Supervisor: Prof. Dr. A.H.J. Prins, Director of the
Department of Social Anthropology, University of Groningen, Netherlands / for World Scout Bureau. (In English, 126
pages) (In French, 132 pages).
A case study of the present and potential role of Scouting in the nation-building process of a developing

Are we doing it right? - Some do's and dont's in the management of non-profit organizations / H. Eric Frank
/ 1983 / World Scout Bureau, Geneva. (In English) (44 pages)
Addressed to those who help with and work in “voluntary” or non-profit” organizations. Find some information and
many questions designed to help you improve the management of your unit, group, association, organization – the
way you and your colleagues get things done. Download: http://scout.org/node/6196

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


Rapport d’évaluation – Programme de Développement Communautaire (Volume I – Rapport Général) /

Alan Etherington et Monique Prieur / Juin 1983 / Présenté au Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme et à la Direction des
Organisations non gouvernementales internationales (ONGI) de l’Agence Canadienne de Développement International
(ACDI). (En français) (128 pages)
Evaluer l’efficacité et l’impact du programme scout de développement communautaire au niveau international,
national et local.

Rapport d’évaluation – Programme de Développement Communautaire (Volume II – Rapport par Pays –

Report of the Assessment of the Community Development Program (Volume II – Country Reports) / Alan
Etherington et Monique Prieur / Juin 1983 / Présenté au Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme et à la Direction des ONGI de
l’ACDI – Presented to World Scout Bureau and International NGO Division of CIDA. (Bilingue français et anglais)
(bilingual French and English).

“Rich lands and poor?” Can Guiding and Scouting contribute to the New International Economic Order? /
Report of the study session held in co-operation with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS),
4-11 December 1983, Strasbourg, France / Council of Europe - European Youth Centre (EYC), The Europe Committee
WAGGGS, the European Scout Committee WOSM. (In English) (49 pages)
New International Economic Order (NIEO) – Concept and Possible Consequences / The Role of Europe in the
North South Relationship / A comparison of the aims and principles of Guiding / Scouting with those of the NIEO /
Workshop Sessions / Evaluation.

Environmental Education and Action: Proposals for Revitalizing Scouting’s Role / Barbara Ehringhaus
Ziervogel / May 1990 / for World Scout Bureau. (In English) (49 pages)
Scouting seems particularly qualified to play a significant role in dealing with the environmental problems /
Activities and Methodology.

Narrowing the Margins: Adolescent Unemployment and the Lack of a Social Role / Laura E. Hess, Anne C.
Petersen / Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Education and The Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, PA, U.S.A. / February 1991 / for the World Scout Bureau. (In English) (93 pages)
Adolescents unemployment causes and programs to alleviate their marginality and limitation in access to work
roles. How Scouting can play a vital role in creating opportunities for marginal youth.

Les Adolescents dans notre société / Jacques Moreillon, Secrétaire Général de l’OMMS / 5 juillet 1991 / Bureau
Mondial du Scoutisme. (En français) (9 pages). Exposé au Congrès IAAH (International Association for Adolescent

TRENDS in the world today - How they affect young people. Questions and challenges for Scouting -
TENDANCES dans le monde aujourd'hui. Leur influence sur les jeunes. Interrogation et enjeux pour le
Scoutisme / 1994 / World Scout Bureau. (In English, 58 pages) (en français, 59 pages). Other Languages: Greek
(Soma Hellinon Proskopon), Portuguese (Corpo Nacional de Escutas), Spanish (ASDE-Scouts de España).
Download English: http://scout.org/node/6314 / Download French: http://scout.org/node/6316

Scouting and Society: How to prepare a Study on Trends at national level - Scoutisme et Société: comment
préparer une étude sur les tendances au niveau national / 1996 / World Scout Bureau. (In English) (en français)
(27 pages). Other language: Arabic (World Scout Bureau, Arab Regional Office, Cairo, Egypt).
“Scouting and Society” focuses on the methodology required for a study at national level, while TRENDS
focuses on content at world level.

The Educational Impact of Scouting: Three case studies on adolescence / Mai Tra Bach, Laurie Huberman,
Françoise Sulser / 1995 / World Scout Bureau. (In English) (226 pages)
Aim to examine through three case studies how Scouting is practised and the different effects perceived on the
development of young people in the age range: Venture Scouts (14-17 years), Rover Scouts (17-20 years) -
Scouting's impact on adolescence. Download: http://scout.org/node/6208

The Education of Young People - A Statement at the dawn of the 21st Century – La Educación de los
Jóvenes – Declaración en los albores del siglo XXI – l’Education des Jeunes – Une declaration à l’aube du
21e siècle – (Arabic) / by the Alliance of Youth CEOs / 1997. (Quadrilingual English-Spanish-French-Arabic) (16
pages). // Other language: Macedonian/English - Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija (The Scout Association of The
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).
A major problem today is that formal academic education continues to be seen as the only essential part of
education. Thus non-formal education, which is best equipped to prepare young people to cope with social changes, is
underestimated and opportunities to benefit from it are not fully realised.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


National Youth Policies - A working document from the point of view of "non-formal education" youth
organization - Towards an autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed youth / Politiques
Nationales de Jeunesse – Un document de travail présentant le point de vue des organisations de jeunesse
“d’éducation non formelle” – Pour une jeunesse autonome, solidaire, responsable et engagée / Políticas
Nacionales de Juventud – Une documento de trabajo representando el punto de vista de organizaciones de
juventud de “educación non formal” – Para une juventud autonoma, solidaria, responsible y
comprometida - (Arabic) /1997 / Alliance of Youth CEOs. (In English) (en français) (en español) (in Arabic) (12
This document contains some recommendations on national youth policies, without which education in general
(and non-formal education in particular) cannot find its rightful place in the proper long-term and global perspective.
This document is a complement to: “The Education of Young People - A Statement at the dawn of the 21st Century.

National Youth Policies: Scouting's contribution / Politiques Nationales de Jeunesse : Contribution du

Scoutisme / Mateo Jover, Director, Prospective Studies, World Scout Bureau / 1997. Presentation at World Scout
Parliamentary Union 2nd General Assembly 1997. (In English, 8 pages) (In French, 9 pages).

The UNESCO Global Study on Media Violence – L’étude mondiale de l’UNESCO sur la violence dans les
médias / Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel / 19 February 1998 / UNESCO, Paris in association with WOSM and Utrecht University,
The Netherlands. (In English, 19 pages) (en français, 37 pages)
Perception of Young People on Violence on the Screen.

Scouting and the Rehabilitation of traumatised Children - Sunrise City Project in Croatia, from 1993-1998 /
Jacqueline Collier/ 2000 / World Scout Bureau. (In English) (9 pages) – Presentation at Symposium “Rejuvenating
Mental Health for Youth in Europe”, World Health Organization, 13 March 2000, Geneva, Switzerland.

Girls and Young Women in the 21st Century: A Call to Action - Filles et jeunes femmes au XXIe siècle: Un
appel à l'action – Niñas y mujeres jóvenes en el siglo XXI – Un llamado a la acción – (Arabic) / 1999 / by
the Alliance of Youth CEOs. (Quadrilingual English / Spanish / French / Arabic) (37 pages).
The document is addressed to all those involved in shaping youth policies. It first describes the situation facing
women and the consequent issues for girls and young women. The majority of the document focuses on

Scouting and World Scouting Today / Dr. Jacques Moreillon, Secretary General WOSM, Malek Gabr and Mateo
Jover / March 1999 / World Scout Bureau. (In English) (8 pages).
Need for education for life. Challenges and Issues for Scouting. This document analyses double nature of
Scouting, as movement and as organization.

The Peace Cruise – Summary of the Final Evaluation - La Croisière pour la Paix – Synthèse de l’évaluation
finale / Marie-Claude Saint-Pé, Docteur en Sociologie (Doctor of Sociology), Collège Coopératif de Paris, France / June
2001 / World Scout Bureau – Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme. (In English, 8 pages) (en français, 8 pages).
The adventure experienced by Peace Sailors from August to September 1999 - L'aventure vécue par les
Marins de la Paix du mois d'août au mois de septembre 1999

The Peace Cruise – Final Evaluation - La Croisière pour la Paix – Evaluation finale / Marie-Claude Saint-Pé,
Docteur en Sociologie, Collège Coopératif de Paris, France / Avril 2002 / Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme. (En français,
111 pages) (Inclus la déclaration de la Croisière pour la Paix)
L'aventure vécue par les Marins de la Paix du mois d'août au mois de septembre 1999 (The adventure
experienced by Peace Sailors from August to September 1999) (In French).

The Peace Cruise – Final Report - La Croisière pour la Paix – Rapport Final / Richard Amalvy, directeur de projet /
Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme / Avril 2002. (En français, 71 pages)
L'aventure vécue par les Marins de la Paix du mois d'août au mois de septembre 1999 (The adventure
experienced by Peace Sailors from August to September 1999) (In French).

The Peace Cruise Declaration / Déclaration de la Croisière pour la Paix (14 September 1999 from the Peace
Sailors / 14 septembre 1999, des marins de la Paix). (In English) (in French) (in Arabic) (in Greek) (in Hebrew)
(1 page).

World Organization of the Scout Movement: A Global Brand / Allison Leslie Green / 2002 / University of
Groningen, The Netherlands / Supervisor: Bart Jan Pennink. (In English) (79 pages)
Is WOSM an equitable brand? Currently most marketing is done at national level and for the sake of the
nation’s organization alone. The identifying factors of the Global brand of Scouting have implication on WOSM.

3090.06 BibliographiesStudiesSurveys / WSB_List_AcademicWorks_621


One of the boys? Doing gender in Scouting / Prof. Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen / 2003 / World Organization of the
Scout Movement. (In English) (189 pages)
A study on Gender and Education in Scouting. Doing gender - equal opportunities for boys and girls, men and
women one of the priorities in WOSM's strategic plan for the first decade of the new millennium.
Download: http://scout.org/node/6144

Children & Young People: Participating in Decision-Making - Enfants et Jeunes: Participation aux prises de
décisions / 2005 / Alliance of Youth Chief Executive Officers in cooperation with UNICEF (In English) (In French) (10
pages) .
Reinforcing the commitment to enabling children and young people to express their views. Furthermore, the
document presents the justification and identifies the underlying principles for promoting the meaningful participation
of children and young people in decision-making processes. The main barriers to achieving this goal are discussed and
guidelines are provided on how to create a more conducive environment. The document ends with an appeal to
individuals and institutions to rise to the challenge of moving this agenda forward. Download:

Global Citizenship Education: a study of the ideological bases, historical development, international
dimension, and values and practices of World Scouting / Eduard Vallory / October 2007 / Universitat Pompeu
Fabra, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Barcelona, Spain / Supervisor Dr. Imma Tubella i Casadevall.
(In English) (377 pages). Other language: Catalán.
Historical Evolution of WOSM including analysis of WOSM Membership. Citizenship education – based on civic
and inclusive values – can combine the nurturing of loyalty to one’s national community with the sense of global
belonging. Educational action helps to create a model of inclusive citizenship that combines national identity with
global belonging through the sum of its principles and purpose, organisational dimension, consistency over the years
and practices. Download: http://www.escoltes.org/documents-interns/global-citizenship-education
Website: http://scout.org/node/9949

World Scientific Congress: “Education and the World Scout Movement” Proceedings of the Congress -
Congrès Scientifique Mondial: “Education et le Mouvement Scout Mondial” Actes du Congrès – 16-17
November 2007, Geneva, Switzerland / World Scout Bureau . (In the language of the presentation English or French)
As a key outcome of the Centenary activities, WOSM launched a global project to build a "knowledge base" for
people who engaged in a process of collective learning about Scouting. This "community" shares a passion of
education and or scouting and expects to learn how to do it better. Download:
English: http://scout.org/node/6331
Français: http://scout.org/node/6332

Impact Assessment of the World Scout Youth Forum and the Youth Advisor System, Quantitative and
Qualitative Analysis of the WSYF and YA System / Hana Pasic / June 2011 / World Scout Bureau, Geneva,
Switzerland / Directors of Study: David Berg, Joao A. Gonçalves. Executive Summary (In English) (20 pages).
The report provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the impact the WSYF and YA system have
achieved in terms of enhancing youth participation in decision-making at the level of World Scouting.

Global Youth Trends Report – World Scout Bureau / June 2014 / World Scout Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland. (In
English) (40 pages).
A general overview of global, macro trends, which are relevant for Scouting at world level / Politics, Society and
Security, Health, Education, Economy. Download: http://scout.org/node/74641

Report on Measuring Scouting’s impact on the development of young people – Pilot Study results from
Kenya, Singapore, United Kingdom (© World Scout Bureau Inc., Management, March 2018) (in English, 22 pages)
Abstract: Scouting has a positive social impact on individual young people, communities and societal
Institutions. The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) aims to measure the impact Scouting has on an
individual, community and institutional level. The purpose of this research is to assess the impact Scouting has on the
personal development of youth aged 14 to 17. Download: scout.org/impact-report.


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World Scout Bureau Global Support Centre, Geneva

Bureau Mondial du Scoutisme Centre de Soutien Global, Genève
Rue Henri-Christiné 5 – P.O. Box 91 – 1211 Geneva 4 Plainpalais - Switzerland / Suisse
E-mail: worldbureau@scout.org

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